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Mario Meyer ist seit Juni 2006 als Chefredakteur federführend für das Schreiben der Artikel zuständig und hauptverantwortlich für das optische Erscheinungsbild der Homepage. In seiner Freizeit kocht der frühere Theaterkritiker gern, geht ab und an tauchen und liebt einfach das Leben an einem der schönsten Fleckchen der Erde.
doppelleben als domina

(M)a double life as a dominatrix (erotic story)

The shocking confession of a young mother: "For years I lived with a secret, led a double life as a dominatrix. Friends, family, even my husband had no idea of my secret excursions into the bizarre world. If it weren't for Madame d'Avignon's travels..."
erotische geschichte

Sex story: women dream house

Women's Dream House - It took her quite a long time to get on the tour to London. The financial matters had to be...
shades of grey

“Fifty Shades of Grey” promotes sex addiction?!

"Fifty Shades of Grey" in review: There are few films as polarizing as "Fifty Shades of Grey," which is now being released in German cinemas....

Color underarm hair – the new trend?

What's that spilling over to us from America again? Young girls no longer shave their armpits, but simply dye the rampant hair colorful! Many...
Sex and BDSM: Marzenna’s chastisement

Sex and BDSM: Marzenna’s chastisement

The frivolous sadomasochistic story - The new colleague from Poland, in her mid-thirties, looked like a photo model. But one thing was to become her undoing. She was just too good for this world.
ts kimber lee livecam

Kimber Lee – Porn Star, Trans-Grenade, Teeny-Girl

I freely admit it: I hired Kimber Lee before I ever met her in person. I am a man. And we men respond to...
Kimber Lee - The Transsexual in Interview

Kimber Lee – The Transsexual in Interview

Kimber Lee - transsexual, teen girl and pornstar Kimber Lee, sugary sweet 19 years young, moves more feminine than most women. The transsexual struts on her...
On a dog leash through Switzerland

On a dog leash through Switzerland

Dogplay instead of Ponyplay at the Confederates A 20-year-old Swiss girl from the canton of Aargau and her boyfriend from Zurich, two years younger than...
polizistin silikon

Silikontitten erlaubt bei Polizistin?

Can a policewoman have silicone tits? A young woman applied to become a police officer in the capital city of Berlin - and was promptly...
foltermethoden bdsm eronite

Torture methods from the Middle Ages

Torture methods abounded in earlier times. Some things were adopted in a weakened form for the SM area. Instruments of torture produced or prolonged...
gehorsamspflicht eronite

The duty of obedience of the wife

Wife's duty of obedience put to the test This rejoices the hearts of all husbands: Written down in European law and really laid down in...
pornoregisseur eronite x

What does a porn director actually do?

Fuck all day? Winter 2013: After a quarter of a year as a porn director at the erotic label Eronite, I wake up every morning...
The pretty assistant of Hera Delgado

Lucy: A job behind the camera

As a porn director at the porn film label Eronite Porn casting of Eronite on 18.8.2013 in Dortmund... Finally, the day was here. I had...
bdsm sklavin eronite

BDSM production at Eronite

A BDSM production: Here is my experience report on the casting and shooting of"Abgerichtet" with Jutta Snow (actress, also known as Zofe Jutta), Demond...

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Come to the model finca in Mallorca!

Just visit the Casa Colada model finca: bright sunshine, a blue sky and the gentle sound of the waves in the background. What sounds like a beautiful vacation dream can now become a workplace for creators of erotic content, as the Casa Colada model finca is now available to amateurs and professionals for a wide variety of filming projects.

A sex story

Sex slave of a strange taxi driver

The erotic story: Klara was my sex slave. I loved women from Eastern Europe and still wanted to pick up my premium. The taxi driver came right on cue. His trousers were well filled and Klara had to appreciate that. My diabolical plan was forged.

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Day of reward: My training as a pleasure slave continues

Hot sex story with a Latina: First I was bored, but then your gift really got me going and ecstasy. I will remember this experience for a long time. My body was literally jolted by lightning. Thank you for this, that I as a pleasure slave may experience something like this!

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