Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer

By Mario Meyer
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Super: Alle Fetischcastings 2024 mit Lady Nadine Bauer

Exciting fetish castings with Lady Nadine Bauer

The field of participants for the Fetishcastings 2024 is growing and growing. Lady Nadine Bauer has now also confirmed her attendance. This year’s castings will take place four times a year in Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Menden.

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The castings are aimed at anyone who would like to be in front of the camera in a porn movie or at least experience it as a spectator.

The general conditions for the 2024 castings

Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer
Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer

The events take place throughout the year. So if you want to enjoy it several times, you have plenty of opportunity for several hot experiences this year. It starts on April 27 in Munich. The next fetish casting is on July 20 in Hanover, on October 23 the erotic friends will meet in Berlin and before the year comes to an end, there will be one last meeting on December 28 in Menden, North Rhine-Westphalia.

If you want to save money, you should buy your tickets in advance; there is a surcharge of 40 euros at the box office. Interested parties pay 99 euros for the normal castings and 139 euros for the 2024 fetish castings. Lady Nadine Bauer will also be present at the latter. The price includes participation in the shoot, food and drinks, a meeting with the actresses and an extensive supporting program. Lockers are available for the clothes that are taken off during the shoot or exchanged for others (as in fetish casting). You can shower before and after the shoot. At the end, everyone receives a certificate of participation.

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Those who want to experience a very special day pay 999 euros for a V.I.P. ticket. This not only includes preferential treatment and a welcome champagne. There is a separate V.I.P. lounge. Everyone gets very close to their star and collects memories for life.

Lady Nadine Bauer can also be booked with a friend for the special price of 1,798 euros. Women who accompany their partner to the 2024 fetish castings only pay a reservation fee of 49 euros, which will be refunded on arrival.

Lady Nadine Bauer briefly introduced

Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer
Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer

Anyone who is interested in fetish and is often out and about in the scene will certainly have heard of the Fetish Queen from Bavaria. It is present in various media. She is a dominatrix and is used to telling men what to do. Anyone who likes to appear as a slave at the 2024 fetish castings will find the perfect counterpart here.

Newcomers can also gain BDSM experience here, because the lady is very self-confident on the one hand, but at the same time is aware of her responsibility towards the slave. For them, it is important that you can trust your counterpart and that you treat each other with respect.

At the 2024 fetish castings, any man who feels the inclination to be a slave can undergo an exciting training course. If you take part in all four dates, you can start in Munich and finish in Menden. This will turn 2024 into an unforgettable experience with a top-class highlight. And where else can you live out your (submissive or even kinky) fantasies as well as at a BDSM casting with this extremely interesting personality who will take care of you?

Get to know a dominatrix personally

Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer
Super: All fetish castings 2024 with Lady Nadine Bauer

The lady is a total work of art. The first thing you notice are her glasses. Some people may be reminded of a teacher from their school days. She takes a lot of time to shape her body. The slave notices her unusual tattoos and her make-up is also very unusual. She has even designed fetish clothing, which she sells under her own label. She appears in front of the camera in these bodysuits and overknees and allows no contradiction.

During the 2024 fetish castings, the slave experiences the lady as dominant, bossy and unyielding. But what is she like in normal life? At the events, viewers have the opportunity to get to know the dominatrix personally. For Nadine, unlimited sexual freedom is important and she doesn’t adhere to rules or appeals. She can report on this in a personal meeting with the participant. Knowing such a woman personally has a positive effect on your sex life.

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The year 2024 will be a highlight for all erotic and fetish fans. You can look forward to four castings, each of which will feature a number of stars. If you like to be a slave in the BDSM area, you certainly know Lady Nadine Bauer. If you saw the little lady with the glasses, you would never think that she was a dominatrix who educates men according to her wishes.

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At the castings you can not only try your hand at being a slave, there is also plenty of opportunity for a personal chat with the fetish queen. The experience is particularly intense and unforgettable if you book a V.I.P. ticket: If you come with a friend, you can even get both tickets at a special price and save 200 euros.

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