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Julia Moreno ist seit 2009 für die eronite.com tätig und führt die Interviews mit den Stars und Sternchen der Porno- und Erotikbranche. Weiterhin ist sie zuständig für die Recherche komplexer Themen und das Schreiben von Hintergrundberichten.
Aufgepasst: So läuft ein Lexy Roxx Userdreh ab

Watch your step: How does a Lexy Roxx user shoot work?

To meet the hot Lexy Roxx once for a user shoot and experience hot sex with her - that is certainly the dream of many men. For some, this wish can actually come true, because the pretty erotic actress deliberately chooses amateurs and fans for her films.
Es liefen Freudentränen: Jessy ist Netstar 2019

There were tears of joy: Jessy is Netstar 2019

During this year's "Venus" fair there was a small "sensation": The Netstar Award 2019 went to an outsider: Jessy Thomas from Bavaria got as many votes from her fans as the girls in places two to five put together.
Wir erinnern uns: So war Sexy Cora († 2011)

We remember: This is how Sexy Cora was († 2011)

Almost nine years dead: Sexy Cora was not only seen in porn videos, but also appeared in other movies and on Big Brother. We remember the beauty of Hamburg and take a look back at the life of the petite porn actress.
Nachgefragt: Wo bekomme ich Bettie Ballhaus Pornos?

Asked: Where can I get Bettie Ballhaus porn?

Who believes that only young women have a strong erotic charisma does not know the Bettie Ballhaus porn yet. The red-haired MILF has already passed 40, but she is still driving men crazy. Or you just enjoy the busty one in front of the cam.
Schnuggie91 Pornos - blonde Sexbombe in Action

Schnuggie91 Porn – blonde sex bomb in action

Many a man who watches one of the many Schnuggie91 porn movies wishes not only to use the clips for masturbating, but also to have real sex with the porn queen. That's because the girl has almost no taboos and is really into it.
Devotes Teeniegirl Lessia Mia im Interview

Interview with submissive teen girl Lessia Mia

Only since 2016 has the tall girl (born 1996) been on the move in the erotic industry. In an exclusive interview with Eronite, the beautiful amateur tells us how the Magdeburg girl came to this and why she prefers to have women in bed.
Die Lotusstellung: Sex im Schneidersitz für Experimentierfreudige

The lotus position: cross-legged sex for experimentalists

Couples who like to experiment and are a little agile can try the lotus position. The position comes from the Indian Kamasutra and is basically cross-legged sex. There are two variants. If you are curious about the position, you will find everything you need to know here.
Befriedigung auf Umwegen - eine erotische Geschichte von Mia

Satisfaction on detours – The erotic story of young Mia

I just wanted my sexual satisfaction and my friend Adrian came just in time for that. As a single I was tired of doing it myself all the time. And so I experienced one of the hottest evenings of my life.
Luna Richter Pornos - Filme mit vielen Facetten

Luna Richter Porn – Sex movies with many facets

If you look at Luna Richter porn, you will understand why this lively girl enjoys working in the porn industry. She loves her job very much and stands by what she does. To be able to exercise one's dream profession is true happiness. She's doing it.
7 lustige Sexstellungen - Wer macht sowas?!

7 funny sex positions – who does that?!

Who says that sex always has to be boring or tough? A man can and should have fun at the same time. At least that's what some funny sex positions suggest, at least by name.
Gymbunny Pornos - Amateur aus Bayern

Gymbunny Porn – from the Province to the Erotic World

She loves Cumshots so much that even the mayor spoke to her about it. She quickly became the talk of the town when the Bavarian girl posted porn on the net as Gymbunny Pornos. She loves provocation and loves to shoot outdoors. We're introducing the gym girl!
K.O.-Tropfen: Dieses Armband schützt dich davor!

K.O. Drops: This bracelet protects you from it!

Today K.O. drops are a constantly lurking danger to which more and more people fall victim. The remedy is a bracelet called "Drinkcheck", with which you can examine your drink for anaesthetic substances at lightning speed.
New York will Prostitution legalisieren

New York wants to legalize prostitution

The senators of New York will have set an important milestone if they manage to legalize prostitution, which has hitherto been punishable in large parts of the United States. Away with the antiquated illusions!
Los Angeles Pride 2019 - LGBTQ+ Festival

Texaspatti at the Los Angeles Pride Festival 2019

The LA Pride (also known as the Los Angeles Pride Festival, sometimes referred to as the "Gay Parade") is one of the largest LGBTQ+ events in the world. It takes place every year in West Hollywood in the heart of Los Angeles. This time with Texaspatti.

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There were tears of joy: Jessy is Netstar 2019

During this year's "Venus" fair there was a small "sensation": The Netstar Award 2019 went to an outsider: Jessy Thomas from Bavaria got as many votes from her fans as the girls in places two to five put together.

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