Nitro spray against sexually assaulting men

By Mario Meyer
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Nitro spray against sexually assaulting men
Nitro spray against sexually assaulting men
Sexkontakte finden
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New invention or old hat? Eronite tested:

Nitro spray is supposed to protect women from sexual violence

When men become perpetrators and women become victims, sexual dominance often plays a role. Many male perpetrators use brute force to push for what their lust dictates to them. Almost always it is hardcore sex in the context of sexual abuse or even rape. Possibly the nitro-spray can help here, at least in connection with an everyday object.

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Eronite empfiehlt dir Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

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Eronite empfiehlt dir
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No woman should feel insecure or be suppressed by other people. We all know where this can lead. The Eronite editorial staff also distances itself from violence – especially sexually motivated violence!

Nitro spray against sexually assaulting menWhat makes men really hot

Of course, our testers could not believe it in advance. A nitro spray that keeps sexually assaulting men at bay? A spray bottle, the content of which is supposed to make men horny on Lena nitro porn?

An arm’s length of distance is enough – and the Nitro Spray unfolds its full effect. Much better than Viagra, Levitra, Cialis & Co., because people fogged in with the spray suddenly lose all inhibitions and only want to watch Lena nitro porn. How does that work? How can that be? It’s total bullshit, right?

Hier lieber nicht klicken...

One question in particular concerns us: how does it work and which components are contained in the rather large yellow spray can?

What’s in the nitro spray anyway?

Certainly, the component nitroglycerin at any rate, the scientists could not prove in the laboratory. Whether pepper or simply a lovely gas – the manufacturer remains silent and leaves all our inquiries, all our begging for a well-founded information unanswered in the world of porn.

Nitro spray against sexually assaulting men

Where do you actually get the nitro spray?

Not so easy, because hardly anyone knows the sources of supply. Insiders claim that on this platform you could simply ask Lena about it and she would get the answer by return. We haven’t tried this yet, but insiders usually have a knowledge advantage. That’s why they’re called in- and not outsiders. You’re in the middle of a hotchpotch of pornographic expertise.

Eronite then spared neither cost nor endless effort to find out what exactly is hidden behind the nitro spray and so we asked a tester to demonstrate the spray can more precisely in action. In addition to the local fire brigade, a pyrotechnician was also present, because it was supposed to get heated quickly – in the truest sense of the word. The result was so sobering that we first had to watch several Lena nitro porn. By the way, the nitro spray turned out to be a commercial hairspray, in front of which a burning lighter was held while spraying. No more, no less. There are Lena nitro porn much more exciting – no question about it!

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Yes, we too feel a touch of satire when we listen very closely to ourselves. But if you don’t want to listen, but rather have fun, just take a look at the Lena Nitro porn, in which the pretty blonde gets fucked by all kinds of men (and women) in a professional and appropriate way, so that no eye stays dry! What, you don’t feel like it? Maybe the nitro spray will help after all. ;-)

But in any case very important: Please do not confuse the nitro spray with the nitro spray. This is only available on prescription in Germany!

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