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Die promovierte Diplom-Psychologin steht seit Juni 2011 als Sexualwissenschaftlerin und Journalistin für Fragen rund um BDSM, Fetisch und Erotik unseren Lesern Rede und Antwort und gibt Tipps und Tricks zur schönsten Sache der Welt.

Why does my ex want to sleep with me? 5 reasons!

My ex still wants to have sex with me. That in itself is a very pleasant situation, as long as your own situation allows it. No relationship problems, no compromises. Just sex and that's it. All this with a partner who already knows and can satisfy her own needs. But how did this situation come about in the first place?

Everything about the penis: thickness, length, girth, diameter

The penis is a fascinating organ. It is used for both reproduction and urination. From a biological point of view, penis size is important. It also has a great influence on our self-esteem. Dealing with this topic helps us to understand our bodies better.

What is different about sex with a borderline woman?

Sex with a borderline woman is a challenge because they are prone to extreme behavior. This doesn't have to be bad for your sex partner if they know how to deal with it and get involved in new adventures. But how exactly does the personality disorder affect sex? What is different from other women? The answers can be found in the article.

Privacy in a brothel: What happens if someone recognizes you?

An erotic club is a place where people prefer to remain anonymous. But what happens if someone recognizes you when you visit one of these places? How can discretion still be guaranteed and how can you protect your own privacy in a brothel despite an unexpected encounter with a familiar face?

Sleeping late – that’s why some women do it with the boss

Why do some women decide to have an affair or relationship with their boss? And how does this decision affect her career? In this article, we look at the phenomenon of "sleeping up" and shed light on the reasons behind this controversial topic.

Bowel cleansing before anal sex: a gentle guide

In my hectic everyday life, time together with my partner is precious and important for our relationship. That's why we're always trying to find new ways to improve our intimacy and lovemaking. We recently came across the topic of bowel cleansing before the act and were curious as to what effect this might have on our sexual experience.

Asked: How does sex change after 50?

Does sex really get worse after 50, as the common cliché claims? Don't the changes due to age set in much earlier? Or is it more like a good wine that reaches its full potential as it matures? After all, you learn more and more tricks over time, which makes sex after 50 more interesting.

Friendship Plus with an ex – does it work?

Relationships not only have advantages, but also disadvantages. There are often differences of opinion that cannot always be resolved. In the case of irreconcilable differences, separation is usually the only logical consequence. However, many former partners do not want to give up having sex together. A Friendship Plus with your ex-partner is definitely worth considering.

Cooking with ejaculate: The sperm cookbook

Cookbooks have enjoyed great popularity for many years. But that's not all, a book has now been published that introduces a whole new ingredient to the kitchen. Cooking with sperm is a trend that has probably passed many people by. Sperm is actually a good ingredient if you rely solely on biological facts.

Moaning while giving a blowjob – what woman does that?

It is often discussed why women moan when giving a blowjob. Many men wonder whether such pleasurable noises are real or just faked. The internet forums are full of questions and opinions on this topic. It seems that moaning while giving a blowjob is a common practice and is perceived as pleasurable.

Low-cut for meetings – how much freedom of movement is allowed in the office?

What about freedom of movement in the office and what is actually allowed? In today's working world, dress codes are often not as strict as they used to be. Nevertheless, the question arises as to how much skin can and should be shown in professional life. After all, you don't just want to be dressed professionally in the office, but also appropriately.

What happens to the frenulum during circumcision?

Did you know that not only the foreskin of the penis can be removed during circumcision, but also the sensitive frenulum, also known as the frenulum of the foreskin? Yes, that's right! The frenulum is a sensitive area of skin and can cause pain or injury if the foreskin frenulum is too tight. In some cases, the frenulum is completely removed during circumcision.

Guide: Condoms always break – what to do?

Have you ever had the experience of your condom breaking during sexual intercourse? It's a situation that can not only be frustrating, but can also shake confidence in the effectiveness of condoms. If the condom keeps breaking, this can lead to a contraceptive failure and raise questions about condom safety.

During sex: Is it allowed to film a prostitute?

The question of whether it is permissible to film prostitutes having sex raises many legal and ethical concerns. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at this topic and examine the legal basis as well as the limits and consequences of filming prostitutes. In the following, we will take a closer look at the legal aspects and clarify whether this is legal.

What is different about sex with an autistic woman?

Sex with an autistic woman can involve hurdles, but it doesn't have to be complicated. Female autistic people in particular usually compensate for their symptoms very convincingly. The partner can sometimes even benefit from this. Women with autism are extremely anxious to please their partner. Sex with an autistic woman can therefore be very satisfying.

Crying after sex: why do women do it?

Some women cry after sex, some even start crying during sex. Why do these women do this? In the case of normal lovemaking without the use of violence, this is a more than legitimate question. Self-doubt quickly sets in for the man. Is she disappointed because she didn't have an orgasm?

There is no right to sex in a relationship

There is a widespread opinion that there is a legal right to regular sexual intercourse in a relationship. But in Germany there is no explicit legal right to sex in a partnership. Instead, the focus is on the right to sexual self-determination, which grants each individual partner the freedom to decide on their sexual activities.

Abortion in Germany – What is allowed when and how?

The question of whether to terminate a pregnancy is a deeply personal and emotional decision that every woman in Germany can make for herself. In this article you will find out more about the legal aspects of abortion in Germany and what rights and options you have.

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