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For some the ultimate mindfuck, for others the fetish with sexual component is part of the love play. We'll introduce you to different fetishes.

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The Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona is back again

A great novelty of the Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona will be that live porn will be on display and it will be up to the audience what they want to see. The performances offer a different perspective and advocate for the normalization of diverse bodies.

A sex story

Sex story: The black maid

The erotic story from France: Not even in my dreams did I suspect how horny sex with the black maid could be. We did it without restraint in my hotel room, which she had cleaned during the day. So she had taken my suggestion!

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Sex in the hot tub: This is how it’s really fun

How could you say no to sex in a hot tub? No doubt they are like mini pleasure castles that few can resist. The wet water and the warmth literally invite you to nibble your partner right in the bubbling bathtub.

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