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Sex Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius

Bored in bed? For the zodiac sign Aquarius an absolute taboo. Romantic love in the missionary position? That won't put Aquarius on the chain either. Aquarius needs time.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Pisces

The love horoscope for Pisces is clear - this sign of the zodiac does not like to be lonely. They do not like being single, but the fish does not become really active either. Suitable: Fish like to be fished!

What is the best way to stimulate a large clitoris?

A great clitoris is for many a source of great pleasure. Also because a large clitoris is particularly good to stimulate. Since women and men have different perspectives, both have their say here. Both describe in their own words how they stimulate the pearl of pleasure.

Switch on Transen Cam and enjoy Tranny’s camshows

The Transen Cam is there to spoil everyone who is transsexual or likes Ladyboys. There is something for every taste. This is ensured by the large selection of transgenders live. Trans* cam sex is anything but commonplace.

Two men, one woman – does this love triangle work?

When people talk about a love triangle, it usually refers to the constellation of a man having two wives, a classic love triangle. The reverse is not exactly rare either.

Texas Patti becomes Brand Ambassador for Redbux

Los Angeles: Now the pretty porn actress Texas Patti from Münster is turning more and more into Germany's number one export and signs on as brand ambassador for Redbux, a new cryptocurrency as a means of payment for the adult industry.

Are silicone boobs hornier than natural tits?

The answer to the question of whether silicone breasts are hornier than natural tits depends entirely on the circumstances. Some men and women like standing boobs, others prefer full, natural boobs. We shed light on which variant is the truly awesome one.

Where can I get Lisa2001 porn?

The girl seems to really love to show herself in front of the cam and to really heat up her users. Lisa2001 porn sweeten every guys' night. The young amateur was actually only born in 2001 and is therefore still a real teenager - but sexy!

Long and happy relationships have two things in common

More than a third of all marriages end in divorce court. But if you want to have a long and happy relationship, you can't take your marriage as a zero-sum game. Whoever understands love in this way, everything changes for him in his marriage or partnership.

Bangboss strongly advises against Corona vaccination

Attention, everyone! No less a person than the bangboss has now advised against the Corona inoculation. He himself is now "suffering" the effects of the administration of the Covid vaccine and reports the changes.

8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship

It is not uncommon for partnerships to continue even though they have long since passed their zenith and no longer function at all. One of the two partners, or both of them, can't let go, even when the relationship has long since ended.

Sex toy on test: The Rabbit Skater vibrator

23 centimeters long and the pure joy of masturbation: every woman will be thrilled by the vibrator Rabbit Skater, which can thrust (almost) like a real guy. We have tested the sex toy for you. But can we give it a buy recommendation?

The factual report: blindness and eroticism

More intense hearing, improved sense of touch and taste. These are just a few of the things that have improved for Gerd (53) after he went blind. That blindness and eroticism do not have to exclude each other, he tells by means of two erotic experiences.

Lifestyle consultants and (self-appointed) managers in the erotic industry

In advance - they can: mostly nothing. What they learned: mostly nothing. What they can do wonderfully, though: Create illusions and sell themselves well. And that's what they do best: cash in! We call the self-appointed managers of the adult industry "lifestyle consultants".

The Erotic Story: Tied up in tutoring sex

Short sex story: Instead of studying with the professor at home, I wanted tutoring sex and that's what I got in my tutoring session as a student. He tied me to the bed and I experienced a twitching orgasm that I will remember for a long time.

Your sex horoscope for the sign of Capricorn

The sex horoscope for the zodiac sign Capricorn as man and woman is as different as the love horoscope for Capricorn - depending on whether a Capricorn man or woman is affected.

Intimate Confession: First time a strangers cock in her mouth

The fetish confession: I didn't know the three of them - and yet I was supposed to spend a night with them. Without my master. That I would have a foreign cock in my mouth, I did not suspect then yet. Neither would the first time I licked a woman.

The Confession – Deflowered by her father

When you are deflowered by your own father, the world is not the same as it was before. I'll tell you my true story here. My confession and how it came to be that I was taken from my dad as a daughter. Now came the super-GAU!

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Sex Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius

Bored in bed? For the zodiac sign Aquarius an absolute taboo. Romantic love in the missionary position? That won't put Aquarius on the chain either. Aquarius needs time.

A sex story

Sex story: My grandpa Helmuth is a pervert

Sex story: Grandpa Helmuth does things with me that he would have preferred not to do as a grandfather with his own granddaughter. Not only he, but also his buddies were in the middle of the story. But still - somehow it still made me horny.

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Sex on the balcony: allowed or forbidden?

Basically, the same applies to lovemaking in the garden as to sex on the balcony. Is it allowed to have sexual intercourse here or is it even forbidden by law? In our guide we clarify and give you the answer to this question.

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