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All this stuff some people stick up their asses

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All das stecken sich manche Leute in den Arsch

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Anyone who’s ever wondered what people stick up their asses just has to ask a doctor. Of course he can’t name any names, but interested people often get a detailed insight and see the love life of their fellow men with different eyes. Here is a small overview, which of course does not claim to be complete.

All this stuff some people stick up their assesEven screws get people stuck up their asses

Most people assume that the vagina or penis is the most erogenous zone of the body. That’s what people who’ve never stuck objects up their asses believe. Things people stick up their asses trigger strong feelings of pleasure. That’s why anal sex is so popular. One day a man, let’s call him Ralf, showed up at the doctor’s whose partner didn’t want to have anal sex or simply didn’t have the time. The man is himself, he thought. Some men are very resourceful when it comes to their personal lust. Maybe he read somewhere that there are things some people stick up their asses.

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He searched and found a condom and filled it with bolts and nuts from the toolbox. Unfortunately, Ralf had overestimated the durability of the condom. The sharp-edged objects destroyed the silicone and the parts suddenly found themselves in the rectum, where they really don’t belong. After Ralf felt a lot of pain, he did the right thing. He chose a doctor. The latter had the doubtful pleasure of reaching into the anus with his fist. The fact that Ralf also felt like doing it is not known, but it is probable. The doctor had already found many things that people stick up their asses, so he will not have been particularly surprised here either.

All this stuff some people stick up their assesIt’s not just the vibrator that people stick up their asses.

A vibrator is designed to penetrate a wide variety of body orifices. Of course, the vagina prefers, but many people stick the vibrator in their ass. He can withstand these strains without any problems and that is usually no reason to consult a doctor. The situation is different when household vegetables are used for this purpose. Vegetables that people shove up their asses are particularly popular. It’s not so stable and it’ll break. If you’re not very agile, you’ll have to see a doctor again.

Nobody likes to reveal intimate details of their love life, so many people make up abstruse stories. The classic is the cucumber, which some people prefer to keep in the bathroom. Since the doctor knows what people stick up their asses, he can only smile about what he gets to hear. Patients fall so unhappily, they ram the vegetables up their ass. More physical laws are overridden than with the last James Bond.

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It ain’t just pickles sticking up people’s asses. Bananas and asparagus are also suitable. And when there are no anal balls at hand, potatoes do. A donut, on the other hand, crushes very quickly.

By the way: If you are looking in the kitchen for items that people stick up their ass. Cooking spoons, whisks and pan sliders are also very popular. These even have the advantage that you can easily pull them out again.

Other things that people shove up their asses

The above examples are only the tip of the iceberg. Some people even stick animals up their asses. Mice are very popular. An eel is less suitable, because the fish is a little greedy and can eat holes in the intestine. But animals are the exception.

Bath in donuts with the donut fetish

Pistols, bedposts, candles, soldering irons, clothes hangers and many more things people stick up their asses. The list could be continued indefinitely.

Not necessarily recommended for imitation

If you absolutely want to increase the feeling of pleasure with items from the workshop or kitchen, you should think about it carefully. As long as the bowel is not injured, things can in most cases be eliminated again without problems. The situation is different when needles, screws or animals injure the intestines. Worst-case scenario, it can lead to death. For this reason, anyone who has now become interested should not be advised to do so. If you stick items up your ass, you’re playing with your life and that’s not worth the pleasure. Less dangerous are objects that have been designed for this purpose, i.e. anal balls or vibrators.

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