Men watch out – today is your Schniblo day!

By Laura Buschmann
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Men watch out - today is your Schniblo day!
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Schniblo Day: The day of men

March 14 for some people is the day of the sirloin steak, a real delicacy. For others, however, it is International Blowjob Day, or Schnitzel Blowjob Day, or simply Schniblo Day for short. Schniblo Day was introduced in Germany in 2005 as a “male Valentine’s Day“, with the pretext of also celebrating the pleasure and joy of sex partners and not just couples.

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Watch out - today is Schniblo day!Schniblo tag: the most comfortable positions for a blow job

This type of sexual intercourse has been around for a long time, although it has always been surrounded by many myths and taboos. The famous Cleopatra, for example, is said to have had sex with more than 100 men in just one night. And in the Iliad, Homer wrote about the skill of the women of Lesbos in this area. In cinema, the blowjob was not explicitly shown until 1915, in an Italian film called Il topo di’albergo. Since then, other very famous films have included scenes of this kind, such as Black Swan or Pretty Woman. As for art, Picasso was one of the first to capture the moment of the blowjob or fellatio.

These girls love blowjobs

This practice is known by different names in every area of the world. In Argentina the blowing out of the candle, in Venezuela the trumpeting and so on. But still, the blowjob is performed more and more in every country, both by men and women. But be careful! In some countries it is illegal to do so. They even punish it with imprisonment. So if you want to have fun on Schniblo Day, don’t do it in public.

Watch out - today is Schniblo day!This blowjob position fits for Schniblo day

The most common position is the 69. In this position, one person lies on top of the other with their face on the other’s genitals. This way you can have oral sex in a comfortable and accessible way and enjoy it at your leisure.

Tips for Schniblo Day: To achieve maximum pleasure during oral sex, practice is necessary. Play, experiment and practice new movements and combinations with your hands and tongue. For this, communication and self-knowledge is very important, to know what you like and what you don’t like. In this way you improve and experience new sensations.

Another very satisfying practice for men is deepthroat. This gives the penises more friction and lubrication, which helps to increase their arousal.

Natural or with protection?

When it comes to giving a blow job or fellatio, many factors come into play. Smell, size, shape, appearance and so on. But one very important thing to always think about is how you do it. Experts advise to always perform oral sex with protection. In this way, you will avoid contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Although it’s also true that it’s much more satisfying without a condom for men, since it’s directly skin on skin. To promote the use of condoms, some well-known condom brands have released flavored condoms to make this type of intercourse more interesting.

These girls love schnitzel

For women, there is also the female condom (Femidom), the latex wipe (Dental Dam) or the non-porous plastic protection, of which there are also flavored ones. In this way, it is possible to reduce the spread of HIV-positive or sick people with AIDS. In some sex stores and specialty stores you can also find special condoms for fingers. This avoids direct contact of the genitals with possible wounds or poor hygiene of this part of the body.


When it comes to stopping male ejaculation after a blowjob or penetration, every man is different. Everyone likes a different area of the body, the face, the breasts, the butt. Many men agree that it excites them to see the woman swallow the sperm after cuming.

Sperm contains, among other things, proteins, phosphorus, cholesterol, potassium, calcium, citric acid and vitamins. All this helps moisturize the skin, eliminate headaches or strengthen nails. But it depends on the woman whether she is ready for it or not.

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