The confession – My mother and I share a friend

By Laura Buschmann
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The confession - My mother and I share a friend
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Mother and I have always been a good team

Basically, I’m really lucky that my mom is so young. My mother and I have been able to share many things with each other, which might be denied to others. It starts with the fact that sometimes we can use the same clothes or go to the disco together. Often people there think we’re friends who go dancing together. A few months ago, however, I could not have imagined that we would one day share one man. But first things first:

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The confession - My mother and I share a friendIt was not a love triangle.

When my mum was 15 years old, she became pregnant and at 16 she gave birth to me. Now that I am 19, you can easily calculate how young she is still. And she has done so well to do so that many even think of us as sisters.

There is a curiosity in our lives: my boyfriend, with whom I have been dating for over a year, is not only my boyfriend, but also my mother’s boyfriend. He’s already 41 and he’s also my “stepfather”. However, we do not have a relationship with the three of you. It is not a triangular relationship, but we simply have two partnerships in parallel. Only the man is the same. Sure, it wasn’t so clear at first how we could all live with it. How and above all that it came about in this way is more than extraordinary. We all know that. I also do not want to talk about cheating in the family, because there is a great honesty in our family.

How this unusual constellation came about

At one point my mother brought her new boyfriend. He had just turned 40 and was therefore a little older than she was. He looked simply stunning. His common face burned itself into my face from the first moment. His smile was the bright madness. I had to have that man!

» Wer möchte mich kennenlernen?

But he was with my mother. A few weeks later I confessed to my mom that I had fallen in love with him. She reacted relatively calmly and said that he was enough for both of us. Wow! I did not expect such an answer. My mother and I have always had a very open relationship with each other, but that left me speechless. Her only condition was that she never wanted to see us together in an intimate pose. It’s a deal! Her boyfriend also agreed and confessed that he already had an eye on me anyway. The partner of your own daughter should therefore also be the partner of the mother and vice versa! Crazy, right?

The confession - My mother and I share a friendWhy there’s been a recent spat between my mother and I

Since the conversation with my mum we have two independent relationships, it works really well. Jealousy is not an issue, we manage it all pretty well, even if it is sometimes a big logistical challenge. The three of us hardly do anything at all, but that’s probably better that way. There is a certain distance between the two of us two couples. So my mother and I do not talk about erotic togetherness with each other. But once I overheard my mom and our friend having sex. Since then, I’ve been a little pissed off at both of them.

My confession: I am addicted to pocket money dates

I have always been quite submissive in bed. Now I had to learn that my mother seems to be too and our friend gives her exactly what she needs. And unfortunately, what I’d like to have. Because with us there is only cuddle sex, but I would wish that he would also push me a little harder and determine the way of fucking.

Why is he doing this? If you have an idea or a good tip for me, please write me a message via this portal please. We can exchange ideas there and maybe you are one who can give me what I need.

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