What is different about sex with a menstruating woman?

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Sex with a menstruating woman – is that even possible?

Sex with a bleeding woman is an absolute no-go for many gentlemen of creation. But as the old saying goes, “a good pirate also stabs the Red Sea”. And the fact that this can be extremely stimulating is all too clear when having sex with a woman during menstruation. But what exactly is menstruation and what does sex with a menstruating woman feel like? This guide shows this and more.

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What does sex with a woman during menstruation feel like?

Menstruation in women is a biological process that occurs as part of the reproductive cycle. Menstruation is also known as a period . It is a sign of sexual maturity, which normally lasts around 28 days, but can be longer or shorter depending on the female anatomy or hormonal balance. Menstruation itself is the regular shedding of the lining of the uterus, accompanied by bleeding that lasts for about a week.

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Menstruation is a natural process that indicates the ability to reproduce and is an essential part of a woman’s health and, not least, a sign of her fertility. Nevertheless, menstruation can be accompanied by various symptoms, which can vary in severity from woman to woman. Common menstrual symptoms include severe cramps, bloating, a feeling of tightness in the breasts, but also mood swings, moodiness and headaches.

What is sex with a menstruating woman like?

Free Bleeding: menstruation without tampons and pads
Free Bleeding: menstruation without tampons and pads

Sex during menstruation can be a pleasant and incredibly trusting experience for both partners if certain aspects are taken into account. Many couples particularly enjoy their intimate moments during menstruation, as this time can promote physical and emotional closeness in a special way. To ensure that sex during menstruation is really enjoyable and fulfilling for both of you, openness, trust and, last but not least, hygiene and cleanliness are of central relevance.

In fact, open and honest communication is crucial. Both partners should talk about their feelings and wishes regarding sex during menstruation. It is important to communicate any reservations or concerns and ensure that both parties feel comfortable.

➤ Period fetish?

Talking (in advance) about sex with a menstruating woman can help to avoid misunderstandings and develop a shared understanding of boundaries and preferences.

Preparing for sex with a menstruating woman

Hygiene plays an important role in making sex during menstruation pleasant. Fresh sheets or towels can help to absorb any bleeding and keep the bed as clean as possible. With this in mind, many couples prefer to have sex in the shower or bath as this makes cleaning easier and washes away menstrual blood immediately.

Some women feel more comfortable if they use a tampon or menstrual cup immediately before sex and remove it shortly beforehand. This can help minimize bleeding and make the experience cleaner. Many men, on the other hand, enjoy feeling the tampon in their vagina during sex with a menstruating woman. Because this simply feels different. The vaginal entrance is constricted and the penis penetrates a much drier area than at times when the woman is not menstruating.

Gentleness and consideration

Many women experience increased sensitivity during their period, especially in the breasts and lower abdomen. It is therefore important to be gentle and attentive. A slower pace and a cautious approach can help both partners enjoy the experience. Communication during the act is also important to ensure that both feel comfortable and can make adjustments if necessary.

➤ Period fetish?

Foreplay and tender touches can help to increase arousal and at the same time show consideration for sensitive areas of the body. Nevertheless, many women react particularly lustfully during their period. This in turn leads to a much more intense orgasm experience. This ultimately benefits not only the woman, but also the man. Because in many cases, the sex partner wants to have sex again right after such a climax.

Advantages and positive aspects

Sex during menstruation can also offer some benefits. Many women report increased sexual arousal and orgasms during this time, which may be due to the increased blood flow and hormonal changes. Sex can also help to relieve menstrual c ramps, as endorphins are released during orgasm, which act as natural painkillers.

The menstrual phase is often associated with increased emotional sensitivity. Sex during this time can strengthen the emotional bond between the partners, but can also create a certain erotic distance. Under these circumstances, it can be helpful to try out other forms of eroticism.

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