Your sex horoscope for the sign of Pisces

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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February 19th – March 20th

The zodiac sign Pisces is about extremely charming, understanding people, who are, however, burdened with a high sensitivity. They react easily hurt, tend to daydream and lose themselves in their counterpart much too quickly. Which sign of the zodiac fits really well in the sex horoscope for Pisces?

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Sex Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Pisces - Your Love Horoscope and Sex Horoscope at EroniteHow the single fish lives

The love horoscope for Pisces is clear – this sign of the zodiac does not like to be lonely. They do not like being single, but the fish does not become really active either. Yes, he is downright shy when it comes to love and sexual togetherness. As it could not be more fitting, the zodiac sign Pisces likes to be fished and hopes for fortune in this respect. Active dating, online dating or single bars are often too complicated for fishing. They are waiting for the day when luck will be with them. However, it really needs a lot of luck here, because in discotheques and bars the fish is usually not to be found. As a lover of nature and art, this sign of the zodiac wanders its own paths until at some point it is washed into the harbour of love.

Sparkling sex horoscope for fish

Even though the zodiac sign of Pisces stands for quiet and thoughtful contemporaries, there is a lot of eroticism behind the conservative façade. A fish knows exactly what it wants and gets it, but without being too aggressive. According to the sex horoscope for Pisces, the sign of the zodiac appears to be outwardly unintentional, while it is already on course. There is hardly any other sign of the zodiac that will land you in bed as unexpectedly as with a sophisticated, seductive fish. Even a comforting hug can be the trigger that makes the fire blaze. The fish should also like to try out sex toys to discover undreamt-of feelings. The best way to get to know each other better is with your partner. But also the solo sex can be tingling and stimulating for a fish.

The sex horoscope for fish makes it clear that this sign of the zodiac is not available for a quickie. Sensual passion, long-lasting sex and ecstatic devotion are on his list of favourite pastimes. The zodiac sign of Pisces enjoys with all senses, closes the eyes and wants to indulge with relish. Spiritual experiences like Tantra sex are an enriching adventure for Pisces and can lead to sexual highs.

According to the Pisces sex horoscope, one-night-stands are absolutely nothing for the emotional star sign. Due to his emotional nature, however, it can be a tingling experience with your best friend, colleague or ex-partner. However, fish are hardly to be cracked completely without feelings. Sensitive contemporaries love romance and tenderness. Gentle kisses, candlelight and rose petals are guaranteed to melt the fish away. An all too wild partner is therefore problematic in the zodiac sign sex for Pisces, because he needs the rest and contemplation in bed.

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The love horoscope for fish

Fish have a tendency to be non-committal, although they tend to fall in love quickly. A crush here, a little heartbeat there – all this is not foreign to the fish. Whether the first spark will turn into love, however, is not always certain, the fish initially keeps a low profile. But once they have caught fire, the love horoscope for fish promises rosy times of feelings. Due to its high degree of sensitivity, the fish is a sensitive partner who always has an open ear for the needs and worries of his counterpart.

The most important priority in love for the fish is honesty. Intuitively, the zodiac sign immediately senses when its partner is carrying a secret or something is wrong. With mute perseverance, the sensitive sign of the zodiac will not rest until the matter is opened and settled. The needs of the partner are the top priority for fish, they tend to neglect themselves. The feeling of being needed is for hardly any other zodiac sign as important as for the fish. If this feeling is not satisfied, mood swings threaten in the long term – up to and including depression. Once the fish has fallen into lethargy, it takes a lot of motivation to turn the wheel again.

Zodiac signs for Pisces – who suits the sensitive water sign?

Fish and Rams

The contrasts could hardly be greater than between a calm fish and a huge ram. His impulsiveness gives the sensitive little one a hard time, so that the love horoscope for fish and Aries looks rather delicate in the long run. Here, both definitely have to make a great effort – it is rather unlikely that it is worth it.

fish and bull

Although it is considered to be stubborn, the Bull belongs to the more thoughtful, quiet signs of the zodiac. An optimal partner for the fish that appreciates these characteristics. The sex horoscope for fish and boars also promises crackling pleasure. Whether and how this happens, however, is usually due to the fish itself. For he must take the sceptre in his hand, otherwise the fish can dry up quickly on land.

fish and twins

The zodiacal sex for Pisces and twins could be so wonderful if the twin was not ultimately too flighty. His tendency to exaggerate and the proverbial second face unsettle the fish, but once a connection is made, this couple becomes a dream couple. If the fish goes for the twin sex, it can be great!

