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At fetishcasting you can live out your own perverse tendencies, no matter if you are submissive or dominant, we have the right partners!

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The Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona is back again

A great novelty of the Salón Erótico 2022 in Barcelona will be that live porn will be on display and it will be up to the audience what they want to see. The performances offer a different perspective and advocate for the normalization of diverse bodies.

A sex story

Erotikgeschichte: Das feuchte Höschen meiner Schwester

My head cinema regularly exploded as soon as I heard the subtle sound from the room next door. My pulse was racing and I felt like a child who had observed something forbidden, always in danger of being punished. What had I heard pretty clearly from my sister's room?

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Tip: This is how sex on the first date is guaranteed...

It doesn't always work out with sex on the first date. With each meeting the man learns something and can do better next time. But if you take our tips into account, you have a good chance!

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