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Work Naked Day – today is naked work day!

How many of those who work from home will celebrate Naked Work Day on Feb. 5? Working Naked Day was created by Lisa Kanarek and since then many naked people celebrate this day naked in the office.

A sex story

Perfidious: The perfect public humiliation

Had I known beforehand what I was getting into, I don't know if I would have endured the public humiliation. But I probably would have. Also because this perfidious plan was so perfectly executed.

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Intimate confession: seduced by little sister’s friend

Frivolous sex confession: I would have done anything to be allowed to penetrate her fresh tight pussy. But Lara was not going to make it that easy for me. "I think you're horny, Lara," I groaned. "Everyone wants to fuck me," said the vain little beast. So I was seduced by my little sister's friend.

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