Piss and sperm: mouth and cunt rinsing to the sperm dessert

By Stephan Gubenbauer
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Pisse und Sperma: Maul- und Fotzenspülung bis zum Spermadessert

Foreplay unnecessary with piss and sperm

Placing his piss and sperm in the mouth of the little neighbor’s pussy is the desire of many men. For some users, this dream comes true. This neighbor pussy porn tells how the user spreads his piss and cum until it comes to a real cum dessert for the little slut.

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The unexpected often happens. After all, you can’t let your piss and sperm disappear into the greedy cunt of an insatiable slut every day. This or something similar must have been what the user was thinking when he was chosen to play this very game by his neighbor.

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No long preliminaries or banter beforehand. Just get down to business and you’re done. This is without question the dream of many men. And the dream of piss and sperm can quickly become reality with the neighbor’s pussy.

Bang down the Door

They hadn’t even reached the front door when the little neighbor’s pussy insists on finally being allowed to open his pants. She just can’t wait. A quick glance in all directions tells him that they are unobserved. He is just about to give his okay when he feels her hand on his bulging cock.

Piss and sperm: mouth and cunt rinsing up to the sperm dessert
Piss and sperm: mouth and cunt rinsing up to the sperm dessert

She grabs hold of his pole and pulls him towards the door. The gentle massaging movements of her hand would be even hornier if he didn’t have to piss so urgently.

At last they have reached the door. He presses her back against it and kneads her tits with his hands. She thanks him by rubbing his cock harder. With some effort, he gets out his key and after several attempts finally hits the hole. The door opens and the two stumble half-fucking into the apartment.

Piss and sperm as mouth and cunt wash

Despite his horniness, the urge to urinate increases immeasurably. He wouldn’t make it to the toilet now anyway, but luckily the neighbor’s pussy knows exactly what to do in this situation. She dutifully gets down on her knees in front of him and opens her mouth.

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What a relaxing feeling to finally let go. Over time, a lot had accumulated in his bladder. It’s impossible for the little bitch to swallow it all. She does her best, but eventually her mouth overflows and the warm piss spreads all over her face. A perverse, but also very horny sight. Released from the pressure, he sticks his, still hard, cock as deep as he can into her pussy. It doesn’t matter that there’s still pee everywhere. Soon it will be piss and sperm.

The treatment of a submissive slut seems to be just the right thing for the neighbor’s pussy. It’s not just that she’s a good girl and puts up with everything. No. The sly cunt even starts to piss herself during the fucking. With each of his thrusts it squirts out of her pussy. They both moan out their lust regardless of the consequences.

Piss and sperm: mouth and cunt rinsing up to the sperm dessert
Piss and sperm: mouth and cunt rinsing up to the sperm dessert

Sperm dessert

The moment of cumming is within reach. But to make the mess perfect, he pulls out his tail at the last moment. Now it’s her mouth’s turn. As deep as he can, he rams his cock into her mouth cunt and starts to thrust. She rattles a little, but that doesn’t matter now. The tail must be blown. After all, piss and sperm should be spread all over her pretty face. The neighbor’s pussy greedily sucks and licks his hot piece.

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The more piss she tastes, the greedier she gets. Finally the time has come. He squirts and his hot load lands right in her face. The white cum mixes beautifully with the yellow piss and her spit bubbles. She runs her hands over her cheeks, rubs the sperm between her fingers and rubs her tits with it. Then she looks up at him submissively and thanks him very kindly for the appropriate treatment. In the same breath, she asks when he will do this to her again. After all, she really enjoyed it all.

He hesitates for a moment before answering. He then assures her that there will be many more such naughty treats in the near future.

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