Your sex horoscope for the star sign Cancer

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the star sign Cancer

How crabs experience love play

22 June – 22 July

Your new partner is cancer or you are interested because you yourself have the zodiac sign of cancer? With the right tips you can make your love life happy and satisfying. Why not use the secret signs of the stars for yourself when they reveal something about you or your love partner?

The love horoscope for cancer men and women will give you helpful hints. Then you will better understand the character traits that also have an impact on the behaviour of both sexes. Crabs are one of the watermarks, and how this affects zodiacal sex for crab people, you will learn here. First of all, as a living animal, cancer is a creature with a heavily armoured body. Anyone who has ever tried to remove crab meat from its hard shell in a restaurant knows how difficult this is. You need quite strong tools to crack the hard carapace and get to the soft meat.

The Sex Horoscope for Cancer - Love Horoscope at EroniteEspecially fidelity plays a role in cancer

According to the Love Horoscope for Cancer, it is just as difficult to get to the inner life of a cancer. We already suspect: hard shell, sensual core! But we cannot use a crowbar to open the sensitive cancer. The Sex Horoscope for Cancer knows that you can only win over a cancer person with genuine interest and deep emotions.

Crabs are not interested in short-term adventures. They also instinctively see through when something is being faked. Instead, the zodiacal sex for cancer lovers is characterized by deep emotions and sensuality. Loyalty plays a very special role in the sex horoscope for crabs.

For this reason, the cancer-born, for example, does not harmonize with the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is focused on short-term adventures. Lovers with the zodiac sign of cancer are silent connoisseurs and it is worth the patience to win them as partners. Only in the security of a deep emotional bond do crabs develop their extremely rich erotic potential.

The Love Horoscope for Cancer Women

They are sensitive beings, the women with the zodiac sign of cancer. At first they appear very shy and reserved to their surroundings. However, anyone who dares to look deeper into her eyes will get a glimpse of the secret fire blazing deep inside a crab woman. According to the sex horoscope for cancer ladies, they are naturally capable of intense sensuality. She chooses her partners with an unmistakable intuition that cannot be understood by the mind. The task of a lover is first of all to take away her inhibitions and build up trust. For a quicky in the back seat of a limousine, the cancer woman is not available. She needs time and a romantic atmosphere to take off her armour or underwear. And that moment is usually when she realizes the potential of a long-term partnership.

One cancer woman especially enjoys skin contact

According to the sex horoscope for cancer she is a tender stroker. She loves to caress the penis of her lover with tender fingers during foreplay g id=”gid_0″>g> and to drive him crazy. A cancer woman particularly enjoys skin contact and also likes to be pampered by long massages. When she is ready for the union, she prefers positions with eye contact. A cancer woman does not have animal sex, but makes love. Only during orgasm she does not like to be watched and sometimes turns her away out of shyness. Then the partner may take them with slow blows from behind.

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During sex, the cancer woman seeks the deep soul connection with her partner and not a short-term adventure. Love partners who are too quick or too rough will not make a cancer woman happy. Therefore she prefers younger lovers with whom she can live out her caring motherly role.

The sex horoscope for cancer men

The men born under the watermark of cancer are highly sensitive daydreamers. According to the sex horoscope for cancer, women can only lure a cancer man out of his shell if they have a lot of patience and sensitivity. The cancer is not interested in uninhibited love affairs. But he can be a caring and sensitive life partner. Only from the security of a serious relationship does the cancer man show what he is made of.

He loves cultured, varied sex. His great creativity and imagination make the Cancer a lover with whom it never gets boring. He intuitively senses the moods of his partner and responds to them sensitively. She just wants to cuddle to begin with? No problem, the cancer man can provide the necessary security. She wishes to be penetrated long and hard? He is an extremely persistent lover, says the sex horoscope for cancer men.

To the first, second and third: the cancer in the next round

After a short recovery period and loving encouragement, he is, according to the sex horoscope for cancer, also willing to make love a second or even a third time. It is important for him that he feels the appropriate security and that his partner cuddles with him a lot. The Sex Horoscope for Cancer recommends that women should never criticize a cancer man in bed. He will quickly be offended and immediately retreat into his shell, warns the sex horoscope for cancer. A cancer man is very easily sick and also bears a long grudge.

Instead, women should rather encourage their cancer partner in a positive way and always rave about his art of love and his best piece. This will spur the Cancer Man to further peak performances, says the Sex Horoscope for Cancer. After all, the cancer man has a special talent for dealing with the clitoris. He has developed various techniques for giving women intense orgasms both with the hand and with the tongue.

The cancer man is very intelligent, learns quickly and forgets little. Women are welcome to guide him with hints on how best to reach the climax. Even though the man born under the zodiac sign of cancer is not a pretty boy and does not like to take risks, he is a sensitive lover. Every woman can consider herself lucky if she has managed to get him into her bed in the long term.

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