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Laura Buschmann ist seit 2017 bei der Eronite und blickt auf einen großen Erfahrungsschatz in der Musikbranche zurück. Für ein Rock'n'Roll-Magazin schrieb sie mitreißende Berichte und möchte sich nun beruflich verändern. In ihrer Freizeit fährt sie liebend gern Inline-Skates und besucht Rockkonzerte überall in der Welt, sofern es ihr Budget zulässt.
Beim Sex in der Straßenbahn erwischt

Caught having sex in a tram

The erotic story from Berlin: Nobody could have guessed what would happen in the evening. Well, we had sex in the tram. But we certainly hadn't expected that. But we already had a good idea what we would do with the result of the night. ;-)
Brandneu: der Lena Nitro Kalender 2020

Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020

The fact that it will become even hotter in 2020 is not only due to the climate, but also to the new Lena Nitro calendar. By the way, it comes with 12 exciting photos of the highest quality and guarantees that it will be hot for many, even if there is frost outside.
Nora Devot Pornos zeigen die ungezogene Erzieherin

Nora Devot Porn shows the naughty educator

In the beginning Nora was very unsure how she should present herself naked in front of the webcam and in sexual contact with film partners in front of the camera. But with time she gained more and more experience and pleasure in filmed fucking.
Vom digitalen Knistern zum lodernden Liebesfeuer

Online flirt: from digital crackling to blazing love fires

If it fits online and first phone calls fuel curiosity, there is no reason to postpone a real date. Only a genuine meeting answers open questions and ensures that the flirt partners are in the truest sense of the word about each other in the picture.
Hoden kraulen: Verwöhnprogramm für seine Eier

Testicle crawl: Pampering program for his eggs

Erotic tip: To play around your type with pleasure the testicles is a practice to make it hot with the love play. On the other hand, crawling the testicles is a satisfying relaxation program and a pampering program for his eggs, which most men like.
HOT SLATE - Neues Magazin auf dem Erotikmarkt

HOT SLATE – New Magazine on the Erotic Market

Nowadays, when the world is dominated by multimedia, a new, cool erotic print magazine appears: HOT SLATE. The first issue will be published in January 2020 and three issues of 60 pages each are planned per year.
Darum sollen sich Frauen gegenseitig anfassen

That’s why women should touch each other

A few years ago I went to a school for Tantra and of course I also learned the Tantra massage there. And why women should touch each other. At that time I still thought that I knew everything about sexuality. Far from it, there was still much to discover!

Free culture on the Internet? Customers pay for porn!

Money is spent on porn movies on the Internet - despite the free culture on the World Wide Web. According to one of Germany's largest providers of on-demand pornography (VOD) on the Internet, customers pay above all for quality.
Ziemlich gut vernetzt: Die Netzstrumpfhose

Pretty well connected: Fishnet pantyhose

Die Netzstrumpfhose hat eine aufregende Geschichte, war sie zu Beginn doch nicht dafür entworfen, um Frauenbeine warm zu halten, eher um die Köpfe der Männer zu verdrehen. Angefangen hat Marylin Monroe damit, heute ist sie wieder in und fast zu jedem Stil kombinierbar.
Leiser Sex: So könnt ihr Sexgeräusche vermeiden

Quiet sex: how to avoid sex noises

Sex is private and what happens in your own bedroom should stay there. Some people don't care if they get funny looks from their neighbours, but when their mother-in-law is visiting, quiet sex is rather an advantage.
Strippen für deinen Freund: 5 heiße Tipps

Stripping for your boyfriend: 5 hot tips

Stripping for your boyfriend is a good way to get him up to speed again and to ignite his desire for fresh embers. If you want to seduce your friend, however, you should consider some things so that it works.
Ratgeber: Das zeichnet seriöse Fotomodels aus

Guide: What makes a serious photo model stand out?

Serious photo models will fade less, once German virtues like punctuality, diligence and reliability. But how do I recognize a model who works reliably and shows a certain degree of professionalism?

Soon sex with corpses and siblings allowed?

Incest and sex with the dead will soon no longer be illegal? What causes disgust and shaking one person's head is right and cheap for the other. If it goes after a boy-party, sex with corpses and brothers and sisters is allowed in not too far future.

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Damn sexy: blonde Latina and Instagram model

Provocation is the best way to get attention. It is precisely this mixture of innocence and eroticism that creates the image of blonde Latina Germaine and makes her so damn sexy. We introduce you to the beautiful South American woman in picture and word once.

A sex story

How I became my roommate’s sex slave

I hadn't expected this surprise at all. But I could never have imagined becoming the sex slave of my roommate. But then I had a pretty tingly experience with two young men and the older Martin.

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Mila Sweet Porn: Did she happen to become an erotic star?!

The 22-year-old blonde indicates that she landed purely coincidentally on Germany's largest portal of the amateur porn industry. She also claims not to know yet what she will do in front of the video camera and the webcam. Nevertheless, there are already some Mila Sweet porn.

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