Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from us

By Faizel Ahman
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Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from us
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You don’t get shot for a blowjob. Do they?

Twelve years ago my mom died of breast cancer. After being a single parent for seven long years, my father met Ute and married her thirteen months ago. Ute was often abroad for work, she was in management at BMW, earned a lot of money, but was often away. She took my father with her on business trips as best she could, but it always didn’t work out for one reason or another. My stepmother earned so much money that my dad didn’t have to work anymore and only devoted himself to his hobbies.

The burglar didn't want any money from us | sex story | erotic magazine

My classmate harassed me whenever he could

We lived in a huge house, had a swimming pool in the basement with everything. No wonder we were jealous. One of them was in my class. Finn was already two years older than me because he had to repeat two classes during his school career so far. His parents – which I of course had no part in at all – received Hartz IV and lived together with their three children in a 58 square meter apartment. As an only child, I had it much better, only my bathroom was bigger than their entire living space. Finn constantly reproached me for this. But my stepmother earned the money and not me. I only got 150 Euro pocket money per month, they didn’t want to spoil me too much.

Finn had been hitting on me again and again when he came into the class, but I had made it clear to him that I wasn’t interested in him. Neither as a friend nor as a mate. Nevertheless, he tried to be near me constantly. When I got together with Corb, a former African-American exchange student, that stopped too, because Corb once made a more than clear announcement to Finn. Two years later, we quit school anyway and our paths crossed.

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Two years later, I cheated Corb. He found out and broke it off immediately. All the begging and reaffirming that it was just this one time and I deeply regretted it didn’t help. He broke up with me. Our engagement plans were ruined, too. Luckily we hadn’t moved in together yet, because that was only planned for next year. That was simply due to the fact that I was always afraid of it and wanted to be sure with Corb. It was so stupid of me to cheat on him with a good friend who filled me with alcohol at a party and talked me into sex.

Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from usA burglar snuck into our house

But I got along really well with my father and Ute. We even went on holiday together. While we were in St. Tropez (my stepmother owned an apartment there), strangers broke into our house. When we came back, we found the purest chaos. But to everybody’s surprise, the burglars had hardly stolen anything, but only rummaged through my room and literally turned it upside down as if they were looking for something in particular. The police investigated in all directions, but could not find a culprit. Thereupon Ute immediately had an alarm system installed that was directly connected to a security service. During the first weeks and months there was a bad feeling in the house because we did not know why we had been broken into and especially why my room had been ransacked.

Half a year later – Ute was once again on a business trip for a few days – my father and I were sitting in our home cinema in the evening when we suddenly heard a loud clattering noise from the living room. We were shocked and assumed that the alarm system would go off immediately. But nothing happened. It was quiet as a mouse. No siren went off, but we heard no other sounds from the living room or any other room. My father switched off the beamer and said he wanted to check it out. He came back after about five minutes. When he entered the room, I became as white as a sheet: he was not alone. My former classmate Finn was with him and held a gun to his head.

Sexgeschichte: Meinem Vater einen geblasenThe guy smelled strongly of urine and alcohol

My father had to sit down on a chair, Finn tied his hands to his back with handcuffs and tied them to the backrest with cable ties. My dad tried to free himself, but he didn’t have a chance. “Now for you, little bitch,” Finn gruffly ran at me. “You’ve been sucking that colored boy’s cock for years, I didn’t like it at all. You turned me down, but that’s over now!” I didn’t know what to think. It was a mixture of anger, horror and fear. I was so disgusted by this disgusting guy who stank of alcohol and piss. “You’re gonna suck my dick today, Mia,” Finn laughed dirty. “I’m not doing anything here,” I shouted at him. Without warning, he shot my father in the leg. The gaping wound in his thigh bled like crazy, he screamed like a banshee.

When I rushed to my father, Finn held me by the arm and pulled me away. “Do what I tell you, you Negro cunt! Or should I aim for his head?” My whole body was shaking. “Please, we need to call an ambulance!” Finn shook his head. “Go into the bathroom and get bandages, but don’t do anything stupid and don’t call the police or I’ll orphan you.”

