Swedish cats of prey at soccer – you’re just a sperm supplier

By Daniel Kemper
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Fucking twins with sperm supplier

The Swedish big cats attend a soccer match. Clearly recognizable to everyone as Swedish, they are soon confronted with the chant “you’re just a furniture supplier”. But the cheeky Swedish cats of prey don’t mince their words and quickly rewrite the saying. And in such a way that no German soccer fan can resist them as a sperm supplier.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Thoughts of a Swedish big cat

Goddagens Eronite, this is Eva speaking. After the last course of our bet, my younger sister pretty much passed me by. Rightly so, but still unpleasant for me. I’m now eight points behind and something has to change.

That’s why I dug a little deeper into my pocket and bought tickets for the Volksparkstadion in Hamburg. A match of the German national team will take place here. The aim is to get into the players’ cabins and get sexually close to one of them.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Letting a Thomas really fuck me or Toni sucking Kroos’ cock would immediately make me the winner of the whole bet. Even a Nagelsmann could live up to his name for me. The goal is ambitious, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. So here we go.

On the way

Swedish cats of prey at soccer - you're just a sperm supplier
Swedish cats of prey at soccer – you’re just a sperm supplier

Of course, we both dressed up for this event. The clothes are tight, skimpy and sexy. Today in the Swedish national colors blue and yellow. The flag of our home country is emblazoned on our cheeks, after all, we both want to show our colors.

As it’s still several hours until kick-off, we decide to leave the S-Bahn a few stops beforehand and walk the rest of the way. The Hamburg Fan Mile is located between the Swedish big cats and the Volksparkstadion. The prospect of a bunch of good-humored, drunk and mainly male fans made this decision very easy for us.

The first greedy looks were already on the train. One of them even grabbed my butt and another grabbed my tits. But the situation out here on the Fan Mile is of a completely different caliber. A greedy mob of hundreds of men, most of them wearing German shirts, form a circle around us. My sister and I feel a bit like Moses, because the crowd in front of us always splits into a small path that closes again directly behind us.

Drinking, bawling, looking at tits

As we literally move forward at a snail’s pace, we receive compliments from everywhere. From a simple “wow” to appreciative whistles to “hot asses”, it’s all there. Of course, we thank them well, wave to the crowd and nod encouragingly to our fans.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Then they finally refer to the country of origin of the Swedish big cats. The melody of Pipi Longstocking is occasionally played. However, this is quickly drowned out by an ever louder chorus: The battle cry that has been heard since 2006 that we are just a furniture manufacturer. Hundreds of throats join in the battle cry. Even in places where people can’t see us at all. Even the constant “take off your clothes” heckling is drowned out.

Maria reacts a tick quicker than me. My sister turns lasciviously in the direction from which the shouts are coming and puts a hand to her ear. The loud shouts immediately turn into a deafening roar.

Swedish cats of prey at soccer - you're just a sperm supplier
Swedish cats of prey at soccer – you’re just a sperm supplier

But now quickly, because I have to score more points today than my sister. I pull my top over my head and show off my plump tits to the crowd. The expected cry of joy does not materialize. Most of the men stare at me too shocked. They are so flashed by the sudden sight that they are speechless. I take advantage of the silence, point my finger at one of the men at the very front and start roaring in my turn. “You’re going to be my sperm supplier now! Sperm supplier! Sperm supplier!” I step forward and grab his crotch in front of everyone watching.

Gangbang on the fan mile

First there is stunned silence, followed by frenetic cheering. To the applause of everyone present, I pull down his pants and massage his hard cock with my hand. The guy grabs my tits as if he wants to make a throw-in with both balls.

Deutsche Erotikstars

The bystanders are not long in coming either. More and more men are approaching my sister and me in a pleasantly indecent way. At first I could still count the hands on my ass and legs. But I had to give up after just a few minutes. There were simply too many of them. From that moment on, there were always a large number of fingers between my legs.

My clothes are torn off and end up somewhere in the crowd. Finally, I am lifted up and held there by countless hands. It feels like crowdsurfing at a concert. Except that I’m naked and my legs are held quite wide apart. Thousands of men stare at my pussy and get horny at the sight. I have to concentrate at the thought so that I don’t run out immediately.

Swedish cats of prey at soccer - you're just a sperm supplier
Swedish cats of prey at soccer – you’re just a sperm supplier

My sister is like me. Both Swedish big cats are slowly turned in circles so that everyone can see our dripping wet pussies. Some stick their fingers inside us, others start licking greedily with their tongues.
Chants about sperm suppliers ring out and certainly make the fans further up the stadium look up in astonishment. Well, the poor guys just weren’t lucky enough to meet the Swedish big cats. After the fingers and tongues come the tails. As soon as my feet touch the ground again, I feel the first one inside me. Followed by a second one in my mouth.

More and more men are now also dropping their pants and waiting with their erect penises for their turn to get a piece of the Swedish big cats. I am literally fucked, groped and licked from all sides. Out of sheer lust and delight, I join in the chorus and sing out my greed for sperm suppliers at the top of my voice. Interrupted now and again by the cozy purring of the Swedish big cats.

The Swedish big cats provide the highlight – even without a game

The tempo increases and the climax of this spontaneous fuck orgy is within reach. The crowd cheers and cheers us loudly, as if after a joker goal. While the Swedish big cats both fuck their hearts out. I have no idea how many of the men actually came inside me. But my own orgasm is now clearly on the horizon. He seems to have taken possession of my entire body incessantly.

Deutsche Erotikstars

Every single pore in my body is sweating with lust and quivering with pleasure. Finally, the time has come. I throw my head back and concentrate fully on the relieving feeling between my legs. Then I shout out my own salvation, which brings me more cheers.

Happy and satisfied, I let myself be helped up and the first one is already in my arms. We congratulate each other and cheer each other on, just like after winning a soccer match. As I was one of the two stars of this event, a lot of fans want to be hugged by me. I pose for selfies like a real soccer star, give out kisses and have people give me addresses. For later. You never know.


I didn’t achieve my goal of making it into the German team’s changing room. In fact, the Swedish big cats hadn’t even made it into the stadium. In return, Maria and I were able to have a completely new life experience with this fanfic mile.

But there’s a small problem when it comes to awarding points: neither of us knows exactly how many men she fucked on the fan mile. The estimates are between ten and thirty men. Neither of us knows for sure. We therefore decided to give each of us 15 points. In addition, I get two more points for the fact that the whole thing was my idea. So the current score is 39:33 for my sister.

I still have a little time left to turn the game around. Nevertheless, I don’t need to hope for stoppage time. However, I will now take a few days to recover from this mass fuck in the center of Hamburg, which is only possible with real Swedish big cats.

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