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Who are we introducing? Porn stars and starlets of the German erotic scene as well as girls from Austria and Switzerland, in interviews and reports.

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Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the...

Here in the online men's magazine, the camgirls and stepsisters Paulina and Lisa Schubert answer questions in the big exclusive interview. They chat about their time at the girls' boarding school, personal preferences, their first sexual experiences, shared orgasms and much more.

A sex story

BDSM history with style: The Andalusian Madonna

A stylish BDSM story with an upscale level: The Andalusian Madonna with Juan Fernandez or The Bleeding Bull of Seville. Señorita Elena Maria Mendossa-Carvallho was no ordinary guide and so Juan Fernandez gave himself up to his erotic and bizarre daydreams.

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That’s why girlfriend sex with a hobby whore is so horny

Girlfriendsex is also feasible with a hobby whore. But is it possible for purchased sex to be accompanied by the same tender feelings as a couple who are actually together? We highlight the advantages and disadvantages.

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