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How did he know we had a big first-aid cabinet in the bathroom? The answer was obvious: it was him who had broken into our house and searched my room. Apparently he had also been in the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom as fast as I could and fetched everything I could carry, returned and put a pressure bandage on my injured father. At least I was able to stop the bleeding and the pain seemed to subside. My dad whispered to me that I should try to escape, but I was very afraid for him if I left him here alone.

Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from usI had to dance for the burglar, too

“Bitch, come here. Dance for me and show me a hot striptease”, Finn interrupted us. He had turned on music on his mobile phone, it was playing the well-known strip song by Joe Cocker. What else could I do? Before he would shoot at my father again, I preferred to do what he told me to do at that moment. My father’s life and health were now above everything. Even though I was disgusted and feared that a strip would not be over, I started dancing.

My father closed his eyes and turned his head away. He didn’t want to see his own daughter like that. So I danced on and took off my clothes, but I left my panties and bra on. “Take it off, bitch,” Finn snapped at me so much that tears were streaming down my face. I did as I was told, slowly taking off my panties and then my bra. Now I saw that my father was crying too. I felt so sorry for him at that moment.

Meanwhile Finn had taken his half stiff cock out of his pants and pointed at it with his pistol. I knew what that meant. I got down on my knees in front of him and immediately had the gun at my temple. Now I had to put his penis in my mouth and suck the sex offender off. His thing was getting bigger and bigger and I had trouble wrapping my lips around the thick glans.

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Finn held my head and used me as a mouth cunt. He fucked my mouth deepthroat hard – yes, it was a really deep throat fuck – and mercilessly until I had to choke. But that made him even hornier and he got faster. I noticed how his strap suddenly pulsed and twitched – and already a load of cum shot into my throat. I had to swallow everything but the last drop of his semen. Of course, I did that in this situation as well. Because still the rapist held the gun to my head.

Sex story: The burglar did not want any money from usWhat he asked of me turned me completely pale

“Just look,” Finn yelled at my father. It took my dad a lot of effort to look at his sperm smeared daughter. I was still kneeling before our tormentor. Would he leave us alone now and disappear? He had got me and that’s what he wanted. Or should I be wrong?

Finn waved his gun around in front of our noses, he seemed angry. I didn’t know what was making him so angry. “I’m gonna fuck you, you bastard!” he threw at my head. Meanwhile his flaccid penis dangled between his legs. “Shall I blow it up?” I asked bluntly and was myself shocked by my crude choice of words. “No”, he grinned meanly at me, “you’ll suck your father’s cock!” Now he was laughing as loud as he could and my back was freezing cold. Did he really just say that? Finn wanted me to suck my own dad off? Give my dad a blowjob? I got dizzy. Luckily, I was already sitting. My dad cried again and asked Finn to let us go, but he just kept laughing.

It was so perverse, but I had no choice

Suddenly Finn’s face darkened and he shot abruptly into the ceiling. “I want to see some action,” he cried fervently. My father closed his eyes. “You bum, open your eyes and look your daughter in the face when she’s sucking your dick. Let her suck your dick, goddamn it!” Finn became aggressive now and so I started to unbutton my father’s pants. His limb was flaccid, he was not at all turned on by the situation. He did not have a very long penis, but he was enormously thick.

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I slowly sucked the acorn into my mouth. My daddy was in the fetters, neither of us wanted this, but there was nothing to choose from. The tip of his penis shone with moisture and his shaft slowly swelled. I kneaded his balls, they were soft and felt good. As I continued blowing, his cock finally got hard. I gave my own father a blow job, it was so perverted! Again and again I let his bulging glans disappear between my lips, moved my head up and. Even if he didn’t want to, my dad had to moan at that moment.

