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Seit Juni 2012 schreibt Benno von Sandhayn alle möglichen Texte für uns, er ist ein richtiges Multitalent. Wenn er im Schreibfluss ist, sitzt er oft bis in die Nacht hinein vor seinem Macbook. Und wenn er mal nicht schreibt, findet man ihn fast immer im Sonnenstudio.
8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship

8 unmistakable signs of the end of a relationship

It is not uncommon for partnerships to continue even though they have long since passed their zenith and no longer function at all. One of the two partners, or both of them, can't let go, even when the relationship has long since ended.
Six award nominations: porn actress Texas Patti

6 x nominated: porn actress Texas Patti

Porn actress Texas Patti can look forward to six nominations for various awards in the United States this year. Thanks to her fans she was nominated for various categories, a recognition of her achievements and popularity.
The BDSM feminisation of the man

BDSM play: The feminisation of the man

Feminisation - for many men, the change of sex is a great sexual attraction. This is about giving up power and even being humiliated. Often this sexual variety is part of the BDSM. Sometimes under duress.
Porn star reinvents herself: Lucy Cat becomes Just Lucy

Porn star reinvents herself: Lucy Cat becomes Just Lucy

One thing is for sure: whether as Lucy Cat or Just Lucy, porn by and with her will continue to exist. So your fans can breathe a sigh of relief, even though the porn star has discarded his old name and once completely reinvented himself.
New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet

New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet

By combining innovative technology and data protection in a dialogue with the legislator and industry, a new solution has been created which implements the desirable development of the protection of minors in an exemplary manner.
A review: Red light district Palma - brothels on Mallorca

A review: Red light district Palma – brothels on Mallorca

The red light district in Palma has become strangely quiet. Why is that? What happened to the brothels in Mallorca? We will pursue this question and illuminate the business with the lust on the beautiful Mediterranean island.
Dental Dam: Safe sex with licking cloth

Dental Dam: Safe sex with licking cloth

Safe sex with a licking cloth can prevent However, a licking cloth, often called a dental dam, is much less well known than a condom. How it is used and why it is especially useful for unknown contacts, we explain in our sex dictionary.
Intergalactic lover, millenium creature and ambassador - Eronite erotic magazine Erotiknews Erotitikblog

Intergalactic lover and millennium being

I beg your pardon? Seriously? This guy from Bremen is intergalactic lover, millennium being and ambassador? No, I know. But he has one thing firmly in mind: enlightenment for freedom without intolerance and with the goal of bringing his mission closer to everyone.
Great action: Texas Patti helps and fills 5 refrigerators

Great action: Texas Patti helps fans and fills up 5 fridges

For many, the corona crisis is threatening their existence, jobs are falling away, orders are being lost and some don't know what to do next. But this is how fans get something back: Porn star Texas Patti helps and fills 5 refrigerators. Because she wants to thank her followers for their support over the years.
Why women kiss women without being lesbian

Why women kiss women without being lesbian

These days, hardly anyone is surprised: When girls make out with other women, it's quite normal and many men even get turned on. But it hurts when two men kiss! What makes female kissing so special? What's different when women kiss women?
Sexgeschichte: Das schwarze Zimmermädchen

Sex story: The black chambermaid

The erotic story from France: Not even in my dreams did I suspect how horny the sex with the black chambermaid could be. We did it uninhibitedly in my hotel room, which she had cleaned during the day. So she had accepted my suggestion!
Sex with small penis - Eronite erotic magazine

7 reasons why sex with a small penis can be horny

Sex with a small penis can be quite exciting, not all practices require pure size. Here, a sense of rhythm, passion and stamina play a decisive role in love-making. We explain to you what really matters!
Sexy Import aus Tschechien: Little Caprice gewinnt AVN Awards

Sexy import from the Czech Republic: Little Caprice wins AVN Awards

What is the Oscar for feature films is the AVN Awards for erotic films. These awards have been presented annually in Las Vegas in January since 1984. The AVN Awards are the most important film awards in the erotic industry. Little Caprice won the award for "best actress internationally" in 2020.
Lexy Roxx Geburtstag eines Pornostars

Lexy Roxx porn – hot, red and full of energy

Lexy Roxx Porno - what's there to see? We introduce the red-haired porn actress with a penchant for expensive cars and car porn. Red is her fiery long mane and red is her favourite colour. You can tell that not only by her outfits, but also by her luxury cars.
5 beliebte Amateur-Pornosternchen aus Deutschland

5 popular amateur porn stars from Germany

Both men and women are enthusiastic about amateur porn. The sex films are authentic and convince with natural scenes. The here arranged amateur pornstones are especially popular in the scene and known for really good videos.
Texas Patti im Interview über Sex mit einer Transsexuellen

Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual woman

Sex with a transsexual is undoubtedly a man's dream. No wonder: The best of two worlds united. Porn star Texas Patti also appreciates this. In a video that she shows in an interview with Hera Delgado, she talks about this very special charm.
Beziehung ruiniert: die größten Missverständnisse

Relationship ruined: the biggest misunderstandings

The media allegedly portray perfect relationships or typical male/female mistakes. From neighbor to grandma, everyone has advice on relationships. But in fact, most of these pieces of advice are misunderstandings.
Danke für 1.000 Kommentare

Thanks for 1,000 comments under the posts

Thank you for 1,000 comments from our loyal readers. We have been writing about the world of eroticism for thirteen years. And we are especially happy about the great response we receive from our readers. That's why we want to thank you today.

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