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Position 77: Good sex times different from 69

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Stellung 77: Guter Sex mal anders als 69

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Our sex encyclopedia presents love positions

69 position was yesterday: Now comes position 77

Instead of the known position 69, a completely different combination of numbers has recently been announced for the love game: position 77! And although you don’t have to chase after every trend, it’s definitely worth testing this one. You can read here what makes the trend position so exciting.

position 77

What’s position 77?

Position 77 is a modification of the known spoon position. Closely entwined, the partners lie together at first, the woman’s back on the man’s stomach. The legs are parallel to each other. From the spoon position the woman now takes her legs backwards and around her partner’s upper leg. Once the man has entered, both move their legs forward. Now the whole thing from above looks like the name-giving 77. During the love play both can now stretch their legs alternately backwards and forwards.

Why should you try position 77?

The highlight of this position: By stretching the legs forward, the man’s penis can penetrate deep into the vagina. Thanks to the 45° angle, the G-spot is particularly well stimulated. A wonderful pleasure for both of us! The joint movement of the legs forwards and backwards brings additional dynamism to the love play and creates tension.

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Position 77 is still very comfortable, you don’t have to bend unnaturally. Man and woman both lie very relaxed on their sides. At the same time he has at least one hand free to stroke her breasts or stimulate her clitoris.

Position 77 or 69?

Anything that pleases is permitted: this of course also applies to sex trends. But this one is so easy to imitate that you should just try it out. Whether you like the 77 or 69 better in the end is of course a matter of taste. Maybe you start with one and then move on to the other position?

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