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Four fun facts about the best piece of the man

Often, choosing the right condom is a matter of personal taste. Whether studded, colorful or flavored - one thing is important in any case: the size, or more precisely the width. Four Fun Facts reveal a few interesting, funny and interesting details about the male penis.

A sex story

Punishment Day: My Sex Slave Training

I was curious as hell about what he was going to do with me. Excited to see how far my training as a sex slave would go. At first I was actually horrified, but then I enjoyed serving him and fulfilling his wishes. What also spurred me and my horniness.

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Ultimate thrill? To the swingers party with your partner!

Going to a swingers party with your partner stimulates the imagination and can be very enriching for your sex life and partnership. But it is better to discuss and, if necessary, clarify a few things before you go to a swingers club with your partner. You can't do it without rules.

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