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Die promovierte Diplom-Psychologin steht seit Juni 2011 als Sexualwissenschaftlerin und Journalistin für Fragen rund um BDSM, Fetisch und Erotik unseren Lesern Rede und Antwort und gibt Tipps und Tricks zur schönsten Sache der Welt.

Inquired: What are the types of kisses?

From tender kissing on the kisser to passionate French kissing: The meaning behind every kiss and how it can increase intimacy and emotional connection between partners. A must for anyone who wants to discover the mysteries and romance of kissing.

Helplessly tied up in the forest: a bizarre date and the consequences

The bizarre story of a man who was left helpless in the Lower Saxony forest after being tied up. This incident raises questions about trust and caution in intimate situations and highlights the need for a contingency plan. An unusual incident in which an innocuous date took an unexpected turn. So watch out!

The perfect date – reality or illusion?

Perfect Date: Myth or Reality? Explore the different ideas, elements, and examples of perfect dates, the importance of spontaneous encounters, and the role of openness, empathy, and safety. Learn how the perfect date is no guarantee of a successful relationship.

Why little sex is normal for long-term couples

All about desire in long-term relationships and how to increase it. Read about the causes of declining sex drive and tips from experts to revive passion. Increase the satisfaction in your relationship now and follow our tips if you have little sex in your relationship and want to change that.

Storage boxes & Co: Where should I hide my sex toys?

With the right tricks and well-disguised storage boxes or cartons, hiding your erotic toys from others is easy. Hide them in a cleverly designed organizing system in closets, shelves or even under the mattress of the bed. Get to know the most popular and unusual hiding places.

From the perspective of a prostitute: What does sex work feel like?

A prostitute describes her personal experiences and perspectives in sex work. She explains why many women choose this profession out of financial necessity or choice and the challenges they face. She also talks about the benefits, such as financial freedom and the ability to live out one's sexuality.

Guide: Hormone-free contraception and safer sex

There are many effective hormone-free contraceptive methods that can ensure you are protected during sex. Barrier methods such as condoms, diaphragms, and cervical caps are widely available and easily accessible. Natural family planning and devices like Persona and the temperature method require more discipline and preparation, but can be a good option.

Guidebook: Second chances and stalling tactics in dating

In this guide, learn when it can make sense to give a failed relationship a second chance and how to counter possible stalling tactics when dating. Learn to pay attention to your own needs and communicate clearly to make the best decision for you.

The 12 deadly sins of kissing and how to avoid them

Avoid these 12 deadly sins when kissing to make it a pleasant experience for both partners. In this article, you'll learn what to avoid to make kissing a sensual and intimate experience. Discover the biggest mistakes in kissing, like too much tongue, wrong tempo or lack of eye contact. More in this article.

Formula for the perfect breasts finally decoded

Breasts have always been a symbol of femininity. They are not only an important feature of physical beauty, but also an important component of physical health. Although breasts are viewed differently in different cultures, in most cultures they are considered an important feature of femininity and sexuality. Is there a formula that defines the perfect breasts?

Why are some women so happy after a breakup?

Why are some women so happy after a relationship ends? A breakup can be an opportunity for freedom, self-awareness and new perspectives. Women can learn to focus on themselves, have new experiences and build a better relationship. A breakup can also be the beginning of a new life.
Nipples like tractor valves - so horny to suck on

Nipples like tractor valves – So mega horny to suck on

There are women who reach orgasm faster through nipple stimulation than through traditional sex. A special preference for men who like women with nipples as big as tractor valves and love to suck and suck on them.
penis und hoden abgeschnitten von freundin

In sleep: girlfriend cuts off penis and testicles

Brutal act of a mad woman: the 26-year-old Argentine surprised her own lover in the middle of his sleep and unceremoniously cut off his penis and testicles with hedge shears (!). What was the motive for this dastardly ambush?

Sugardating – How easily can young women earn money with it?

Sugardating is a type of relationship in which an older, wealthy man financially supports a younger woman, who is referred to as a "sugarbaby." But how easy is it to earn money as a young woman in sugardating? This article looks at all aspects of escorts and sugarbabes, including risks, benefits, examples, and whether sugardating is modern prostitution.

Why 40 percent of women have never had a real orgasm

Why have 40% of women never had a real orgasm? Learn more about the reasons and how to solve this problem, because no woman should be excluded from this wonderful feeling of a sexual explosion. A study has revealed the frightening results, but you can counteract them early on - if you want to.

Gagging during sex – Why is he doing this to me?

The sex practice is generally very dangerous. Even if the air supply is cut off for only a short time, permanent brain damage can occur or a stroke can be triggered, for example. Under certain circumstances, death may even occur.

How can I tell that my wife had an orgasm?

Learn how to recognize your partner's climax and give her unforgettable sexual experiences. Discover the physical and vocal cues to orgasm and how to put your partner in a relaxed, delightful mood and support her sexual desires, how communication can be the key to a fulfilling sex life.

Interesting study: cola significantly increases testicle size

The effects of cola on testosterone levels and testicular growth in mice were studied. The results are interesting, but it is unclear whether they are transferable to humans. Regardless, there are numerous reasons to avoid cola, as it contains a lot of sugar and artificial additives, can cause dehydration and damage teeth.

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Sextoy test: ACMEJOY blowjob pocket pussy

Blowjob pocket pussy for uncomplicated and lifelike pleasure. Made of medical grade silicone, this high quality sex toy offers both vaginal and oral canal for ultimate pleasure. Easy to use, easy to clean and discreetly packaged. Fantasies with a realistic and sporty beauty to sniff! The Blowjob Pocket Pussy is available for only 15,99 Euro!

A sex story

Sex Story: The Office Alarm System

The erotic fuck: It was an experience like I will never forget. We were sharper than the alarm system could ever be and the three of us did it secretly in the office. Double penetrations, pussy juice and cum swallowing included.

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This is why so many men are into black tits

Many men want to experience a black woman as a partner or as a sexual adventure. These preferences for a certain type of woman are not just about black tits. It's about the total sexual and erotic package that black women offer.

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