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Interviews with the stars and starlets of the erotic industry At irregular intervals we bring them in front of our microphone or notepad for interviews. We meet them personally or invite them by email for an interview. Heraus always gets the same: a highly interesting and exciting interview! Whether Sunny Star, Conny Dachs, Texas Patti, Pornfighter Long John, Anna von Freienwalde, Sweet Sophie, Julia Pink, Natalie Hot or Sun Aurora - we talked to them and here they reveal intimate details of their private lives, chat with us about their sexual preferences or simply about everything. You would also like to present yourself in an interview with us? With pleasure! Please apply here to our editorial office and win more customers by presenting yourself on! We not only interview interesting people, but also introduce them to you, report on extraordinary life stories, individual destinies or special personalities. Eronite interviews with porn stars: sexy, exciting and honest If you want to know what makes popular porn stars tick, you can find out here. Our personal portraits and interviews with porn stars provide information about camgirls and sex queens. Many questions that move the users are answered by the open-hearted babes. It is refreshing how frank and independent the answers in the Eronite interviews with porn stars are. Deep insights into personality What feelings and thoughts might move a female porn star? Especially when she keeps showing herself naked in front of the whole world. And when anyone can watch her perform intimate scenes. Anyone who shows off their body and genitals so freely has certainly had the most diverse experiences. What is there specifically about the relationship with the users? These questions and many more come up in interviews with porn stars. Especially people who are often inspired and aroused by the same stars prefer to read their authentic statements. Often the hot girls are not shy about their performance in front of the cam and their appearances in porn movies. They talk about the beginnings of their career and do not hide the one or other stumbling block. In our interviews with porn stars, the hot babes describe their body feeling and reveal their sexual preferences. They confess how often they have sex in private and how often they would like it. Some porn stars explain frankly and freely why they like their job. If they didn't like it, they wouldn't do it, which is often the answer. Many camgirls would not want to miss the contact to their regular users. They understand their crushes, but distance themselves from stalkers.

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Colombian camgirl Mariana Benz moaned the whole house together

Mariana Benz, the cute camgirl from Colombia, is known as the queen of moaning. She tells about an unexpected visitor in her livecam show and the exciting orders he gave her. Driven by pain and pleasure, Mariana experiences an intense orgasm that makes her audience moan along.

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These are the rules I have to follow as a submissive...

I always liked it when a man knew what he wanted and treated me as a submissive slut. This includes spanking my tight ass and punishing me severely when I break his rules. And that's how I got my catalog of rules.

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London’s Vagina Museum seeks new location

The Vagina Museum in London, the first of its kind in the world, is looking for a new location due to its success. The museum is committed to raising awareness and education about female anatomy and helping to promote gender equality. It is a significant example of the value of education and enlightenment. Now it is looking for a new location.

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