Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at

By Mario Meyer
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The trans woman with the dream body

Men want them – and women want to be like them. Trans woman Gianina-TS has the perfect figure: an angelic face, flawless skin, a mega-hot ass and breasts that are simply scrumptious. In short, the TS girl is a sex bomb par excellence.

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She not only proved this recently at the porn casting in Munich, where she put on a show that is second to none with her charisma and elegance, she can now also be found on link here). There she posts exclusive pictures and videos that are bursting with eroticism, sex and porn.

Gianina-TS hasn’t been around very long at the tender age of 25, but she’s still going full throttle. She is now booked by a wide variety of productions throughout Europe and visits one erotic fair after another to get to know the world of the porn industry even better.

➤ Directly to Gianina

She has already given the odd interview, streams live online via webcam and has remained incredibly down-to-earth. Whether as a speaker at a colorful event or as a tough, man-eating vamp at sex castings – Gianina always cuts a fine figure.

How can you get to know this sex bomb in person?

Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at
Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at

It’s not that difficult: register at (click here to register) and then go to Gianina’s profile, leave her a nice message and wait for a reply. Or simply come to one of the Eronite porn castings(find all dates, locations and information here) and take part if you dare!

There you can also put your skills to the test. And the coolest thing is: Gianina-TS not only shoots actively and passively, but even with women! There is absolutely nothing standing in the way of a hot threesome, foursome, gangbang or group sex, as the dream girl has already proven several times.

And if you don’t feel confident, you can chat to her first and get to know her without having to go straight to the “nitty gritty”. Gianina is approachable and absolutely authentic. A great (trans)woman!

But be careful! She makes you addicted to her, to her curves, to her sexy bubble mouth with the full lips! And last but not least with her best piece, with which she spoils you just as much as she would like to.

Gianina’s dates for the month of June

TerminVeranstaltung / Ort
1./2. Juni 2024CSD Karlsruhe (Baden-Württemberg)
3. Juni 2024SG-Party Swingerclub Engen (Baden-Württemberg)
4./5. Juni 2024Webcamshow bei MyDirtyHobby
7. - 9. Juni 2024Erotikmesse in Mons (Belgien) mit Live-Show im Pussykat-Team
11. - 13. Juni 2024Urlaub
14. - 22. Juni 2024Videodreh (Urlaub) in Kroatien mit Video-Rudi
25. Juni 2024SG-Party Internationaler Nymphenball in Wülfrath (NRW)
27. Juni 2024Burg Ibiza" in München (Bayern)
29. Juni 2024SG-Party Swingerclub in Mörfelden/Walldorf (Hessen)

Gianina-TS shakes up the erotic industry

Gianina-TS is very active in the erotic industry as a trans icon. She became known above all through the Eronite porn casting. Here she shows off her skills and fights for the rights of transgender people.

The Eronite porn casting takes place regularly in various German cities. It offers a large stage in Munich, Hanover, Berlin and Menden. TS Gianina shows what she’s made of and stands up for transgender people.

➤ Directly to Gianina

Attention is drawn to the events by the offer: women can take part free of charge. This shows how important the organizers take the events. GianinaTS cleverly uses this to raise awareness and fight for transgender issues.

GianinaTS is very well known in the LGBTQ+ community. She is active both in the erotic market and as an activist. This trans woman comes from Switzerland. She attends important events such as the Eronite porn casting. There she campaigns for the rights of trans people.

Influence of transgender models in the adult market

Transgender models like Gianina-TS are important in the erotic market. They make telephone erotica and produce films with GB Media. They also perform at erotic fairs. This improves the view of transsexual erotic stars. Acceptance of the LGBTQ+ community is also growing.

Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at
Gianina-TS with Mia Roux after the porn casting in Munich

The role of Gianina-TS as a transicon

Gianina-TS shows how inspiring an open approach to transgender identity can be. She works with well-known people like PussyKat. She is heavily involved via platforms such as OnlyFans and live cam sites. Their commitment strengthens the rights and acceptance of transgender and transsexual communities. Their commitment continues. This is how Gianina-TS creates new opportunities for shemales and transgender people.

The growing popularity of transsexuals in eroticism

Transsexuals are increasingly becoming the focus of the erotic world. They bring diversity and tolerance to an industry that has long seemed stuck in a rut. Names like Gianina-TS and Lady Nadine Bauer stand for this change. They enrich the erotic scene with new perspectives and experiences.

➤ Directly to Gianina

Transsexuals are a new trend in eroticism. Shemale actresses in particular are becoming increasingly popular. They attract with unique shows and appeal to a wide audience.

  • MissJuli from Switzerland inspires with toys and anal activities.
  • LovlyLuna, a 24-year-old from Hanover, impresses with her versatility.
  • LadyIsabel offers unmistakable sensual experiences as a busty camgirl.
  • AshleyLou, in her 50s, combines soft and hard content for an explosive experience.
  • Jessyblue19 quickly rose in popularity despite minimal visual content.
  • CathyLaBush, a 40-year-old MILF from Austria, appeals mainly to mature viewers.
  • LeylaPeach, with her mysterious charisma, attracts curious glances.
  • Lady-Naomi-Rouge combines fetish and BDSM elements for a unique experience.
  • Honeyjane89 fascinates with a mysterious presence and limited visual content.
  • HotFunAnna, a black-haired camgirl, offers a variety of content for different preferences.

