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My confession There are some things that don't come across so easily. Because they are outrageous and would shock other people. Because you deviate from the norm of the broad masses with this attitude. That is our category "my confession"! My confession - things that normally nobody talks about There are many reasons for experiences reported in our category "My confession": For example, a certain sexual inclination or a situation in which you felt cornered. In this category normal people confess what crazy things they have already done. Of course, all persons remain anonymous, so no one has to be ashamed of the confession. My confession - more people than you think have experienced something like this before Some of the readers will recognise themselves in one person or another. In such cases it is a comfort not to be alone with a particular problem. The articles in this category are therefore intended to show readers that there is nothing wrong with having inclinations that deviate enormously from the norm. For example, if you like things that other people find abnormal, this is not a problem as long as no one gets hurt. But there are also situations in which other people have suffered harm through their behaviour. Such stories are also presented on this page. Totally taboo and not okay at all - this is "My confession"! Things you couldn't tell anyone else fit into this category. But even if you're looking for particularly unusual stories that appeal to people with certain inclinations, you might find something here. The reader will find inspiration for (non-)imitation here. But you can also simply be entertained or turned on by the experiences of others. My confession - I'd like to visit here more often we always offer new articles on the topic, it may be worthwhile for our readers to check back regularly. Or maybe one or the other of them has something to confess themselves? You are welcome to send your story to "Mein Geständnis"!

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