Your sex horoscope for the sign of Capricorn

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the sign of Capricorn
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Capricorn and sex: If, then properly

Capricorn is one of the most typical signs of the zodiac. Almost no other sign of the zodiac is as predictable as the goat on the rock. However, there is not only the male specimen, but also the ibex.

21 December – 19 January

So, women of the sign of Capricorn. The sex horoscope for the Capricorn as man and woman is just as different as the love horoscope for the mixed creature of goat and fish – depending on whether a Capricorn man or woman is affected. Specific zodiacal sex and thus the sex horoscope for the goat is also dependent on this. We show here the detailed love horoscope for Capricorn, which promises guaranteed great zodiacal sex for this sign of the zodiac.

The Sex Horoscope for CapricornThe star sign Capricorn and love

Capricorn man and woman are on the one hand completely different, on the other hand they share many characteristics. For example, the Capricorn woman is generally considered an iceberg, which would make a sex horoscope for Capricorn women difficult. At a superficial glance, an analysis of the sexual behaviour of Capricorn women would show that they are frigid. On the other hand, men born under the zodiac sign of Capricorn are considered to be the most faithful men – spontaneous sex for Capricorns would therefore be a lost effort of love.

But on closer inspection it is not so. Anyone who trusts in zodiacal sex or a love horoscope for ibexes and takes a closer look at it will encounter unexpected depths. It is precisely the unconditional fidelity ascribed to these guys that makes them sexually just as interesting as the “iceberg” image of Capricorn women. Unlike twins! When having sex for these partners only one thing should be considered: Never bring two partners of this zodiac sign together!

Coming to have sex with a Capricorn

According to the love horoscope, people born under this sign of the zodiac are very difficult to couple. They enter into relationships only hesitantly and after a long period of examination. But once they have found a relationship, they are faithful. This is at least true for the men born under these stars. With women, you have to be lucky to get that far, because ibexes are extremely shy of bonding and usually keep their emotions out of the way.

A one-night stand with a buck therefore seems extremely unlikely from the point of view of the sex horoscope. But not everything has to be as the sex horoscope describes it. Exceptions confirm the rule, as we will prove in the following. According to the love horoscope of Capricorn, sex with people of this sign of the zodiac is only possible in intimate relationships, but the straightforwardness of the ibexes also allows them to break out of this routine.

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The separation between sex and love

Capricorns are single-minded people who take their duties seriously and for whom faithfulness is a big word. But especially for women, the following applies: They are also people who do not subordinate themselves equally. An ibex woman will never be the cricket at the hearth, who makes everything right for her husband. On the contrary. Although it is not dominant, claims its right offensively. This ambivalence between latent dominance and faithfulness out of conviction makes Capricorn women especially interesting sexually. They are the ones who can distinguish between sex and love. For their sense of duty tells them that fidelity in love takes precedence.

But if they are unattached, they can also act freely sexually and take what they want. The sex horoscope for Capricorn women says quite clearly: These women do not go to bed with men, they take men to bed with them. But without any obligations – so the one-night-stand becomes a reality for an ibex. Only you can’t tempt them to do that. She takes what she wants for herself. That’s what the love horoscope for Capricorn Girls says: They decide for themselves and certainly never come off badly.

Restrained men

Capricorn men, on the other hand, are extremely reserved, if you can believe the sex horoscope for bucks. They do not approach women offensively, as they are considered to be very reserved. Besides, duty and work are the essential things in the life of the ibexes. But once one has taken the bait, he is undoubtedly a worthwhile partner. Also sexually, because as already mentioned these men are considered to be the most faithful of all zodiac signs. Of course, fidelity also has a disadvantage: spontaneity is missing in the sex horoscope for ibexes. They want continuity and are not available for flings or one-night stands.

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But once a woman has them, they are among the most troubled in bed – the female orgasm is more important to them than their own. Of course, this can soon turn into a boring affair, because many women just like to have a real guy in bed. He should give it to them and get down to business. You can’t expect that from Capricorn men. They will always be courteous and responsive to the needs of the woman.

The sex horoscope: Dear Capricorn instead of horny buck

For women, the year looks extraordinarily promising – after all, the Capricorn woman is also intimately connected to the Moon and Venus. And especially Venus – a planet of lust – will have a great significance. The sex horoscope for this sign of the zodiac clearly shows that there are windows of opportunity. Here they can play out their specific abilities, because sensuality and untamed lust are especially favoured by Venus. And what about the moon phases?

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Someone who pleases a woman from this zodiacal sign has a good chance of having really uninhibited sex with this woman in the coming year – completely independent of their personal relationship with each other. Because Capricorn women also look after themselves during sex. It looks worse for the men: The dominance of Venus does not favour the general reluctance of Capricorn. Rather, he will meet women who want to have sex uninhibited and lustful, but also free of ties. Here, a very grounded man who is intent on continuity finds it difficult to keep up with this pace.

So the sex horoscope for Capricornus is ambivalent: lots of lust and love for women, but rather a weak season for Capricornus men.

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