All of which some people shove up their asses

By Dr. Dorothea Flogger
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All of which some people shove up their asses
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Pleasure and danger close together

If you’ve ever wondered what people stick up their asses, all you have to do is ask a doctor. Of course he can’t name names, nevertheless interested parties often get a detailed insight and see the love life of their fellow men with different eyes. Here is a small overview, which of course does not claim to be complete.

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All of which some people shove up their assesAlso screws people in the ass

Most people assume that the vagina or penis is the most erogenous area of the body. That’s what people who have never stuck objects up their asses believe. Things that people stick up their asses trigger strong feelings of pleasure. That’s why anal sex is so popular. One day a man, let’s call him Ralf, showed up at the doctor’s office,

whose partner did not feel like anal sex or simply did not have time. Self is the man, he thought to himself. Some men are very resourceful when it comes to their personal pleasure. Maybe he also read somewhere that there are things that some people stick up their asses.

Sperma im Essen und Arsch

He searched and found a condom and filled it with nuts and bolts from the toolbox. Unfortunately Ralf had overestimated the durability of the condom. The sharp-edged objects destroyed the silicone and the parts suddenly found themselves in the rectum, where they really didn’t belong.

After Ralf felt severe pain, he did the only right thing. He sought out a doctor. This one had the dubious pleasure of fist grabbing his anus. The fact that Ralf felt additional pleasure is not handed down, but it is probable. The doctor had already found many things that people stuck up their asses, so he won’t have been particularly surprised here either.

All of which some people shove up their assesNot Only The Vibrator People Stick Up Their Asses

A vibrator is designed to penetrate a wide variety of orifices. Of course, the vagina preferred, but the vibrator many people stick in the ass. It can withstand these stresses without any problems and this is usually no reason to see a doctor.

The situation is different when household vegetables are used for this purpose. Vegetables that people shove up their asses are especially popular. Unfortunately, this is not so stable and breaks sometimes. Those who are not very limber, again need to see a doctor.

Nobody likes to reveal intimate details of their love life, so many people make up abstruse stories. The classic is the cucumber, which some people prefer to keep in the bathroom. Knowing what people stick up their asses, the doctor can only smile at what he gets to hear. That’s where patients fall so hard they jam vegetables up their asses. More laws of physics are suspended than in the last James Bond.

Sperma in Arsch und Essen

It’s not just cucumbers that people stick up their asses. Bananas and asparagus are just as suitable. And if there are no anal beads at hand, potatoes will do as well. A donut, for example, squishes very quickly.

By the way, anyone just looking in the kitchen for items to stick up people’s asses. Cooking spoons, whisks and pan sliders are also very popular. These even have the advantage that you can easily pull them out again.

Other things that people stick up their asses

The above examples are just the tip of the iceberg. Some people even stick animals up their asses. Very popular are mice. Less suitable is an eel, because the fish is a little voracious and can eat holes in the intestine. Animals, however, are the exception.

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Guns, bedposts, candles, soldering irons, coat hangers, and many more things people stick up their asses. The list could go on indefinitely.

Not necessarily recommended for imitation

If you absolutely want to increase the feeling of pleasure with objects from the workshop or the kitchen, you should think carefully about it. As long as the intestine is not injured, in most cases things can be removed again without any problems. The situation is different when needles, screws or animals injure the intestine. In the worst case, this can lead to death.

For this reason, anyone who now feels like it should be advised against it. If you stick objects up your ass, you’re playing with your life and that’s not worth any pleasure gain. Less dangerous are objects designed for this purpose, i.e. anal beads or vibrators.

Why do people shove such things up their asses?

There are many reasons why people anally insert various objects. In the vast majority, this is done out of sexual interest and voluntarily. Rarely during sexual abuse. Many who are into anal sex are looking for new ways to satisfy themselves.

Diese Frau hat was im Po

The thought of shoving unconventional objects up her ass turns her on. In various sexual practices, people stick things up their asses that really have no business being there. This is more common in the BDSM field. For example, pointed objects are inserted into the anus to punish slaves.

Not to be underestimated is the introduction of unsuitable items with a criminal background. For example, people try to carry weapons such as knives or ammunition inconspicuously in their rectum (bodypacking). The illegal transport of drugs is also part of this. Body packers store drugs like cocaine in condoms or plastic containers.

People shove these up their asses to avoid attracting attention during a police check. It is not uncommon for them to discover afterwards that they can no longer remove the foreign body on their own. This is where a major health risk arises for the bodypacker. The bag of drugs may burst or a knife may not be adequately secured.

Also to be mentioned are people with Munchausen syndrome. In this mental disorder, patients feign or purposefully trigger illnesses. There they also sometimes shove unsuitable objects up their asses to get affection and pity from doctors.

The object in the ass is an accident

People have already ended up in the emergency room who tried to treat themselves by inserting objects. For example, a corncob should relieve severe diarrhea or a toothbrush lost in the ass should relieve itching. Clinical thermometers have also broken off or disappeared completely into the rectum when attempting to take body temperature anally.

Diese Frau hat was im Po

The incidence of strange objects in the gut has increased dramatically in recent decades. The number of unreported cases is probably much higher. In fact, this happens more often in men than in women and the first known case dates back to the 16th century. The problem of people sticking things up their asses that don’t belong there is accordingly not a new trend.

The physician must gain insight

Affected patients usually appear at the doctor’s office very late. Often, they first try to remove the object themselves several times. In many cases, this makes the situation worse. The majority of those affected are ashamed. They extremely rarely tell doctors how the mishap occurred. In this context, the truth can be life-saving under certain circumstances.

If the affected person dares to go to the clinic, the doctor determines the exact location and depth of the foreign body by means of X-rays. Some objects stand out on the X-ray images with a weak contrast and are difficult to recognize. In such cases, the doctor may resort to ultrasound or computed tomography.

To identify and locate the thing that people have in their ass, endoscopy is also suitable. Here, the physician has the opportunity to obtain moving images from inside the body, among other things.

Diese Frau hat was im Po

How to remove the object from the ass?
There are many ways in which foreign bodies can be removed from the patient’s ass. In most cases, the removal of the objects is successful by endoscopic means. Obstetric devices such as forceps or a suction cup are occasionally used to extract the foreign body.

In more complicated cases, an abdominal incision may well be necessary. However, this is extremely rare. While light anesthesia is often sufficient, difficult cases are treated under general anesthesia. Anesthesia also has the advantage of relaxing the sphincter muscles.

When foreign bodies are not removed

Those who insert lustful objects into their asses should do so with sense and reason. If the foreign body cannot be removed from the intestine on its own, a doctor should be consulted immediately. Items that people leave up their asses can bring undesirable consequences. In addition to intestinal obstruction, inflammation can destroy the intestinal wall. There are also cases where the pleasurable experiment has had a fatal end.

Various sex toys people can shove up their asses

There are many different sex toys which you can shove up your ass without ending up in the emergency room. For example, anal chains, which are available in different strengths and lengths, are a gentle introduction. Also above anal beads and vibrators are available in countless versions.

Why women are sad after sex

These make it possible to get your money’s worth anally. If you like to push vegetables in the back, you can also find vibrators in the shape of an eggplant, a corncob or a banana, for example. Instead of sitting on bedposts, you get fancy vibrators made of wood or metal. The choice is almost endless and there is something for every taste.

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