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Mario Meyer

Mario Meyer
Mario Meyer ist seit Juni 2006 als Chefredakteur federführend für das Schreiben der Artikel zuständig und hauptverantwortlich für das optische Erscheinungsbild der Homepage. In seiner Freizeit kocht der frühere Theaterkritiker gern, geht ab und an tauchen und liebt einfach das Leben an einem der schönsten Fleckchen der Erde.

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Interesting contributions from different subject areas appear daily on the erotic blog Eronite. There is always something new to discover. For the reader this means an enormous enrichment of his sex life and much joy in browsing.

Featured: What Makes Fiona Fox Porn?

With the Fiona Fuchs porn comes a breath of fresh air in the erotic industry! A performer emerges on the German porn scene who has what it takes to become a star: the young student Fiona, who causes a sensation and stiff limbs in a men's shared flat. Introducing the girl!

Are silicone boobs hornier than natural tits?

The answer to the question of whether silicone breasts are hornier than natural tits depends entirely on the circumstances. Some men and women like standing boobs, others prefer full, natural boobs. We shed light on which variant is the truly awesome one.

Free book: Only 50 nights – Love as a project

Exclusively at Eronite, read the full book for free: Can Love Be a Project? Is it possible to build up a sincere affection for 50 days for a man with whom you are only playing for time in the first place? A game with time and against time.

Bangboss strongly advises against Corona vaccination

Attention, everyone! No less a person than the bangboss has now advised against the Corona inoculation. He himself is now "suffering" the effects of the administration of the Covid vaccine and reports the changes.

Lifestyle consultants and (self-appointed) managers in the erotic industry

In advance - they can: mostly nothing. What they learned: mostly nothing. What they can do wonderfully, though: Create illusions and sell themselves well. And that's what they do best: cash in! We call the self-appointed managers of the adult industry "lifestyle consultants".

Love and Sex – Corona and Christmas

Corona and Christmas 2020 are inseparably linked this year. Everything is different, many things are no longer possible as in past times. Nevertheless, the world does not stop completely and also with Eronite there is one or the other innovation in the erotic magazine.

Los Angeles: Texas Patti gives presents to homeless

United States of America, Hollywood: The German porn actress Texas Patti shows a heart for the homeless in Los Angeles, doesn't hesitate to help out and give her neighbors presents - including German chocolate.

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