Rock meets eroticism part 1

By Jens Haberlein
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Rock meets eroticism part 1
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Rock meets erotic – part 1

My life as a camgirl is a dream? Yes certainly, a nightmare. But from the beginning. As a 20-year-old with an education as a medical assistant, I was fed up with the dreary professional life. Annoying patients and my boss, the oh so important Herr Doktor, was the asshole of the nation. That wasn’t me, the pretty blonde who was always smiling in her white coat. I also met my boyfriend at this really bad time and he had big plans for me. Because he wanted to make me an amateur camgirl.

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WOW, he loves me!

He wants to get me money, fame and horny sex. I felt really honored and finally arrived. If I had known then that he only wanted to earn money from me, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Everything started quite harmlessly, a few erotic pictures and I had erotic chats with strange men.

Rock meets erotic - part 1Of course, the dirty talk was really hardcore. But I lied to all the guys, because I couldn’t play around with my pussy 12 hours a day, otherwise sore ointment would probably have been my best friend. The chats were sometimes really perverse, but all in all I had fun. But for my “oh so great friend” the money I earned through my work was no longer enough. No, he wanted more. Greed for money was his middle name, right after Dirk! He came up with the grandiose plan that I also had to do cam sex shows so that men could jerk off their best friend.

The coolest thing about my really loving asshole boyfriend was, however, that he also wanted sex in the evening directly after the current sales figures. Of course, I did not already have 12 hours a day an extremely large XXL dildo in my cunt. Some nights I felt like a worn-out prostitute who has to show her pimp how much she loves him.

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My friend, noticed nothing. How could I, his main problem was to check my account balance. My life as a camgirl was dreary and shitty in a good way. I would have rather left today than tomorrow, but I was trapped in a golden cage. Because we always did everything together. Today I know why. After all, my friend no longer had a job, because he was my manager. So I should also smile gratefully in his face every day. He did nothing but give me direct orders as to when I had the next cam show.

Even the normal dildo sex was no longer enough for him. No I had to deliver from now on also fetish shows, where I had to let my golden shower squirt. It has always been my dream to let my piss splash around wildly in bed. Every day he came up with other sex and porn ideas and they became more and more perverted. One Monday morning I stood naked in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection.

I saw a washed out naked woman with fat tits and tears on her face. My face spoke volumes, but I lacked the strength to fight back against my friend. He was a muscle show-off and if I had used backtalk, I don’t know where I would have ended up. In moments like that, you really need a best friend, but I didn’t have one. Because I was no longer allowed to have friends. They could eventually see what he made of me. I found every cam show harder and I had to be almost a good actress.

My spectators noticed nothing of my condition, they were only interested in my pussy anyway and not in my feelings. But when I stood in front of the mirror I had a strange feeling inside me. I saw in the mirror a little zombie whispering to me “na you whore, where do you want to end up”? Damn I’m getting schizophrenic, but no that zombie was me! He had hidden himself very deep and came out right now. I had to get away, far away! A desert island? No there he would probably find me. I was still alone for exactly 30 minutes, because my all beloved friend was just at an important meeting. Yes I should hold out tomorrow again at a bukkake sex party as a seed girl. This was the new trend and it should make me horny when 20 guys jerk off in my face. Naked I ran!

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Once in the bedroom, I grabbed my Eastpak backpack and randomly threw in some clothes. I put on a skimpy summer dress and also forgot the bra. My car was parked right in front of the house. I threw my backpack inside, sat down on the driver’s seat and thought again for a moment. But cancel everything? There he was again my own zombie: Do it! Get the hell out of here! This is your salvation! I quickly dug my wallet out of my handbag and saw that I still had exactly 500 euros in my pocket. That was enough for fuel for the next thousand kilometers. I put the car in reverse and sped away, as fast as you can speed in a Renault Twingo.

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