My Dirty Hobby – The largest German erotic community

By Marco Dorada
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My Dirty Hobby – Die größte deutsche Erotik-Community

My Dirty Hobby – The largest German erotic community

Did you know that My Dirty Hobby is the largest German erotic community, offering millions of members a unique platform for amateur videos, private sex videos and live cam action with German amateurs?

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Since its inception in 2006, MyDirtyHobby has become a major player in the amateur porn industry. With over 7.5 million members in Germany, this German erotic site offers a diverse selection of content and a lively community of erotic enthusiasts.

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In this article you will learn more about My Dirty Hobby, the importance of the platform for the amateur porn scene, the membership structure, how the community works and much more. Dive into the world of MDH and discover a new dimension of erotic entertainment.

Introduction to the world of MyDirtyHobby

Foundation and development of the platform

My Dirty Hobby was founded in 2006 and has since developed into an important platform in the German amateur porn scene. With over 7.5 million members in Germany, MyDirtyHobby has established itself as the leading erotic portal. The platform offers a wide range of erotic content, including amateur videos, private sex videos and live cam action created by German amateurs. Since its foundation, MDH has become a popular destination for erotic lovers and amateur performers.

The importance of My Dirty Hobby for the amateur porn scene

My Dirty Hobby plays an important role in the German amateur porn scene. The platform offers amateur performers the opportunity to sell their homemade porn and present themselves to a large viewer base. Through the MyDirtyHobby community, amateur performers can live out their passion for eroticism and share their fantasies in the form of amateur videos, private sex videos and live cam shows.

The platform also enables them to get in touch with like-minded people and inspire their fans. With its diverse range of content and large user base, My Dirty Hobby has established itself as the leading German erotic community and popular erotic portal.

The members of My Dirty Hobby

My Dirty Hobby attracts a diverse group of members, including amateur performers, camgirls and German amateurs. The community is very extensive and has over 7.5 million members in Germany. Men make up 44% of members, while women make up the majority at 56%.

In addition to amateurs, there are also professional camgirls on the platform who offer exciting shows for members. The diversity of the members ensures an exciting and varied erotic offer on My Dirty Hobby.

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The activity of the members on the platform is impressive. Around 40,000 users are active every day and enjoy the diverse content and interaction options offered by My Dirty Hobby. Whether amateur performers, camgirls or erotic fans – everyone will find their own personal pleasure here!

MyDirtyHobby in detail

My Dirty Hobby is a popular erotic portal and a platform that offers members a wide range of functions and content. Whether you’re looking for amateur videos, private sex videos or live cam shows with amateurs, you’ll find everything here to fulfill your erotic needs.

The platform allows you to watch amateur videos, buy private sex videos and enjoy live cam shows with amateurs. Whether you want to see amateur performers in action or stimulate your own imagination, My Dirty Hobby offers you the perfect platform to do so.

My Dirty Hobby - The largest German erotic community
My Dirty Hobby – The largest German erotic community

However, in order to access certain content and make full use of the platform’s diversity, you must undergo age verification. This is to ensure that all members on My Dirty Hobby are of legal age and can enjoy the content to the fullest.

My Dirty Hobby attaches great importance to the safety of its members. The platform has implemented appropriate security measures to protect your privacy and prevent any misuse. So you can feel safe while exploring MyDirtyHobby’s exciting content and interacting with other members.

Profile design for amateur actors

Amateur performers have the opportunity to create a detailed profile on MyDirtyHobby. The profile design enables amateur performers to present themselves and their preferences and to stand out from other members.

You can upload photos and videos, enter personal information and provide a description of your preferences and inclinations. With an appealing profile design, amateur actors can present their content attractively and gain new fans.

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A well-designed profile can help to attract the attention of users and arouse interest. By standing out from other amateur performers, they can increase their popularity and reach on My Dirty Hobby.

With a personalized profile, amateur performers have the opportunity to present themselves as unique personalities within the community and develop their individual brand. Through profile design, they can share their own preferences and fantasies to inspire and engage their fans.

With My Dirty Hobby as a platform for their content and a successful profile design, amateur performers can expand their presence in the amateur porn scene and regularly inspire their fans with new exciting content.

Interaction and features for users

My Dirty Hobby provides users with various options for interaction. The platform offers innovative features to intensify the erotic experience and promote exchange between members.

My Dirty Hobby - The largest German erotic community
MyDirtyHobby – The largest German erotic community

Private messages and live chats

To facilitate communication between members, MDH enables the exchange of private messages. Users can connect with each other directly and discreetly to share their preferences, fantasies and desires.

