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Sex story: My grandpa Helmuth is a pervert

Sex story: Grandpa Helmuth does things with me that he would have preferred not to do as a grandfather with his own granddaughter. Not only he, but also his buddies were in the middle of the story. But still - somehow it still made me horny.

Erotic story: My application as an office hooker

Erotic story: Should I really take the job as an office hooker? The two chefs really turned me on. Me being a whore in an office. Available at any time for the desires of the management. First I wrote my application and sent it off.

32% of all Germans have ever had car sex

There are many extraordinary places for an erotic rendezvous. For most people there is only the bed for traffic. However, almost a third of all adults have had sex in the car. But what is true about car sex and what should one take into account?

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The lotus position: cross-legged sex for experimentalists

Couples who like to experiment and are a little agile can try the lotus position. The position comes from the Indian Kamasutra and is basically cross-legged sex. There are two variants. If you are curious about the position, you will find everything you need to know here.

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Your sex horoscope for the sign Sagittarius

The sex horoscope for Sagittarius knows: As long as the Sagittarius's enthusiasm is sustained by exciting events such as an adventure trip to Iceland or a spontaneous shopping trip to Paris, everything goes well, even in bed!

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Vibrator Volita – The handy sextoy from Bremen

Is a partner missing for the most intimate hours? No problem - not even when travelling. A mini sextoy from the Hanseatic city can help here: the small vibrator VOLITA. Small but powerful, it fits in any handbag!
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What is the best way to stimulate a large clitoris?

A great clitoris is for many a source of great pleasure. Also because it seems that a large clitoris is particularly good to stimulate. Since women and men have different points of view, a woman and a man have their say here. Both describe in their own words how they stimulate the pearl of pleasure.

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