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fish and cancer

The sex horoscope for fish and cancer could not be more beautiful! These two signs of the zodiac fit together perfectly. If they find each other, a bond for eternity almost always develops.

fish and lion

A difficult constellation results when the dominant lion meets the sensitive fish. The sex horoscope for fish and lion promises a firework of lust, but in partnership both have to work hard on themselves to make it work in the long run.

Fish and Virgin

In this constellation, a relationship based on reason can be expected. The order-loving virgin and the shy fish master their everyday life almost perfectly, sometimes even too perfectly. The sex horoscope for fish and virgin seems a bit bland, here both have to help to avoid being bored. Maybe Sextoys help there?

fish and balance

The sensitive fish needs stability, which is difficult to obtain from a balance. Even if the sex horoscope for fish and balance predicts a few hot moments, a stable, long-term partnership will rarely develop here.

fish and scorpion

It crackles during zodiacal sex for fish and scorpion. The mysterious scorpion leaves a deep impression on the shy fish. In bed, both love the magic of experimentation and in love, fidelity comes first.

Fish and shooter

The sex horoscope for fish and shooters unfortunately does not say rosy times. The adventurous shooter will hurt the fish too quickly, it longs for tenderness and affection. The love horoscope for fish and shooter says only one thing: Hands off, otherwise the fish may have a rude awakening!

fish and capricorn

The capricorn is a constant partner, it helps where it can and provides security. In the beginning the stars are good for this constellation, but in the end the deep, intimate feelings are missing. The sex horoscope for fish and capricorns is really hot, at least for a few hours.

Fish and Aquarius

Even the sex horoscope for Pisces and Aquarius could hardly be more sizzling. The energetic Aquarius literally casts a spell on the fish and overcomes the protective barriers very quickly. There is potential here for a long lasting, happy partnership. No wonder, after all both the fish and the Aquarius are found in the water. They’re both perfectly happy here.

Fish among themselves

The chances in the love chart for fish and fish are 50/50. Either it will be a fairy tale relationship that never ends – or a pure catastrophe! However, as fish are naturally reticent and wait for the first step of the other, this combination rarely occurs.

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Astrological sign Pisces: longing for fidelity

Do people born under the zodiac sign of Pisces really believe in eternal fidelity like teenagers? Or is it more that they prefer to cling to a romantic notion rather than someday tumble from all clouds? Sensitive Pisces like it best when the word infidelity goes completely unmentioned. It’s better not to joke about it…

People born under the zodiac sign of Pisces can rarely keep their eyes still, but they do not necessarily look for potential sex partners. Their behavior is easily misconstrued. Rather, they are intent on testing their outside appeal and drawing people in. A hot flirtation or a bubbly conversation doesn’t mean you’ve pretty much hooked the fish. Especially those who have already been forgiven turn out to be people with a loyal nature who are rarely ready for a fling.

Pisces idealize the relationship between two

The subtle water sign believes irrevocably in romantic love and togetherness, preferably sealed by the wedding certificate. Even in their youth, these people are eager to find a partner to complement them. For their counterpart, the Pisces are there, caring for him or her with touching care. Since they find a harmonious ambience indispensable, they always have new and enriching ideas for the design of a life for two. But: Pisces can be very, very jealous to the point of irrationality. Moreover, every now and then they dive into the depths of their own soul, leaving a perplexed sweetheart behind as they go it alone.

Pisces require fidelity as a commitment to them and as proof of their partner’s true feelings. The double sign is ready to give all the warmth it is capable of. However, Pisces have a tendency to lift their partners to the limit of embarrassment in the sky. This zodiac sign can adapt to the point of self-sacrifice, which makes it difficult to have an equal partnership. In addition, due to its pronounced need for harmony, it is capable of taking over its partner. Even if their loved ones are fascinated by the sensuality and passion of the tender-hearted Pisces, they may eventually take flight. On the one hand, they feel suffocated in a relationship with a Pisces and at the same time miss the challenges that other zodiac signs offer them.

If fish have really been unfaithful once, they usually don’t want to admit it. Maybe they just forgot for a tiny moment what idealistic thoughts they have on the subject of fidelity. They prefer to blame the cheating on the circumstances and deny any blame. They may even claim it was all a dream and didn’t actually happen. The sign of Pisces likes to bend the truth a little, because fidelity and infidelity are his Achilles heel.

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