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This is why many older men want sex with a teenager

An understandable desire: This fantasy is so familiar that you hear about it all the time. She is the subject of many jokes and really everyone knows her. We shed light on why, for many older men, sex with a teenager is the ultimate.

Find a girlfriend as a shy man

A sex story

Sex and BDSM: Marzenna’s chastisement

The frivolous sadomasochistic story - The new colleague from Poland, in her mid-thirties, looked like a photo model. But one thing was to become her undoing. She was just too good for this world.

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23rd Venus: Eroticism, lifestyle and a world record

From 17 to 20 October 2019, Berlin was for the 23rd time all about passion, lifestyle, lust and eroticism. In the exhibition halls under the Radio Tower there were already many surprises for the visitors at the start on Thursday.

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