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The erotic news magazine “Eronite”

Eronite.com – The International Erotic News Magazine

Interviews, funny story, interesting news and perverted messes in the Erotic News Magazine

The erotic news magazine “Eronite” of the German porn label Eronite Movie Productions reports from all over the world about the erotic, sex and porn industry.

The erotic entertainment magazine for adults

Erotic News MagazineEditor-in-Chief Mario Meyer: We do interviews with the porn actresses and amateur stars of the scene, we are always looking for new stories that are extravagant and bizarre, crazy and loaded with a good portion of humor. We introduce German amateurs and international porn stars. We want to get away from the dull image of the dusty 80s porn and the dirty booklets that were sold under the counter in the station kiosk. It is a matter close to our hearts to provide our readers with sex stories and BDSM stories as well as background information.

The team of ten authors provides the erotic news magazine with new articles

Our editorial team observes the erotic landscape intensively and thus gets a first overview. If you can find interesting people here or exciting stories, the Erotic News Magazine presents you to readers clearly arranged articles, portraits, interviews and columns. Or simply product presentations, competitions and reports about events and erotic fairs.

Contraception, sex positions, porn movies – all these are things that interest our readers. We strive to present a diverse picture of the erotic industry and to cover many fields. You are an author yourself and would like to write for us? Please contact us right away with a sample of your work using our contact form!

Sexy headlines dominate the news in Erotic News Magazine

In the erotic magazine Eronite.com you will find sexy news, stories, portraits and interviews with various actors from the erotic industry. The participants report on our pornocastings, which take place all over Germany, and tell how things went for them. But we also present our new DVD and film releases and show you trailers (preview videos) of our latest productions. Erotic stories complete the offer.

The erotic news magazine for a mixed target group

An erotic news magazine should definitely not only appeal to men as a target group. Just as the authors for the magazine of “Eronite” are not exclusively male. In addition to men, female editors also write here, who deal intensively with topics related to the erotic industry and with sexuality and eroticism in general, and in some cases even specialize in them.

The editors in the team lead interviews with well-known actors from the porn scene and other Machern from the erotism industry. Editress Julia Moreno is happy to take over interviews and portraits, researches exciting topics for the Erotik News Magazine, including from the BDSM and fetish sector. Helga Unterwasser is even a real bondage master (called “Riggerin” or “Rope Artist”). If she doesn’t write for the Erotik News Magazine, she is Germany’s only fetish film director and gives bondage lessons on Mallorca. In addition, readers receive tips and tricks from the sexual scientist and journalist, Dr. Dorothea Flogger. And Nyna Mateo is also one of the editors who enriches the Erotik News magazine with her great writing style and has exciting and exciting things to offer her readers.

Accordingly, the articles are addressed not only to men, but also to women. Today, eroticism in the media is no longer a male domain in which women only have to serve as objects, but not as consumers and information seekers. More and more women want to inform themselves about corresponding topics. In addition, more and more women are also willing to heat themselves up with pornography, whether alone or together with their partner. Therefore the erotic news magazine also offers them interesting and appealing contributions, with which they can inform themselves about porn new publications and the actors as well as the scene in general.

Erotic stories especially exciting for women

Especially with erotic stories that appear in the Erotik News Magazine, women are at the forefront as readers. To stimulate the erotic fantasies about a tingling reading is a special pleasure for female readers. Of course, the same goes for men. The great thing about it for both sexes is that the film can take place individually in the mind. In their own imagination, the characters take on the form that the reader wants and finds attractive. If the story reflects one’s own preferences, one can wonderfully put oneself into the story. All the more thrilling is the reading pleasure. Moreover, the stories really get down to business, which of course also turns on women who like to get going with such stories and get ideas and suggestions for their own sex life.

Porn bloggers and reporters of the erotic industry in the porn business for Eronite

But women do not only love erotic stories as readers in the erotic news magazine. They are also interested in an insight into the porn and erotic industry and follow the interviews and portraits with the actors. Reports on studies and exciting topics from the world of sex and eroticism as well as tips and tricks in the Erotic News Magazine are also of interest to female readers.

Unlike women’s magazines

Which is particularly appealing for readers who want to deal extensively with the subject of eroticism and be well informed: The erotic news magazine from “Eronite” comes straight to the point and doesn’t get around the bush, like women’s magazines that have a section for erotic topics or sex and love. Where Fifty Shades of Grey writing in women’s magazines appeals to the broad masses as a light version, many readers prefer professional information about BDSM and fetish and prefer the erotic news magazine as a source. Where real experts in this field have their say, the information content is much greater for readers.

Female authors also interesting for men

Of course, the female perspective in Erotik News Magazine is also exciting for male readers. The only reason for this is that many men want to know how they can be well received by the opposite sex and how they can respond better to their partner in bed. The tips of a sexologist help a lot more than those of a self-proclaimed women’s expert, as you can read in many blogs and magazines.

Eronite’s erotic news magazine offers readers an exciting and exciting information platform that is constantly enriched with fresh content by experienced editors.

Fake News excluded?

Fake news is just as widespread as fake tits. Some like them, others hate them. We want to entertain! Nonsense or obvious false reports have no place with us. Our editorial team researches the articles carefully in order to offer you a carefree reading pleasure. If you think we are a fake, we recommend the Wikipedia articles about the Eronite Movie Productions (exclusive actress Xania Wet even won a Venus Award) as well as our longtime house and fetish film director Helga Unterwasser (three times nominated for the Venus Award).
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