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Seit Juni 2012 schreibt Benno von Sandhayn alle möglichen Texte für uns, er ist ein richtiges Multitalent. Wenn er im Schreibfluss ist, sitzt er oft bis in die Nacht hinein vor seinem Macbook. Und wenn er mal nicht schreibt, findet man ihn fast immer im Sonnenstudio.
Selbstfahrende Autos sorgen für mehr Sex im Wagen

Self-propelled cars ensure more sex in the car

As soon as there are larger autonomous cars, it is not unlikely that whores will discover this new possibility and offer a rolling whorehouse, so to speak. Or couples have fun while driving and have sex in the car while they are being driven from A to B.
Sex auf dem Oktoberfest - wie stelle ich's an?

Sex at the Oktoberfest Munich – how do I do it?

With beer and hearty music in the marquee, you quickly get closer. There's drinking, partying and flirting. When the alcohol level rises, sex at the Oktoberfest is not uncommon. We'll tell you what to watch out for.
Zwei Männer, eine Frau - funktioniert diese Dreiecksbeziehung?

Two men, one woman – does this love triangle work?

When we talk about a triangular relationship, this usually refers to the constellation in which a man has two wives. In addition to having a lover or affair with a steady partner, the classic triangular relationship is to have one. It occurs millions of times. The reverse case is not uncommon either.
Warum stehen so viele Frauen auf Körperbesamung?

Why are so many women into body insemination?

Why is body insemination so horny? On the part of the men the answer is clear. They find their sex partner very attractive. Their curves and curves make them desire. They express this desire by injecting sperm into the particularly attractive body parts.
Was bieten PinaDeluxe Pornos und wo bekomme ich sie?

What do PinaDeluxe porn offer and where can I get it?

The strong sexual charisma of the actress is her big plus. In the PinaDeluxe Pornos she comes across to the viewers as having a great desire for sex. The sex scenes are not only posed, PinaDeluxe is no different in her private life as well.

10 Rules of etiquette in dealing with escorts

It may be hard to believe, but there are actually rules of etiquette when dealing with escorts or call girls. The escort ladies also want to be treated with respect by their clients. After all, it's usually the gentlemen who decide on an escort.
Bockwurst mit Nutellageschmack, die Fleischwurst im Schokotöpfchen

Bockwurst with Nutella taste, the meat sausage in chocolate pots

Soon something will come onto the market that will be very popular in the fetish area. This is a bockwurst with a Nutell taste or a meat sausage in a chocolate pot. What you can do with it?
Wie virtuelle Animationen die Erwachsenenbranche verändern

How virtual animations are changing the adult industry

Whether virtual animations in film, education or the construction industry - many areas of life make use of the possibilities of immersion, i.e. immersion in a virtual world. The erotic industry also makes use of this technological effect.
Texas Patti ist Brand Ambassador und Host Girl der AVN 2020

Texas Patti is Brand Ambassador and Host Girl of AVN 2020

After only two years in the USA, two of the most important fairs in the USA, the AVN and the XBIZ, have named Texas Patti as one of their faces. Now they can call themselves "Brand Ambassador".
Das Phänomen Asexualität - Kein Interesse an Sex?

The Phenomenon Asexuality – No Interest in Sex?

Many people can hardly imagine that there are adults who have no interest in sex. There are many rumours about asexuality, such as that it is a mental disorder. But asexuality is a normal sexual orientation.
4 Tipps für Dirty Sex: Brav war gestern!

4 Tips for Dirty Sex: good was yesterday!

Good was yesterday: It doesn't always have to be standard sex. If you feel like a hot trip to the land of dirty dreams, try dirty sex. Here are the 4 best tips!
Kostenlose Präsentation für Camgirls auf der VENUS 2019

Free Presentation for Camgirls at VENUS 2019

The VENUS trade fair management gives the most important players in the industry the opportunity to present themselves to camgirls, actresses and amateurs. The new hall offers optimal presentation possibilities and 500 Euro is on top.
In Donuts baden mit dem Donut-Fetisch

Bath in donuts with the donut fetish

Here once again the wisdom of all fetishists applies: there is nothing that does not exist! So this woman - let's call her Anke (she didn't want to tell us her real name) - has a really weird preference: a donut fetish.
Private-Lisa Pornos: Klein aber oho!

Private-Lisa Pornos: Small but incredible hot!

Lisa does not shy away from new challenges and likes to be taken through in all positions and also outside the bed. For example, she has already shot private Lisa porn in prison!
Die seltsame Welt des Fußnagel-Fetischs

The Strange World Of Toenail Fetish

Especially in summer it looks really sexy, when a lady in high heeled sandals with strikingly lacquered toenails is staggering. But there are men (and also women!) for whom such a sight is not enough because they have a toenail fetish.
Skandal bei Beschneidung: Tintenfischringe aus Vorhaut

Scandal at circumcision: squid rings made of foreskin

She never dreamed that Suna would one day eat squid rings made of foreskin. Even today, the pretty German Turk has to shake herself with disgust just at the thought of it. How could her cousin do this to her?
Mein erstes Mal käuflicher Sex mit einer Hure

My first time paid sex with a prostitute

Our guest author was curious about it for a long time and finally dared to try it out. His first time with the Callgirl has inspired him lastingly. He tells us here at Eronite how exactly his first paid sex with a whore was.

What’s so awesome about parking sex outdoor?

Parking lot meetings are an alternative for all those looking for variety and a special thrill. Whether in the car or behind the bushes - Rastplatzsex increases desire and creativity. Sexpartners look for the most unusual places.

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Self-propelled cars ensure more sex in the car

As soon as there are larger autonomous cars, it is not unlikely that whores will discover this new possibility and offer a rolling whorehouse, so to speak. Or couples have fun while driving and have sex in the car while they are being driven from A to B.

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