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The porn business is often viewed critically by the media landscape. How do the press and TV report on the erotic scene in Germany and Austria?

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Is the Sankt Pauli Museum coming back once again?

The legendary Sankt Pauli Museum has had - and continues to go through - a checkered history. After the exhibition had to leave its traditional place next to the Davidwache in 2019, the museum's exhibits will be displayed in changing locations.

A sex story

Free sex story: I’m being broken in as a whore

History of eroticism: Today is the day, my eighteenth birthday. Today I will be broken in and from tomorrow I will be a whore. Finally I can have as many cocks as possible stuffed inside me. I have set myself the goal of at least three a day.

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Knew? That’s why stewardesses are so sexy

Why actually are stewardesses so damn sexy and what thoughts revolve around the hot flight attendants when men give free rein to their imagination? The ladies of the air can be damn greedy - when they want to be.

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