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The best reports and background information from the erotic industry with interviews and news about porn stars and starlets.

Texas Patti becomes Brand Ambassador for Redbux

Los Angeles: Now the pretty porn actress Texas Patti from Münster is turning more and more into Germany's number one export and signs on as brand ambassador for Redbux, a new cryptocurrency as a means of payment for the adult industry.

Are silicone boobs hornier than natural tits?

The answer to the question of whether silicone breasts are hornier than natural tits depends entirely on the circumstances. Some men and women like standing boobs, others prefer full, natural boobs. We shed light on which variant is the truly awesome one.

Where can I get Lisa2001 porn?

The girl seems to really love to show herself in front of the cam and to really heat up her users. Lisa2001 porn sweeten every guys' night. The young amateur was actually only born in 2001 and is therefore still a real teenager - but sexy!

4.1. – Jolee Love Celebrates Her Birthday!

What a bombshell! Jolle Love is celebrating her birthday again today and we congratulate her also in the name of her numerous fans and all users who like her videos and webcam shows. But also from us all the best, dear Jolee - and just stay as you are!

Anne Eden porn by the sexy student

In her Anne Eden porn the young girl doesn't even need to play the different roles, because she is actually a student! We introduce the exclusive amateur and reveal that she recently had her first real orgasm on camera.

3.1. – Texaspatti celebrates her birthday!

Today celebrates the porn actress Bettina from Münsterland. Happy birthday, Texaspatti. The porn export to the USA has pitched her tents in Los Angeles in the meantime and enriched the erotic scene there with her naturalness. All the best!

Bangboss strongly advises against Corona vaccination

Attention, everyone! No less a person than the bangboss has now advised against the Corona inoculation. He himself is now "suffering" the effects of the administration of the Covid vaccine and reports the changes.

Sex toy on test: The Rabbit Skater vibrator

23 centimeters long and the pure joy of masturbation: every woman will be thrilled by the vibrator Rabbit Skater, which can thrust (almost) like a real guy. We have tested the sex toy for you. But can we give it a buy recommendation?

Lifestyle consultants and (self-appointed) managers in the erotic industry

In advance - they can: mostly nothing. What they learned: mostly nothing. What they can do wonderfully, though: Create illusions and sell themselves well. And that's what they do best: cash in! We call the self-appointed managers of the adult industry "lifestyle consultants".

Los Angeles: Texas Patti gives presents to homeless

United States of America, Hollywood: The German porn actress Texas Patti shows a heart for the homeless in Los Angeles, doesn't hesitate to help out and give her neighbors presents - including German chocolate.

Hot girls from 18: the Eronite Livecam is online

Whoever is up for seductive babes and ladies will find a lot of erotic entertainment in the sexchat in front of the webcam thanks to the Eronite Livecam. Users can choose between live chat, live preview, voyeur chat and news at every Eronite live cam show.

6 x nominated: porn actress Texas Patti

Porn actress Texas Patti can look forward to six nominations for various awards in the United States this year. Thanks to her fans she was nominated for various categories, a recognition of her achievements and popularity.

Texas Patti demands porn driving licence

Texas Patti: "Actually, all future actors would have to get a porn license and learn the basic tools of the trade in a basic course. Then they'd be prepared for their first assignment." - That's a good idea?

The condom of horror: Rapex protects women

New inventions rarely concern the safety of women. With the user-friendly condom Rapex, this is about to change. It is undisputed that it provides for the immediate "punishment" of a rapist through the pain.

13.10. – JezziCat celebrates her birthday!

Happy birthday, JezziCat. On behalf of all users and the Eronite team, we congratulate you on your special day and wish you all the best!

The best TS Livecams in the Transen Chat

Watch the best Tranny Liveshows at TS Livecams in the Transen Chat and enjoy Shemale Camsex in the Webcamchat with transgender people! We introduce the Ladyboy Sexchat and tell you what to expect and what you have to pay attention to!

9.11. – Lullu Gun celebrates her birthday!

Lullu Gun from Berlin with the most enchanting smile of the German speaking erotic scene. She has travelled extensively throughout Europe, shooting porn movies in Prague and London, Berlin and Mallorca - from innocent girls to submissive vamp!

8.11. – Violetta Angel celebrates her birthday!

Violetta Angel radiates a naturalness that fascinates many men. So it's no wonder that the attractive brunette, as a camgirl and amateur, likes to enchant her fans and users in droves in front of the live cam and in porn movies.

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