Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Gemini

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Gemini
Your sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Gemini


The love horoscope for mating twins

All the signs of the zodiac have their own particular star-specified preferences for sex. So do people under the sign of Gemini. The twin doesn’t like it boring, then he’s gone quickly.

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22 May – 21 June

But zodiacal sex for twins is never boring either. There is also no reason for this, because the zodiac sign Gemini is considered everywhere to be very experimental. The sex horoscope for twins shows here that there is more behind twins than the astrologically sometimes somewhat conservative picture would suggest.

The Sex Horoscope for TwinsThe sex guy in the sex horoscope for twins

That it must not become boring has already been mentioned here. But what exactly does that mean? In the love horoscope for twins, he is generally considered conservative. Sometimes even a bit old-fashioned and boring in normal life, he is always available for fresh air in the bedroom. Trying things out? Sure, keep it coming. Patent, leather and latex? Maybe that too, but just not always. This could get boring. With this surprising sign of the zodiac you have to reckon with everything. Concentrating quickly on the essentials is just as important here as being long and tender. Rough sex as well as emotional games in the bathtub with candlelight with lots of kissing and caressing and a slow exploration of the body, where you can be sure that the twin will find something new to do with during satisfying sexual intercourse.

Incidentally, according to the sex horoscope, the twin also likes to be seduced. Active and not very subtle, is the motto according to the sex horoscope for twins. The twin does not understand small hints at this point. One (or woman) must be very clear. Twin-borns need clear signals and become active quickly as a result. In addition to physical signals, verbal signals also play a major role.

All in all it can be said that you can have a lot of fun with a twin, but open-mindedness plays a big role, nobody should forget that.

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The woman in the sex horoscope for twins

The love horoscope for the constellation Gemini shows us that the twin woman can be really interesting as a sex partner. According to the sex horoscope for twins, she does not need special places – at least not usually. The sex horoscope Gemini suggests that this woman occasionally likes places where there is a risk of being surprised. In doing so, she experiences a special attraction and will thank her partner with special devotion. But with the twin woman, according to the sex horoscope for twins, you must always keep in mind that she wants to keep the overhand. She must be allowed to set the pace and keep in mind that she is completely carried away by her partner. Because only then can she be completely satisfied and pleased afterwards. She always wants to please, this is already very pronounced in her normal life.

A twin is the ideal connection on a spiritual and mental level

This need is also expressed in their sexuality. This includes that she takes it into her own hands to create the right mood. Whoever grabs a twin woman has to pay close attention to her. He must learn to allow and interpret the signals. Through his devotion he must allow her to develop and heat up the atmosphere. Then the man experiences a blazing fire. If he doesn’t make it, then the twin woman gets very cold very quickly.

The lover who wants to keep her with him must know that this woman is in search of an ideal. Even when she already has an ideal partner, she always keeps her eyes open. The optimum she is looking for is not only in her sex life, but also in romance and the perfect connection on a mental and emotional level. If she finds this connection, then you have a partner for life, the sex horoscope for twins also tells us this.

The Gemini Man

He is restless like the woman born under the same sign of the zodiac in search of an ideal partner. But unlike the twin woman, he celebrates the search on a different level. He’s tossing and turning, and he’s restless. But for him the way is the goal and he celebrates this way so thoroughly that one could envy him for it. He tries to live in an accelerated world and that works for him too. He’ll do whatever comes into his head. This strong will he also takes with him to bed. He also doesn’t like routine, he resembles the twin woman.

Men with the sign of Gemini are extremely clever. Like many intelligent people, he has high expectations of a sex partner. He finds cleverness and eloquence to be sexy and he appreciates the advantages of intelligence and esprit also in bed, even that is part of (good) zodiacal sex for twins.

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Erogenic zones on the upper and lower legs and inside the upper arms

According to the love horoscope, the twin man can’t stand rejection very well and he doesn’t like mishaps, so he can’t stand them in bed either. His humour is limited in these matters and he tends to take flight rather than laugh at himself. He’s a perfectionist. This also applies to lovemaking. He likes it – unlike his female counterpart – more in the safe environment where nothing can disturb him. A romantic atmosphere is extremely important to him. He can let himself go completely. Here he doesn’t care whether he has a little fierce skirmish or a great encounter with a woman of his dreams, whom he pampers in a bathtub with many candles and caresses, the love horoscope for this zodiac sign tells us.

This man’s erogenous zones are probably where one would generally expect to find them. In the particularly fine parts. But there are also a few places on the inside of the thighs and lower legs and on the inside of the upper arms that women should pay special attention to. The sex horoscope for twins also tells us such things.

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