Sexgeschichte: Mit dem eigenen Vater geschlafenWe had to fuck for the burglar

“Now fuck your daughter from behind!” Finn interrupted us and untied my father’s ties. “If you try anything, you’re dead”, he took the precaution of following. Sex with my own father was absolutely unthinkable for me! But again we didn’t stand a chance against the armed creep. I knelt down on all fours in front of my father. He spread my buttocks and penetrated my wet pussy from behind. Finn now wanted me to tell my father to fuck me properly like a horny pig. Again I cost myself a good portion of overcoming and so I whispered “Daddy, fuck me like your horny sow. Fuck my brains out and fuck your little daughter like you always did with Mommy!”

At the word “mom” he sobbed, but had to continue fucking and so he pushed further into my tight pussy. My dad lasted long and so he fucked me far more than 20 minutes more and more. I could not hide my upcoming lust, moaned and got wetter and wetter. The burglar Finn seemed to like it and he kept cheering us on. “Yeah, fuck that daughter slut harder, you little prick. Fuck your own daughter like her mum,” he repeated and my dad hammered his hammer hard cock further into me.

I was beginning to like it, but I was ashamed

“If you jerk off, I’ll shoot you,” the sex gangster threatened. But instead of my father, I was the one who shot up. I didn’t even know I could squirt. But now the whole situation turned me on somehow. The ability to squirt was probably hidden until now, but I had become incredibly horny. I ducked out of my father’s hands and laid down on the couch. My father lifted my legs up and put them on his shoulders. He looked deep into my eyes, breathed a soft “I’m so sorry” and then penetrated me very sensitively.

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Fortunately, he did not seem to notice that it turned me on at that moment. He filled me completely with his thick cock now, it was a pleasant feeling. My pussy juice ran down my thighs into the butt crack. With every push I had to groan and my father seemed to get going now. He increased the speed and nailed me now so properly through.

Before he squirted, he pulled his penis out of my pussy and stuffed his butt smeared with my own juice directly into my mouth. It was a weird taste, but kind of awesome. I sucked his cock a couple more times. With a loud scream he squirted his semen right into my face.

The semen dripped from my lips onto my breasts. I took my father’s now shrinking cock back into my mouth and licked it completely clean. What an experience. My dad collapsed when he saw who suddenly came into the living room: it was Ute. His own wife. She also had a gun in her hand. We looked forward to our rescue. But she calmly went over to Finn and took his gun out of his hand. Just like that. No resistance.

Sexgeschichte: Sex mit dem eigenen VaterFinn just dropped dead – I got really sick at that moment

What happened here? What movie was playing here? “Peter,” Ute said to my father, “I know about your affair – that was your punishment today.” I felt sick. Spitting nausea. My father even threw up. How perfidious was that? It was Ute who had planned and set everything up. Finn was just her henchman!

Then she turned to her accomplice, thanked him and shot him in the head. I screamed, Finn just fell over, his blood splashed on the wall. Again she turned to my father, looking at him disgusted. In her eyes we saw a mixture of disappointment, anger and hate. She put the gun to his temple and pulled the trigger. My father was killed instantly. I cried, screamed, begged for mercy. “Anything, anything I do, anything you want,” I cried.

Ute didn’t let me ask twice, sat down on the edge of the sofa, spread her legs and lifted her skirt. “Fuck you! Lick my juicy plum before I shoot you too!” Oh, dear, now this. But I didn’t care anymore, I just wanted to survive. So I nibbled and sucked on her clitoris, licked over her swollen labia. Her pearl of pleasure became big and hard. “Stick yours up my ass,” she commanded.

Sexgeschichte: Der Einbrecher wollte kein Geld von unsShould I now also have to give my life after this madness?

When I did just that, she moaned like crazy and came with a mega orgasm that shook her whole body. She tensed up and pressed my face further onto her sex, which I continued to lick. Then she took her pistol and aimed right at my head, but suddenly turned the gun around and shot herself right in the heart. I ran out of the house as fast as I could.

There I collapsed with a crying fit and was only found three hours later by a neighbour.

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