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Many actresses are lesbians or at least have a pronounced lesbian ober bisexuelle vein, which is in demand in porn movies again and again.

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At the same time come with the new penis ring NŌS

When things get a little wilder or wetter, the couple wants to pursue their pleasure closely entwined, but the erection could be even stronger and the woman even more excited, the new NŌS penis ring comes into (love) play.

A sex story

Satisfaction in a roundabout way – The erotic story of young...

I just wanted my sexual satisfaction and for that my acquaintance Adrian came just in time. Being single, I was tired of having to do it myself all the time. And so I experienced one of the hottest evenings of my life.

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Weed smoking women have better orgasms – is that right?

Researchers from the USA have found that weed smoking women have better orgasms. This confirms what many women have suspected before. But this does not mean that it is advisable to smoke as much as possible. It depends on the conscious use of cannabis.

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