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For some the ultimate mindfuck, for others the fetish with sexual component is part of the love play. We'll introduce you to different fetishes.

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Your sex horoscope for the sign of Pisces

The love horoscope for Pisces is clear - this sign of the zodiac does not like to be lonely. They do not like being single, but the fish does not become really active either. Suitable: Fish like to be fished!

A sex story

Badass BDSM Story: Selma’s Special Day

You know the feeling of being pussy-whipped? Our protagonist too! Dive into a hilarious story about sassy wife Selma, her simple-minded husband and his plans for revenge. Get carried away with parties, bar talk and crazy ideas. Learn how our hero tries to tame his wife. So, get comfortable - and enjoy the shenanigans.

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Amateur Lisa1987: She keeps her body firm with sex

Anyone who sees the exciting dark-haired Lisa would never guess her age. Lisa1987's flawless body doesn't have an ounce too much fat. Of course she watches what she eats, but that is only a small part of her success. She has discovered a workout for herself that is sensual, exciting and very effective. We introduce the camgirl and amateur in a short profile.

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