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Die promovierte Diplom-Psychologin steht seit Juni 2011 als Sexualwissenschaftlerin und Journalistin für Fragen rund um BDSM, Fetisch und Erotik unseren Lesern Rede und Antwort und gibt Tipps und Tricks zur schönsten Sache der Welt.
Nachwuchs in Gefahr? Deutsche haben immer weniger Sex

Offspring in danger? Germans have less and less sex

The subject of "sex" has long been debarred. Nevertheless, a new study shows: Germans have less and less sex. But what are the reasons for less and less sexual intercourse? Which group is particularly affected: singles, seniors or couples?
5 Sex-Stellungen für einen kleinen Penis

Guide: 5 sex positions for a small penis

Many men are of the (more or less) justified opinion that their penis is too small. However, this belief is often unfounded. With sex positions for a small penis, good sex is still possible because its best part can penetrate particularly deeply into these positions.
Thema Rotlicht: Wieviel kostet ein Blowjob im Bordell?

Red light: How much does a blowjob cost in a brothel?

The price range for blowjobs in brothels is very wide. If you inform yourself a little beforehand, you can estimate the approximate cost of a fellatio in a brothel. But the blowing in the brothel can not only be a sensual experience, but also quite inexpensive.
Ein Gen für Homosexualität existiert nicht

A gene for homosexuality does not exist

The scientists suspected that there was a gene for homosexuality. In long and complicated investigations, the researchers wanted to find out whether there was a gene for homosexuality. The result of the study in one word: No. There is no gene for homosexuality.
Studie: So wichtig ist Küssen beim Sex

Study says: Kissing during sex is so important

Everything revolves around the kiss. Whether it's the first one, you're waiting spellbound for it while you get to know each other and the sparks are already flying. Or if you are already in a relationship and familiar with each other. But how important is kissing during sex?
Vorteil Hund: Dessen Penis bleibt stecken!

Advantage dog: Whose penis gets stuck!

Many men envy dogs for the fact that the act of love can last up to a whole hour with them. If the bitch and male dog are firmly connected, the dog descends again and turns his butt to the bitch, the penis simply gets stuck.
Frauenärztin: «Sex hält fit - nicht nur die Vagina»

Gynaecologist: »Sex keeps you fit – not just the vagina«

Many gynaecologists are convinced that sex keeps you fit. In general, sex has a positive effect on health, as hormones are released which contribute to general relaxation.
Vaginaler Orgasmus: Der Höhepunkt der Frau

Vaginal orgasm: The climax of womanhood

Today's women are much more experimental and open-minded than they were a generation ago. At that time, for example, masturbation was still a taboo topic for women and the only true one was a vaginal orgasm during sex. Today many women honestly admit to satisfying themselves at least occasionally.
Männer (und Frauen) aufgepasst: Die Penislänge im Ländervergleich

Men (and women) watch out: Penis length in comparison to other countries

After a beer or two, the topic of penis length comes up at some regulars' tables. Of course nobody will admit that his best piece is too small, but somehow the topic is already interesting.
Vorsicht: Auch Küssen kann Tripper übertragen

Caution: Even kissing can transmit gonorrhea

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease and one of the most common infections during sexual intercourse. Scientists are now finding out that kissing can transmit gonorrhea. In this case, the condom no longer offers protection against gonorrhea.
6 Cunnilingus Tipps: Eine Frau richtig lecken

6 cunnilingus tips: Licking a woman properly

To be able to lick a woman properly, it is important to show a lot of attention, empathy and stamina. How to lick a woman correctly is explained here with several tips.
Warum Frauen nach dem Sex traurig sind

The Answer: Why women are sad after sex

Shouldn't you be electrified, satisfied and just high after sex? Far from it: In truth, many women are sad immediately after sex, they get a real sex depression. But where does that come from?
Stellung 77: Guter Sex mal anders als 69

Position 77: Good sex times different from 69

Instead of the known position 69, a completely different combination of numbers has recently been announced for the love game: position 77! What makes the trend so exciting, you can read here in the sex encyclopedia of Eronite as always free of charge.
All das stecken sich manche Leute in den Arsch

All this stuff some people stick up their asses

Anyone who's ever wondered what people stick up their asses just has to ask a doctor. Of course he can't name any names, but interested people often get a detailed insight and see the love life of their fellow men with different eyes.
Analsex für Anfänger: 5 Tipps fürs erste Mal

Anal sex for beginners: 5 tips for the first time

The "Love from behind" is an adventure for many couples: unusual, varied and stimulating. If you try it for the first time, you will feel your way slowly. Here come 5 practical and valuable tips for the first time anal sex!
Gleitgel-Ersatz: Was geht - und was nicht geht

Lubricant replacement: what works – and what doesn’t work

What works and what doesn't? When no tube of lubricant is available or you want to switch to ecological alternatives - some household remedies serve wonderfully as lubricants. Here you can read everything about lubricant replacement.
Brustwarzen-Orgasmus: 4 Tipps für den "Nippelorgasmus"

4 really useful tips for a cool and warm nipple orgasm

Tastes vary widely in size and shape, but hard and erect nipples are a sign that she feels like it. Also with the nipple orgasm the teats straighten up.
Joghurt aus der Scheidenflora herstellen | Ekel-Alarm garantiert!

Crazy: Making yoghurt from the vaginal flora

Here the disgust alarm is pre-programmed, even if the conception may have a certain attraction for some: Making yoghurt from the vaginal flora is not as difficult as you might think. So just give it a try?!

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