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At fetishcasting you can live out your own perverse tendencies, no matter if you are submissive or dominant, we have the right partners!

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20.9. – Anny Aurora celebrates her birthday!

Happy birthday, Anny Aurora. On behalf of all users and the Eronite team, we congratulate you on your special day and wish you all the best!

A sex story

The erotic short story: A chat with consequences

Sex story: In the past, sweet April was really once shy, but today she can only laugh about it. When Paul came into her chat and saw her in front of the livecam, she would have liked to just turn off the computer. But first things first...

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5 sex positions that will solve your problems in bed

No matter what the problem is in bed: The choice of sex positions is almost endless. There is something for every problem and every taste. We present you five sex positions that will make you enjoy intercourse again. Just give it a try, fun never hurt anyone!

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