Casa Colada – The model finca on Mallorca for content creators

By Mario Meyer
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Where sun, girls and sex meet

The sun shines incessantly from the azure sky. A postcard motif. And in the middle of it all, the Casa Colada. However, what at first sounds like a South American cocktail bar is actually a fashion finca. On Mallorca.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Here, amateur girls, models, content creators and actresses can produce videos and photos to their heart’s content in a tasteful ambience by the pool or in the rooms. Even the sea with its picturesque bays, rugged cliffs and white sandy beaches is not far away. For camgirls, Casa Colada has a super-fast internet connection, which can of course also be used.

The Casa Colada not only offers a cool location

We paid a visit to Casa Colada and took a look around the Mallorcan fashion finca. The operators around Kiki Vega and Tara Fun were on hand to answer our questions:

Eronite – The erotic magazine How the hell did you come up with this awesome name and cool logo?
Casa Colada – The Modelfinca Hello Mario, nice to see you again and thank you for the interview!
How did we come up with the name? Let’s put it this way, it got very funny and creative during an evening drinks round. We thought, what do you associate with sun, beach and a cool ambience? Of course, a tropical cocktail! We immediately thought of the piña colada. So the piña (Spanish for pineapple) was added to the logo and the colada to the name.
The next morning we all still really liked the idea and the name Casa Colada for the model finca was decided!

Casa Colada - The model finca on Mallorca for content creators
Kiki Vega and Tara Fun by the pool at the Casa Colada fashion finca

Eronite What is the Casa Colada and how long has this “house of wet bodies” (no literal translation 😉) been around? What do you offer and to whom?
Casa Colada We have officially been around since July 1, 2024 and we want to offer other models a place that combines the useful with the beautiful. You can virtually come to us and create content, cam in an extraordinary place and of course network and meet nice people. However, the model decides for herself what and how much she wants to do. As you can see, we are mainly aimed at amateur models, camgirls, content creators, but also photographers and entire production companies. We are open to any idea.

Kiki Vega and Tara Fun are happy to share their knowledge and give tips

Eronite Who is in charge of this joint project? What qualifications and experience does the team have?
Casa Colada The two faces are us, Kiki Vega and Tara Fun – and our men Yadir and David, who brings a certain network with him, including easyRED. We have both been making webcams and films for relevant amateur portals for a long time now and would like to share our know-how, but also create new content together, show the advantages of a good cam session and of course like to exchange ideas and give training courses.

Eronite Where did the idea of setting up a project like this come from?
Casa Colada The idea of a cam & content finca on Mallorca is nothing new. However, we all want to produce on the most beautiful island in the world, meet new people and simply have a good time at the Modelfinca.

Eronite How do you plan to market the finca and the services offered?
Casa Colada The usual ways. We are currently making a good start with Eronite 😉. However, we already have an Instagram profile and other channels such as a website and tubes are planned. In addition, we already have a broad network to show interested parties our Casa Colada.
However, the best marketing is and remains good word-of-mouth advertising and that is our goal. Every model who comes to us should have a good time, take a lot with them and feel comfortable with us.

There will be an interesting surprise for users and fans

Eronite How do you design the arrival experience for your visitors to put them in the right mood straight away?
Casa Colada Of course, the pick-up from the airport and the transfer to Casa Colada is the first arrival experience and we want to make it as pleasant as possible. A good chat, a small drink and of course some rough planning with the model. Tara and Kiki will of course also be there in person to raise a glass with the model and get off to a good start.

Casa Colada - The model finca on Mallorca for content creators
Casa Colada – The entrance area of the model finca

Eronite Under what conditions can amateur and webcam girls rent here?
Casa Colada We will soon be able to present this to the models on our own website, which will be ready at the end of the month.

Eronite Can users, fans or “normal” vacationers also rent a room?
Casa Colada No, unfortunately not, because we want the girls to be able to “work” in peace, but also to switch off. However, there will be plenty of opportunities for fans to be “up close and personal” in the future. But that remains a surprise for now.

Eronite What makes the Casa Colada so special?
Casa Colada I think the family touch, paired with know-how from the most diverse areas and of course the unique flair under the Mallorcan sun. In the end, the model should want to come back.

A perfect location for shoots and live cams in summer and winter

Eronite What makes the finca particularly attractive as a location for erotic photo shoots?
Casa Colada Take a look around! You have countless opportunities to shoot, webcam and take hot pictures. The selection of scenarios is very large and you have a perfect internet connection at (almost) every point on the finca, which can of course be used to the full.

Eronite Summer, sun, sex. These three somehow belong together. But what do you do in winter? Will there be Mallorcan mulled wine orgies?
Casa Colada Many people also travel to Mallorca in winter and enjoy the tranquillity of the island and the mild climate. Of course, it will be a little more difficult to swim in the pool then, but until then there will be a whirlpool with space for up to six people. The finca is also equipped with air conditioning and heating, and if it gets really cold, we can also light our fireplace. And I promise, dear Mario, when it’s on, you’ll voluntarily get naked. 😉

Casa Colada - The model finca on Mallorca for content creators
Casa Colada – pool area and chill-out area

Eronite How do you select the photographers and videographers who are allowed to work on the finca?
Casa Colada In principle, anyone can make a booking request via our website, which we will then confirm.

Eronite Aren’t you worried that the neighbors will be a little suspicious of your activities?
Casa Colada Which neighbors? No, fun, the nearest neighbors are quite a distance away and a lot has been invested in privacy screens. It is important to us that the model has her privacy, but that people who don’t want to know about it are also protected.

Newcomer girls enjoy – on request – all-round care

Eronite Do you also give beginners a chance who don’t yet have a foothold in the industry and perhaps want to try things out first? Are there other conditions for these girls?
Casa Colada Of course, they are also very welcome. We even offer workshops and show newcomers what is important. We offer our broad network to give the girls a good start. The model finca Casa Colada on Mallorca is supposed to stand for exactly that.

Eronite What measures do you take to ensure the girls’ privacy and discretion?
Casa Colada There will be no users at Casa Colada and the finca is not located directly on the “Ballermann”. So every model can be sure that she can both work discreetly and enjoy a relaxed vacation.

Casa Colada - The model finca on Mallorca for content creators
Spanish coziness at the Casa Colada fashion finca

Eronite What channels do you use to reach your target group and acquire new customers?
Casa Colada You must mean the users and fans, right? 😉 We will set up profiles on well-known portals such as MyDirtyhobby and Visit-x, operate Telegram and also set up a cam channel exclusively on Stripchat. Of course, we will grow over time and certainly gain a fan or two via Eronite.

Eronite What measures do you take to run the finca in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way?
Casa Colada We could now say that we have booked green electricity, installed solar panels, heat partly with renewable energies that grow on our property and harvest our own fruit and vegetables. But everything to the extent that it is justifiable and does not become uneconomical.

Eronite What is planned for the future? Will there also be events (e.g. for fans) or workshops for cam and amateur girls at the Mallorcan finca?
Casa Colada Yes, it will. We are already in active contact with a number of portals, girls and photographers. There are already concrete ideas that we will try to implement over the next few months. So it remains exciting and we hope we can tell you more about it soon.

Why don’t you come to the Modelfinca in Mallorca?

Are you an amateur, model, performer, content creator or would you like to become one and take a look around Casa Colada on Mallorca yourself? No problem! Write us a message via our contact form and we will forward it directly to the Modelfinca!

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