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Who are we introducing? Porn stars and starlets of the German erotic scene as well as girls from Austria and Switzerland, in interviews and reports.

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Pokémon reaches fetish fair Passion in Hamburg

What does a Pokémon have in common with sexual fetishism? And above all: What do the so-called "bullies" Jessie and James have to do at the fetish fair "Passion" in Hamburg-Schnelsen? Our freelance editor Deike Klapproth was there and not only reported, but also took photos.

A sex story

The Erotic Story: Tied up in tutoring sex

Short sex story: Instead of studying with the professor at home, I wanted tutoring sex and that's what I got in my tutoring session as a student. He tied me to the bed and I experienced a twitching orgasm that I will remember for a long time.

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Are Russian women prettier than German girls?

German girls always have to undergo a comparison with what Russian women have to offer. At the same time, both nationalities have their merits. What is right or wrong for the individual is a matter of taste.

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