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Many actresses are lesbians or at least have a pronounced lesbian ober bisexuelle vein, which is in demand in porn movies again and again.

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French porn actor wants to buy a baby

Mathieu Haegi is a French porn actor who has embarked on a very special quest in his home town of Strasbourg (Strasbourg) near the German border: he is prepared to pay a woman money to have a baby with him. What drives him, what prerequisites should the woman have and where will the child grow up?

A sex story

I gave him a blowjob for the fence construction in Landsberg...

Of course, I acted surprised and promised with a lascivious eye flash to show my gratitude. Whether he already suspected that he would get a blowjob in return? I don't know, but his eyes flashed. Getting a blowjob as a thank you is something every man likes, right?

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Online dating: chance of finding true love?

More than a third of all German citizens are already on the move on various dating sites and hope to find true love there. They can take advantage of online dating to find their great love this way. But which mistakes must be avoided at all costs if you want to be successful?

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