Your sex horoscope for the star sign Leo

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the star sign Leo
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Royal discipline for the zodiac sign Leo: enduring sex

Find sex partners and enjoy pleasurable highlights together: Horoscopes can provide helpful hints in the jungle of partner selection. The sex-horoscope for Leo tells us what special features we have to take into account for the zodiac sign.

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23 July – 22 August

After all, men and women want to enjoy each other as much as possible. Perhaps you already guessed what the love horoscope for the lion opens up for you on the subject of sex.

No sign of the zodiac is naturally more favourable for sex than this sign of the zodiac. If you first look at the animal kingdom, you will immediately find similarities.

The Sex Horoscope for the Zodiacal Sign of LeoThe sex horoscope for Leo men

Have you ever seen lions having sex? The kings of the animals have by far the most frequent sex of all animal species. A lioness demands sex from her lion-man every 30 minutes on average during the birth period. Thus the lion comes about 50 times a day. This is a real masterpiece! Certainly this is one of the reasons why we call the lion the “king of animals”. People with the star sign of Leo are also endowed with a huge appetite for physical love. In addition, they show great stamina in erotic love-making. What other special features the starsign sex for the Leo has, you can read here in the sex horoscope for Leo men and women.

Men with the zodiac sign of Leo know exactly how extremely attractive they are to the female sex. As soon as they enter a room, the eyes of all the ladies present immediately turn to them. Immediately an erotic crackling develops. That may be because lion men have a huge self-confidence. You simply enjoy being the center of attention. What a masculine sovereign charisma! Immediately they look for an attractive, suitable prey that meets the royal requirements of the lion. After all, the sex horoscope for Leo predicts a great chance of success with women. And the lion is fully aware of this!

He has a distinct sexual personality and loves to go hunting. Even without knowing the sex horoscope for Leo men exactly, women instinctively feel: Here is a man at work who keeps his promises. However, you should not give in too quickly, but let the lion-man live out his hunting instinct. When he is finally rewarded for his efforts in finding a partner, he proves to be a passionate and steadfast lover. The sex horoscope for Leo knows: A man with the zodiac sign Leo does not like delaying tactics, but gets to the point quickly. Already when undressing, the lady of the heart should take care to spur him on with admiring glances .

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The king of animals is especially proud of his best piece

Leo men love luxurious clothing and will also show off with exclusive underwear, which should be appreciated accordingly. Of course, the Lion-Man is also particularly proud of his best piece. According to sex horoscope for lion-males, he loves it when the woman compliments his large, well-proportioned tail. Preferably, the partner should take it into her mouth immediately without any trouble. The kneeling position of the love partner at the fellatio is very much in keeping with the majestic self-image of the lion. This heats him up to another highest after the foreplay! The sex horoscope for royal men says that the proud lion prefers positions that allow him to play a more dominant role.

Particularly popular with the Lion-Man is, besides the classic missionary position, sex in doggy style. Because he enjoys moving around freely. This allows him to maintain control and to observe his best performance when sliding in and sliding out . When the love partner moans with relish and admires his potency, the Leo-man is at his best. Any woman who likes to subordinate herself to a man in bed can only be congratulated on having a lion as a sex partner. But beware: criticism in bed puts a lion to flight, says the sex horoscope for lion-men. By the way, this also applies to women of the same sterisk.

The love-horoscope for lionesses

The love horoscope for lionesses suggests extroverted, passionate cats of prey. Their appetite for erotic adventure is no less than that of male lions. Leo women are not only special jewels in terms of their beauty, but also like to adorn themselves with the same. Generous men will therefore be particularly well received by these luxury creatures.

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They are queens and want to be treated as such! Lionesses like to flirt, want to be admired and always be the center of attention. When it comes to sex, they are more concerned with validation than deep emotional connections. The love partner is allowed to subordinate, but should not be a softy. When the partner brushes her lion’s mane during foreplay and bites her neck tenderly, the lioness begins to purr. It is very easily flammable! Your favourite position is the rider position. Here she can unfold freely, is free and can show off her beauty, even wrapped in seductive lingerie.

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The female lion is the star among her kind

The sex horoscope for Lionesses reveals: Lionesses love the colour red in their underwear and thus underline their sense of drama and passion. Real fur blankets and silk bed linen underline the luxurious standard. To have fun in bed with a lioness permanently, men should always make her feel like the star. She simply needs sufficient opportunity for self-dramatization. Should a man not be able to meet the demands of the starsign sex for lionesses, it is quite possible that the lioness will afford a second lover. A threesome during sex is quite interesting for the lioness.

As queen she enjoys ruling over two men and being served twice. Sex in the dark is not for the lioness. Adequate light and a mirror in the love nest ensure that it gets up to full speed. And according to love horoscope for the lioness, the lady wants to come to orgasm more than once a night. Whoever does not meet the queen’s requirements, she will exchange him or her for a more capable love partner. The sex horoscope for Leo women confirmed: The adventurous lioness always loves to go on men-hunt until she has found the right partner. And yet – she likes to stay true to that.

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