In addition to private messages, the platform also offers live chats. Here, members can communicate with each other in real time and exchange information about their erotic interests. The live chats create an interactive and lively community where like-minded people can meet and make new contacts.

Webcam functions and face-to-face meetings

My Dirty Hobby has advanced webcam features that allow members to see and interact with each other in real time via live cams. Users can share their most intimate moments and interact with each other as if they were physically in the same environment.

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The platform also offers options for personal meetings between members. If you are looking for real encounters, you can arrange to meet other members and turn your fantasies into reality.

Events and community events

My Dirty Hobby regularly organizes events and community events for its members. These events offer members the opportunity to get to know each other personally and share common interests.

The events can take various forms, from parties and meetings to workshops and seminars. It’s a great opportunity to meet other MDH members, make new contacts and exchange ideas in a relaxed, open atmosphere. The events are an important part of the community and help to strengthen cohesion and solidarity.

My Dirty Hobby - The largest German erotic community
MyDirtyHobby – The largest German erotic community

Costs and verification on My Dirty Hobby

Registration on MDH is free of charge. You can easily register and directly access the numerous functions and content of the erotic community.

However, in order to use certain paid functions and content, such as the purchase of private sex videos or participation in exclusive live cam shows, costs may be incurred. These costs vary depending on the type of use and the individual preferences of the members.

Age verification is required for the use of FSK18 content. This process ensures that you are of legal age and authorized to access this type of content. My Dirty Hobby attaches great importance to the protection of young people and compliance with legal provisions for the protection of minors.

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The cost of using My Dirty Hobby enables the platform to offer high-quality content and provide amateur performers with fair remuneration for their work. At the same time, MDH guarantees the security and privacy of its members in order to create a trusting environment for erotic entertainment.

The popularity of My Dirty Hobby and user activity

My Dirty Hobby is an extremely popular platform in the German erotic community. The variety of content and the active user base make it an attractive choice for people who want to live out their erotic interests. With over 7.5 million members in Germany, MDH offers a wide range of opportunities for exciting and entertaining experiences.

Member activity statistics

  • Around 40,000 members are active on My Dirty Hobby every day.
  • The platform has a high number of views per day, which reflects the lively and active community.
  • The user activity on MDH is an indication of the popularity and appeal of the platform for people who want to share their erotic fantasies and preferences.

Especially popular amateurs on My Dirty Hobby have a large viewer base and offer high-quality content. They are known for their professionalism and commitment to meeting the needs of their fans. The top amateurs include well-known names such as LexyRoxx, Schnuggie91 and Meli Deluxe.

My Dirty Hobby - The largest German erotic community
MyDirtyHobby – The largest German erotic community

A wide range of categories is available to users searching for specific content on My Dirty Hobby. The most popular categories include “Amateur”, “Anal”, “Milf” and “Blowjob”. These categories offer a variety of content aimed at the different preferences and interests of users.

The mobile use of MyDirtyHobby

My Dirty Hobby is not only available on desktop computers, but also offers a mobile version of the platform that is specially optimized for use on mobile devices. Whether you use a smartphone or a tablet, you can easily access MDH and use all functions and content.

Mobile use allows you to access My Dirty Hobby on the go and never miss any erotic content. You can open the platform conveniently via your web browser and enjoy German amateurs and their exciting content anywhere and at any time.

The mobile version of MyDirtyHobby is designed to be user-friendly and offers a smooth user experience on smaller screens. Whether you’re looking for amateur videos, buying private sex videos or enjoying live cam shows – everything is just a few clicks away.

In this day and age where we spend more and more time on our mobile devices, it’s great to know that My Dirty Hobby is there for you on the go. Don’t miss out on any more erotic adventures and enjoy the mobile use of MDH!

Security and data protection at My Dirty Hobby

My Dirty Hobby takes the security and data protection of its members seriously. The platform has clear data protection guidelines to protect the privacy of its members. Security measures are also taken to ensure the security of the website.

My Dirty Hobby is proud to be certified. This shows that the platform meets strict security standards and guarantees user protection. Measures have been taken to ensure that members’ personal information is secure and does not fall into the wrong hands.

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To further increase security, My Dirty Hobby uses age verification. This ensures that only persons of legal age have access to certain content. In addition, the amateur performers who are active on the platform are checked to ensure that they are legitimate and comply with the applicable regulations.

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