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Mario Meyer ist seit Juni 2006 als Chefredakteur federführend für das Schreiben der Artikel zuständig und hauptverantwortlich für das optische Erscheinungsbild der Homepage. In seiner Freizeit kocht der frühere Theaterkritiker gern, geht ab und an tauchen und liebt einfach das Leben an einem der schönsten Fleckchen der Erde.

These 7 girls will be at the next porn casting

Anyone who has always wanted to meet the hottest porn stars and has dreamed of standing in front of the camera with the sensual performers has the chance to do so at the porn casting in northern Germany on July 20. will take place in Celle near Hanover. It's worth ordering one of the coveted tickets for this sparkling event now and being there.

Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at 4based​.club

Men want them - and women want to be like them. Trans woman Gianina-TS has the perfect figure: an angelic face, flawless skin, a mega-hot ass and breasts that are simply scrumptious. In short, the TS girl is a sex bomb par excellence. It can now also be found on 4based.club. There she posts exclusive pictures and videos that are bursting with eroticism, sex and porn.

New payment methods for our erotic castings

Secure and modern payment methods for our porn castings: We offer a variety of payment methods to enable our applicants to process their payments easily and discreetly. From conventional payment methods to innovative online payment methods, we have the right option for everyone.

Invitation to the Pornocastings 2024 — with these girls

At the Eronite Pornocastings 2024, the who's who of the adult entertainment and porn industry will do the honors. All the big names in the industry don't want to miss out on seeing the most promising candidates giving their best in front of and behind the cameras to give their own careers and the industry itself a lasting boost. And there are four dates for this this year.

The popular Eronite porn casting now 4 times a year!

Eronite porn casting is becoming increasingly popular. That's why the makers have once again come up with something new. The Eronite porn casting will now take place four times a year. You can find out more about this and the relevant casting dates in the following article. It's worth taking a look to get the most important information first!

Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer

The field of participants for the Fetishcastings 2024 is growing and growing. Lady Nadine Bauer has now also confirmed her attendance. This year's castings take place four times a year in Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Menden. The castings are aimed at anyone who would like to be in front of the camera in a porn movie or at least experience it as a spectator.

Called in: Super hot cougar with big tits at porn casting

She only wants one thing: sex. She is constantly on the hunt for the next fuck. Once she has chosen a man as her "prey", the entire program of human sexuality awaits him. The cougar with big tits masters the complete range of eroticism, the keyboard of fucking. We are delighted that the cougar with big tits will be "scrutinizing" the male applicants at the Eronite Pornocasting. Fun is guaranteed with this sex bomb!

Order cock comparison online: How your penis is rated

Every man should treat himself - a cock evaluation from real experts who know their "trade". Honesty is the best policy, as the saying goes. Therefore, a penis evaluation should always be honest and objective. Even if the Dick Rating sometimes ends in a "defeat" for some men. A cock comparison online is simply fun and provides information about the true splendor of the best piece.

Gianina-TS naked — Where can you find such a thing?

Who wouldn't want to see a slut like Gianina-TS naked? This enchanting creature is as young as blood and has it thick as a fist behind her ears. And in the most positive sense of the word. Because TS Gianina Maissen loves everything beautiful and enjoys almost anything that is fun. At 24, she is quite experienced when it comes to sex and porn. Doesn't that sound wonderfully tempting?

Camgirl on Mallorca: sun, beach and livestreams

Tara Fun is a webcam model who lives and works on the beautiful island of Mallorca. As a camgirl, she enjoys the benefits of the sunny weather, the beautiful beaches and the breathtaking scenery of the island. It offers its viewers exciting live streams full of eroticism and varied entertainment.
Crass animal sex story: not an everyday visit to the vet

This is why animal sex stories are banned in Germany

Did you know that animal sex stories (as well as real animal porn and bestiality) are prohibited by law? Writing, publishing or disseminating stories about sexual acts with animals is prohibited by law in Germany. What legal principles and moral aspects play a role here?

Fail: Sexual power and role play gone completely wrong

Hard sex story; My husband Patrick thought up a horny power and role play for both of us, which should spice up our somewhat sleepy sex life again. But nobody could have guessed beforehand that it could go as wrong as it did. Except for the two men who planned everything and put it into practice. My life took a dramatic turn as a result.

Eronite: What makes this erotic magazine so special?

Did you know that Eronite, the popular erotic magazine, has been around since 2006 and has continued to develop ever since? With its exclusive content and in-house productions, Eronite has been able to attract a broad readership and establish itself internationally. The magazine offers a wide range of topics and is committed to education, information and diversity.

9.2. — Today's Tara Fun birthday

Happy Birthday - We celebrate Tara Fun's birthday and spoil the blonde camgirl to the point of orgasm today! This time she is sure to throw one of the hottest parties of the year when she celebrates her special day with her fans and users and has all her holes plugged one by one. Let us introduce you to the girl.

That's why you should go to porn casting as a woman!

Regardless of whether you are a "normal" interested party who would like to get a taste of the porn industry or are already a camgirl or amateur and are fed up with unreliable men on user shoots - at our castings we offer you the opportunity (free of charge) to make our applicants your shooting partners on an already finished set.

The erotic duo: Costas Antonis and Fire Fox

Greek-German porn couple, professional performer and amateur. These are Fire Fox and Costas Antonis. Together they work on their careers, on their dream of being successful in the erotic industry. After working at Magma, Beate Uhse and Hitzefrei, they are now taking the plunge to give one hundred percent together and take off as a frivolous erotic couple with lots of fresh ideas.

Highlights: What makes a good online erotic magazine?

In the world of online erotic magazines, there are plenty of options to choose from. But what really makes a good erotic magazine? What criteria ensure that Eronite is one of the best, highest quality and most popular magazines? Let's dive in and discover some of the features that make an appealing, topical, informative and entertaining erotic magazine.

Top Amateur Camgirls — The 14 best amateur girls in Germany

In this article we introduce you to the hottest German camgirls and amateur webcam girls. We present the most popular camgirls in Germany who are represented on the live sexcam portals MyDirtyHobby (MDH), BIG7 and VISIT-X. We also give you an insight into their profiles and tell you when they are online. Find out more about the best German camgirls and immerse yourself in a world full of passion and sensual live shows.

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Sailing and sex: how my mother was seduced by three sailors

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