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The best reports and background information from the erotic industry with interviews and news about porn stars and starlets.

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Work Naked Day – today is naked work day!

How many of those who work from home will celebrate Naked Work Day on Feb. 5? Working Naked Day was created by Lisa Kanarek and since then many naked people celebrate this day naked in the office.

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With an overhead blowjob he made me submissive

Sex story: Again something happened between my legs. It just shot out of me. He hadn't even touched me yet and my entire groin was trembling with horniness. With an overhead blowjob, he took what was his. He made me his slave and I obeyed him.

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9.12. – Today celebrates Mia Julia birthday

Happy birthday, Mia Julia. On behalf of all the fans and the Eronite team, we congratulate you on your special day and wish you all the best. Keep up the good work and delight the male world with your essence!

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