The role of transgender people in eroticism is increasing. Their success shows that the industry is committed to openness and diversity. This development inspires not only colleagues, but also viewers.

Gianina-TS: A breakthrough for trans actresses

Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at
Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at

Gianina-TS has achieved a lot as a trans woman in the porn industry. She took part in well-known events and showed how important trans actresses are. Their participation strongly promotes inclusion and diversity in this area.

Pioneering work and acceptance

By talking about herself and her life, Gianina-TS shows that trans people are part of society. It opens people’s eyes and breaks down prejudices. In this way, it contributes greatly to acceptance.

Pioneering works and projects by Gianina-TS

Gianina-TS has achieved a lot with all kinds of projects and appearances. It has changed the way we see trans actresses. Other trans women now feel encouraged to come out too.

Her work has made the world a better place for transgender people in everyday life and at work. Gianina-TS is strongly committed to ensuring that trans people are fully accepted. Their efforts further contribute to trans people being seen and respected.

From camgirl to porn queen: Gianina’s career

Gianina-TS started out as a camgirl and is now a well-known figure in the erotic world. Her career shows how important adaptability and determination are.

➤ Directly to Gianina

Gianina-TS made a name for herself by working hard and gaining new fans. Her success brought her to the top as a sought-after porn actress. Her journey shows that you can achieve a lot with passion in eroticism. That’s how she went from camgirl to porn queen.

The challenges of a transsexual porn actress

Transsexual Gianina-TS is fighting for recognition in the erotic industry. She campaigns for trans women’s rights. She does this in order to reduce misunderstandings. It’s hard to be accepted as a trans woman in the porn industry. Gianina-TS shows a positive side to trans identity in her films. It combats prejudices that exist against trans people.

Gianina-TS often has to defend her work and herself. Many people misunderstand trans women in the porn industry. She is trying to change this through open discussions. Gianina-TS is present at important events. In this way, it makes the problems of trans people better known. She is a pioneer for the rights of trans people in the erotic industry.

Contribution to the discourse on transgender people

Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at
Trans icon Gianina-TS now also at

Gianina-TS is often mentioned as a topic in the queer scene. Her commitment to transgender rights and her open attitude are a role model. Through her work, she tries to expand knowledge about her community. She wants to use it to break down prejudices.

Gianina-TS as a role model for trans women and transgender backgrounds

Many people in the transgender community see Gianina-TS as a role model. It has done a lot to raise awareness of gender diversity. Their work shows how important it is to fight for visibility and recognition.

The Eronite porn casting is considered a special event. It celebrates diversity and openness. Participants and audience learn a lot of new things about eroticism at this event.

Here, people can show their different sexual identities. The importance of inclusion in eroticism comes to the fore. With role models like Gianina-TS, diversity in the erotic industry is strongly supported and practiced.

The online presence of Gianina-TS

Gianina-TS uses the digital world wisely to show herself and find fans. She is active on social media and various websites. This has won her many loyal fans.

The Internet has not only helped her in her career. It has also helped more people find out about her. She is very well known and influential in the erotic scene.

Interaction with the community and fans

Gianina-TS talks a lot with her fans online. She talks to them personally. This creates a strong connection and makes the fans happy.

➤ Directly to Gianina

This is how people stay loyal to their site. Her fans are like a big family that sticks together. All of this helps her to continue to be successful.

How digital media influenced her career

Digital media have changed Gianina-TS’ career. This delights her fans and brings her more attention.

Thanks to the Internet, she now knows a lot more people. It has become an important topic in the queer erotic world. This shows how important the Internet is for their success.

The future for trans porn queens like Gianina-TS

The future is bright for trans porn queens. GianinaTS and others are doing pioneering work. You gain more recognition, even outside the community. These successes are reflected in her participation in important castings and events. They attended four major porn castings in different cities.

Gianina-TS’ appearances in the media and at events are not just for entertainment. They also promote acceptance in the queer scene. They call her a “transsexual shining light” and a “multi-talent”. This shows their diverse skills. She is a role model in the erotic industry thanks to her expertise and leadership qualities.

Her media presence, especially on sites like Eronite, emphasizes the importance of erotic stars like her. TS Gianina attracts new visitors with her unique skills. This is an important point for the integration of trans actresses. The events she takes part in improve the atmosphere for everyone.

To summarize: The future looks promising for trans porn queens. Your success stands and falls with recognition and new opportunities. Gianina-TS’ presence promotes acceptance and support in the erotic industry. This is important for a sustainable, inclusive future in the industry.

What sets Gianina-TS apart from other erotic stars

Gianina-TS has carved out a unique place for herself as a trans porn actress. She spreads intimacy and authenticity in her performances. These characteristics give their work more meaning than just being entertainment.

Trans woman Gianina campaigns for inclusion and acceptance. She talks about the problems faced by trans and queer people. Both online and offline, at CSD events, she builds these important connections.

➤ Directly to Gianina

The collaboration with Paul Stalker, a well-known producer, is another plus point. Both have the potential to break new ground in their sector. This partnership is causing a lot of excitement among fans and in the industry.

Gianina-TS demonstrates her versatility in a wide variety of projects. From live shows to movies and OnlyFans, she never fails to impress. Her commitment to the LGBTTIQA+ community makes her a valuable member of the erotic scene.


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