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The best reports and background information from the erotic industry with interviews and news about porn stars and starlets.

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Sweet Mia XXX: My first outdoor blowjob at night in the...

I know exactly, dear men, how you want to be blown. And so I lured my sex partner at night into the woods, unbuttoned his pants and gave him an outdoor blowjob, that he lost his hearing and sight on the spot with this experience.

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Sex story: My grandpa Helmuth is a pervert

Sex story: Grandpa Helmuth does things with me that he would have preferred not to do as a grandfather with his own granddaughter. Not only he, but also his buddies were in the middle of the story. But still - somehow it still made me horny.

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Corona: Porn actress Lena Nitro does not mince her words

The coronavirus is spreading rapidly around the globe. Protecting oneself and one's fellow human beings is the highest commandment. This is exactly what porn actress Lena Nitro thinks and from now on she sells her own collection on her website.

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