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The best reports and background information from the erotic industry with interviews and news about porn stars and starlets.

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Is the Sankt Pauli Museum coming back once again?

The legendary Sankt Pauli Museum has had - and continues to go through - a checkered history. After the exhibition had to leave its traditional place next to the Davidwache in 2019, the museum's exhibits will be displayed in changing locations.

A sex story

With an overhead blowjob he made me submissive

Sex story: Again something happened between my legs. It just shot out of me. He hadn't even touched me yet and my entire groin was trembling with horniness. With an overhead blowjob, he took what was his. He made me his slave and I obeyed him.

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Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene...

First of all, the obscene 2020 is clearly a trade show. As a visitor you get to see a lot of products that belong to the areas of BDSM and fetish. The palette ranges from lingerie and clothing to various toys and sophisticated "torture tools". New products are presented as well as well-known classics.

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