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Valérie Francès-Pecker wurde im westafrikanischen Guinea als Tochter eines deutschen Diplomaten und einer französischen Regierungsangestellten geboren und lebt dort heute noch mit ihrer Familie. In ihrer Freizeit engagiert sich die Hobbypilotin gegen die Großwildjagd auf Elefanten. Bei Eronite ist sie seit November 2017 als "Esoterik-Tante".
5 Warnignale, dass er keine Beziehung will

5 warning signals that he does not want a relationship

The love and relationship expert Bernardo Mendez highlights the difference between men who want something long-term from women and those who are not committed (or simply do not seek a relationship with you). The five clearest warning signals for all women.
Meinem Chef einen geblasen und trotzdem nicht am Ziel

I gave my boss a head and I’m still not at the destination

I quickly became aware of my cause My name is Lena, I am 19 years old and am currently completing an apprenticeship as a media...
Männer mit Bauch sind für Frauen attraktiver

Men with belly are more attractive for women?

In advertising and various media, the type of the hard, well-trained guy who has not a gram of fat too much on his ribs is propagated again and again. It is said that such men are particularly successful with women. Reality looks different. Men with belly are more attractive!

vrXcity: When virtual erotic spaces are created

To pursue sexual preferences openly and uninhibitedly and to live out virtual eroticism full of relish? What sounds so simple often only works to a limited extent in reality. Factors like insecurity, the missing partner or special fetishes often limit the enjoyment of one's own sexuality.
One-Night-Stand und der Morgen danach

One-night stand and the morning after

It was a beautiful evening with a crowning finale: the one-night stand. The bad "awakening" comes at the latest when your partner is lying next to you the next morning. What happens now and how the situation can be saved - here come the best tricks.
Vor- und Nachteile einer Dreierbeziehung

Advantages and disadvantages of a triangular relationship

From time to time there are also unusual constellations outside the standards of monogamous partnership, such as a triangular relationship. The advantages and disadvantages of such a three-way relationship are explained in more detail in the following text.
Mehr Sex wegen Emojis?

More sex because of emojis and also more dates?

Hardly anything is as controversial as Emojis. While some don't get enough of it at all, for others they are an absolute no-go. But one thing is for sure now: Emoji users are more successful when it comes to love. So they actually have more sex because of Emojis than others.
Kunyaza: Klopf-Technik für multiple Orgasmen

Kunyaza: Knocking technique for multiple orgasms

People of African descent are said to have great sex skills. This may not always be true, but recently the ancient African sex practice Kunyaza has attracted attention in Europe as well.

Paid sex: why I pay for fucking

In Germany alone, over a million men go to a prostitute every day in order to fuck their souls out during paid sex. It's quite a normal thing men do. Nothing abnormal. This man tells why he wants to pay for fucking and why it's good for him.

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