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Anal sex for beginners: 5 tips for the first time

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Analsex für Anfänger: 5 Tipps fürs erste Mal

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5 Tips For First Time Anal Sex

The “Love from behind” is an adventure for many couples: unusual, varied and stimulating. If you try it for the first time, you will feel your way slowly. Here come 5 valuable tips for the first time anal sex!

Anal sex for beginners: 5 tips for the first time1. Slowly stretch and enjoy

Important with ass fucking is above all that the anus is stretched carefully. As an aid, the partner can slowly begin with a finger and increase. So you can get used to the feeling of penetration. The penis can then slide in without causing any pain. Pre-stretching helps to relax the muscle, which is usually very strong. Tip: Cut fingernails short and wash hands! This makes it more hygienic and painless.

2. Use lubricant – for painless penetration during anal sex for beginners

Of great importance during anal sex for beginners: Lube! The anus itself does not produce any fluid during sex, which develops in the vagina and simplifies sexual intercourse. For this reason, it is important that a tool is used. There are special gels for anal sex that have a thicker consistency. In this way, there is no pain during friction if it is too dry and the penis of the partner can penetrate more easily.

3. Thinking about contraception

When having anal sex for beginners, contraception is important. In general, safer sex should have priority. A condom prevents the transmission of venereal diseases. If oral sex should take place after anal sex, the condom can be stripped off so that no intestinal bacteria get into the mouth.

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A change of condom is important when the partner subsequently penetrates the vagina. This is important so that no germs get in and cause diseases.

4. Preparation for anal sex for beginners

Take a shower and relax – this is the most important thing in anal sex for beginners. You should also go to the toilet beforehand so that no excrement gets to your partner’s penis during sex. Showering before sex is perfectly sufficient to relax and enjoy anal sex. The rectum is generally a hygienic place, because there is usually no excrement there. The only exception: just before the bowel movement!

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5. Both must want it – the golden rule in ass fucking

The most important thing: Anal sex for beginners also means that both partners really want it. It’s the only way they can relax. If you only ask one partner for anal sex, no relaxation is guaranteed. Therefore, this type of sex should not take place in order to do the partner a favor. After all, it is important that everyone involved has fun and can get enthusiastic about “Greek sex”. If this is not the case, you take a little more time for it and talk openly and honestly about your wishes.

Anal sex for beginners: 5 tips for the first timeWhat else there is to note

If you are practicing anal sex for the first time, you should not penetrate too quickly. The partner could injure himself and suffer from severe pain. The motto is: slow, careful and with feeling! Afterwards each couple finds its individual rhythm during anal sex.

Conclusion – ass fuck for beginners can be beautiful

The anal sex for beginners is an exciting and hot affair – everything happens for the first time and the excitement is usually very big. In order for couples to feel comfortable, they should create an appropriate atmosphere, pay attention to contraception and talk about their ideas beforehand. It is also important to pre-stretch the anus slowly and use a lubricant if the penis is to penetrate. Couples who try anal sex for beginners should take their time and enjoy the experience. Since the sphincter muscle is very strong, it must be relaxed.


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