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Julia Moreno ist seit 2009 für die eronite.com tätig und führt die Interviews mit den Stars und Sternchen der Porno- und Erotikbranche. Weiterhin ist sie zuständig für die Recherche komplexer Themen und das Schreiben von Hintergrundberichten.
We remember: This is how Sexy Cora was († 2011)

We remember: This is how Sexy Cora was († 2011)

Already dead for ten years: Sexy Cora was not only seen in porn videos, but also appeared in other movies and on TV on Big Brother. We remember the Hamburg beauty and take a look back at the life of the petite German erotic actress.
Katja Tez Porn: Cute blonde is so horny

Katja Tez Porn: Cute Blonde Is So Horny

Who can't imagine the cute blonde as a well-behaved, submissive slave in a submissive role? The shapely butt just screams to be grabbed harder. But can you see the blonde dream girl Katja Tez in porn?
4.1. - Jolee Love celebrates her birthday!

4.1. – Jolee Love Celebrates Her Birthday!

What a bombshell! Jolle Love is celebrating her birthday again today and we congratulate her also in the name of her numerous fans and all users who like her videos and webcam shows. But also from us all the best, dear Jolee - and just stay as you are!
3.1. – Texaspatti celebrates her birthday!

3.1. – Texaspatti celebrates her birthday!

Today celebrates the porn actress Bettina from Münsterland. Happy birthday, Texaspatti. The porn export to the USA has pitched her tents in Los Angeles in the meantime and enriched the erotic scene there with her naturalness. All the best!
January 2 - Sweet_Mia_XXX celebrates her birthday

January 2 – Sweet_Mia_XXX celebrates her birthday

The blonde sex bomb Sweet_Mia_XXX has birthday and certainly no pipe remains today unblown, because oral sex loves the amateur girl about everything. So, congratulations on a very happy anniversary, which is going to be quite a splashy one. All the best, Mia!
Brenda Anisthon Livecam: Saint, Whore or Superwoman?

Brenda Anisthon Livecam: Saint, Whore or Superwoman?

What man could just watch without getting horny himself? This camgirl knows perfectly how to put on makeup and sexy lingerie or even fetish clothes. The Brenda Anisthon Livecam: Saint, Whore or Superwoman?
Extreme Kinky: 3 Hole Triple Cum Piss Bukkake

Extreme Kinky: 3 Hole Triple Cum Piss Bukkake

Women, mothers and fathers, take care of your boys. Those who are just of age should not watch this Piss Bukkake. He could be completely disturbed by these hard practices that are shown in this porn. We present you the clip!
Interview Mary Haze

The big exclusive interview with porn girl Mary Haze

Meanwhile, there are countless sites on the Worldwide Web with porn or camgirls who loll lasciviously in front of the camera and grant deep insights in the truest sense of the word. Mary Haze porn stands out among the crowd. She explains the reasons in an exclusive interview!
Live show with JuliaMia: A heat wave is coming on November 3!

Liveshow with JuliaMia: Watch the heatwave again now!

No, this is not a joke or a weather forecast for some tropical paradise, but a reliable statement. On November 3rd the free live show with JuliaMia took place, which can now be watched as a recording at her videos. Turn it on!
Jenny Stella Porn

This is why you shouldn’t miss Jenny Stella porn

She posted her first videos when she was only 18. Besides sex she loves running, cycling, swimming and traveling. She likes it especially anal, but also the position 69, the riding position and the doggystyle she loves. Jenny Stella is bisexual.
Why I Want To Do Porn With Julia Mia

Why I Want To Do Porn With Julia Mia

I want to shoot porn with Julia Mia and make my dreams come true. Her long blonde hair frames a beautiful face. And ever since I saw her, I've been wishing to pleasure her body in one or more Julia Mia porn movies.
Automatically saved design

So sexy is Eronite reader Julia from Munich

Julia from Munich has only been active in adult entertainment for a short time. Nevertheless, she already has a fan base and her shows are very popular. Is it perhaps because, as an Eronite reader, she keeps up to date with what men like?
What is porn actress Vivian Schmitt doing?

What is porn actress Vivian Schmitt doing?

A few years ago, porn actress Vivian Schmitt was one of the better known faces in the industry. However, there are rumors that this will soon be the case again and that Vivian wants to show herself more in public.
9.11. - Lullu Gun celebrates her birthday!

9.11. – Lullu Gun celebrates her birthday!

Lullu Gun from Berlin with the most enchanting smile of the German speaking erotic scene. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, shooting porn movies in Prague and London, Berlin and Mallorca - from innocent girls to submissive vamp!
8.11. - Violetta Angel celebrates her birthday!

8.11. – Violetta Angel celebrates her birthday!

Violetta Angel radiates a naturalness that fascinates many men. So it's no wonder that the attractive brunette, as a camgirl and amateur, likes to enchant her fans and users in droves in front of the live cam and in porn movies.
camgirl lanagiselle porno

8.11. – Lana Giselle is celebrating her birthday!

So if you're talking about a blonde bombshell, you probably can't get past Lana Giselle. The girl from the north of Germany, or more precisely from Hamburg, not only loves sex on her birthday, but also shoots one porno after another!
4.11. - Mia Bitch celebrates her birthday!

4.11. – Mia Bitch is celebrating her birthday!

So, which porn star has a birthday? Sure: Mia Bitch is celebrating today and not only we from the Eronite team, but all fans and users congratulate the blonde sex bomb, who has been successfully involved in the erotic industry for many years. All the best and get a good present today!
SweetHeidi Livecam: A bisexual cam girl to bite

SweetHeidi Livecam: A bisexual cam girl to bite

Who has the desire to have once in real sex with the sweet and hot camgirl to bite, can try it quiet. We present you the SweetHeidi Livecam. A bisexual amateur who, despite her young years, is a fistful.

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Erotic story: Should I really take the job as an office hooker? The two chefs really turned me on. Me being a whore in an office. Available at any time for the desires of the management. First I wrote my application and sent it off.

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