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Who are we introducing? Porn stars and starlets of the German erotic scene as well as girls from Austria and Switzerland, in interviews and reports.

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Sweet Mia XXX Porn: Hottest Amateur Blonde Videos

Sweet Mia masters the blowjob like a trained flutist. As you can see in the blonde's amateur videos, she also doesn't mind blowing to the climax and getting the man juice squirted deep down her throat.

A sex story

Sex Story: The Office Alarm System

The erotic fuck: It was an experience like I will never forget. We were sharper than the alarm system could ever be and the three of us did it secretly in the office. Double penetrations, pussy juice and cum swallowing included.

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Health: Is the coronavirus transmissible through sex?

How dangerous is the erotic togetherness in the present time of Corona? Is the infectious coronavirus transmissible through sex, even if the sexual partners take certain precautions? Does the highly infectious COVID-19 pathogen go the same way as HIV did back then?

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