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Mario Meyer ist seit Juni 2006 als Chefredakteur federführend für das Schreiben der Artikel zuständig und hauptverantwortlich für das optische Erscheinungsbild der Homepage. In seiner Freizeit kocht der frühere Theaterkritiker gern, geht ab und an tauchen und liebt einfach das Leben an einem der schönsten Fleckchen der Erde.

Underwater brothel planned off the coast of Majorca

Dive into the world of the first underwater brothel "Aphrodites Grotto" off Mallorca's coast! Let trained mermaid hookers seduce you and enjoy unforgettable intimate moments overlooking the fascinating underwater world. Experience the revolution of pleasure houses - the underwater whorehouse is guaranteed to leave you breathless with excitement!

Sex story: Marie, Marc, Sara and Sophie in slave villa

"Marie, the four of you have embarked on a very special project and are now virtually our property for the next few weeks. We will use you for the satisfaction of our lust and desires. You are to be at our disposal at all times during this period and follow our instructions, and forgive us for drugging you to bring you here."

Crackdown on Twitter porn: 150 criminal charges

German media regulator takes legal action against around 150 Twitter accounts of porn actresses and sex workers with criminal charges. Stakeholders call for reforms and clear guidelines to distinguish erotica from pornography. What are the consequences for individual amateur girls and providers of livecam pornography? Censorship is on the rise.

Download Adult Videos for free – here’s how!

Download free adult videos - with the free music and video downloader it's now very easy. The video converter allows you to save adult videos from any website, in the quality of your choice and without annoying ad breaks. Secure and anonymous use is guaranteed. Watch your favorite porn offline anytime!

Former porn actor Max Hardcore died

The death of Max Hardcore, a former porn legend, has caused a stir in the industry. His extremely controversial style has pushed the boundaries of pornography and sparked debates about ethics and value. Although his work was polarizing, he is considered an important figure in the industry. His legacy will continue to be discussed and analyzed.
Interview 4based-Agentur OnlyTagesbriseFans

The exclusive video interview with the agency OnlyTagesbriseFans

Social media agency OnlyTagesbriseFans helps content creators maximize their success. Dennis Badke and Desirée Blömer tell us in this exclusive video interview which stumbling blocks you should avoid and how you can succeed in pampering users with erotic photos even without "getting naked" in order to build a personal bond.

Nicole Kleinhenz – interpreter of love in exclusive interview

Nicole Kleinhenz talks about her work as a dating coach and how many of her clients struggle to have a happy relationship due to self-doubt and lack of self-esteem. She encourages people to love and accept themselves before they enter into a relationship. But she also gives advice to couples who are having problems in their relationship.
daynia pornos samenraub eronite

Age: 34 – Occupation: Semen Robber – Daynia Porn

She has perfected it: juicing. She is a glutton for sperm, the man's white good is her elixir of life and love, which the pretty blonde could never do without. We introduce you to Daynia!

Social fuck: More and more Hartz4 Muttis fuck for pocket money

No one can blame them when hungry mouths need to be fed at home. Thus, a social fuck benefits not only their often neglected pussy (especially in single mothers), but also the wallet. Hartz4 Muttis fuck for pocket money and then go shopping at the discount store.
Haifa Muslim Porn: Arab Camgirl From 1,001 Nights

Haifa Muslim Porn: Arab Camgirl From 1,001 Nights

Haifa Muslim porn is an oriental firework of exotic eroticism from the world of Sinbad the Sailor. The Muslim porn actress takes everyone who lets her on a fabulously erotic journey to the land of the caliphs.

The stranger made me submissive with hard forced games

The hard BDSM story: He had come to torture and humiliate me with psycho and forced games. He took what he wanted, fucked me hard and provided the one or other surprise. Should he come back? Absolutely!
Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girls

Indian pornstars: our top 10 hot indian girls

What comes to mind first when you think of "typical Indian"? Kamasutra and the popular god Krishna there? Determined. Programmers and computer specialists? It's possible. Rose sellers and cheap call centers? That, too, if you're honest. But Indian porn stars? We present the 10 most famous.
At 4based earn money with erotic photos and videos

At 4based earn money with erotic photos and videos

Earning money with erotic photos is easy with loyal fans, of course. And that's what it's all about: generating new fans who buy your content. 4based.club is a starting point to build this fan base.

BDSM Guide: Tasks and duties of a slave girl

Enduring pain is also one of the important duties of a slave. No Dom wants a sissy who can hardly be handled. Here, it is important to first sound out boundaries and then to expand them more and more, piece by piece. We tell you what other rules a sex or extreme slave must follow.

Erotic magazine for best agers also gives a lot of pleasure to older people

There is no instruction manual for Eronite erotic magazine for Best Ager: You have to find your own way through the variety of topics and offers. But perhaps he or she will get stuck in particularly fascinating places.

Christmas 2022 – And a fat plus of accesses

Again and again on December 24, Christmas Eve makes its way into the living rooms of the (Christian) West. Now Christmas 2022 is just around the corner and with it the time of reflection, inner contemplation, joy, love and family. We would like to say THANK YOU to all our loyal readers.

Our erotic magazine for women inspires female readers

Eronite is also an erotic magazine for women and proud of it. Whether for budding porn stars, experienced amateurs or just the silent reader. We are glad that the topic of eroticism attracts more and more women and they openly admit their passion.

Zero hour: The history of the vibrator

According to the history of the vibrator, between the 60s and 80s they were called Strammer Max, Muschikater or even Doppelbock. They were made of hard plastic and burned through from time to time. It was a long way to the modern pleasure sticks. We look into the development of the vibrating rods.

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Sextoy test: ACMEJOY blowjob pocket pussy

Blowjob pocket pussy for uncomplicated and lifelike pleasure. Made of medical grade silicone, this high quality sex toy offers both vaginal and oral canal for ultimate pleasure. Easy to use, easy to clean and discreetly packaged. Fantasies with a realistic and sporty beauty to sniff! The Blowjob Pocket Pussy is available for only 15,99 Euro!

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Maid fucked in sleazy hotel Hofmarcher

This hot maid I had fucked - in the most horrible room that I had ever moved into and she had still given me an orgasm of the extra class. This is where I would come again.

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Eroticism 4.0 – Cybersex of the future

Emerging trends in cybersex, from interactive sex toys to virtual reality. The future of online erotic interaction, its benefits as well as challenges, and how technological advances are reshaping the intimate experience. Social and personal aspects of cybersex and the importance of safety in the digital space.

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