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The porn business is often viewed critically by the media landscape. How do the press and TV report on the erotic scene in Germany and Austria?

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Lisa Schubert? Paulina Schubert? These are the incest twins in the...

Here in the online men's magazine, the camgirls and stepsisters Paulina and Lisa Schubert answer questions in the big exclusive interview. They chat about their time at the girls' boarding school, personal preferences, their first sexual experiences, shared orgasms and much more.

A sex story

Satisfaction in a roundabout way – The erotic story of young...

I just wanted my sexual satisfaction and for that my acquaintance Adrian came just in time. Being single, I was tired of having to do it myself all the time. And so I experienced one of the hottest evenings of my life.

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8.11. – Lana Giselle is celebrating her birthday!

So if you're talking about a blonde bombshell, you probably can't get past Lana Giselle. The girl from the north of Germany, or more precisely from Hamburg, not only loves sex on her birthday, but also shoots one porno after another!

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