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The porn business is often viewed critically by the media landscape. How do the press and TV report on the erotic scene in Germany and Austria?

Free book: Only 50 nights – Love as a project

Exclusively at Eronite, read the full book for free: Can Love Be a Project? Is it possible to build up a sincere affection for 50 days for a man with whom you are only playing for time in the first place? A game with time and against time.

6 x nominated: porn actress Texas Patti

Porn actress Texas Patti can look forward to six nominations for various awards in the United States this year. Thanks to her fans she was nominated for various categories, a recognition of her achievements and popularity.

Syphilis on the rise despite pandemic

Fewer contacts, less sex, fewer STDs. Nevertheless, syphilis is on the rise despite the pandemic. Fewer contacts would inevitably lead to fewer unprotected sexual encounters. The number of syphilis cases has even increased compared to the previous year.

The condom of horror: Rapex protects women

New inventions rarely concern the safety of women. With the user-friendly condom Rapex, this is about to change. It is undisputed that it provides for the immediate "punishment" of a rapist through the pain.

New solution for the protection of minors on the Internet

By combining innovative technology and data protection in a dialogue with the legislator and industry, a new solution has been created which implements the desirable development of the protection of minors in an exemplary manner.

Damn sexy: blonde Latina and Instagram model

Provocation is the best way to get attention. It is precisely this mixture of innocence and eroticism that creates the image of blonde Latina Germaine and makes her so damn sexy. We introduce you to the beautiful South American woman in picture and word once.

Tail art: Joko and Klaas against sexual harassment

Joko & Klaas with a quarter of an hour, which caused more than just a stir. There has never before been anything like this on German TV on Wednesday evening. Suitably to the prime time with tail picture art and words of women, which seemingly beats through whole Germany like a wave of the "Wachrüttel".

Aroma: Apple slices – Template: Little Caprice’ Pussy

A delicious sin with Little Caprice' pussy: from now on there is the aroma "apple split". And who do you think it's modelled on? Now you can steam off. Caprice is considered a sweet teenager on the one hand, but on the other hand it also has a fucked up side.

Brand new: the Lena Nitro Calendar 2020

The fact that it will become even hotter in 2020 is not only due to the climate, but also to the new Lena Nitro calendar. By the way, it comes with 12 exciting photos of the highest quality and guarantees that it will be hot for many, even if there is frost outside.

Austrian porn couple wins Venus Awards

Little Caprice and Marcello Bravo, an Austrian porn couple, each won the highest awards at this year's Venus Award. The two porn actors are not only very active and successful in front of but also behind the camera.

Naked across the soccer field: Little Caprice

A guy runs naked across the soccer field. A few seconds later, Little Caprice, a porn actress naked as splinters, appears and also runs across the pitch. Slowly it becomes clear that the guy basically wants nothing more than to give the lady a bottle of lemonade.

Spanish woman writes sex cookbook

So far, the sex cookbook has attracted a lot of attention in Spain. Also in Germany there are numerous local ingredients which are traditionally ascribed an aphrodisiac effect and with which great recipes would be possible.

There were tears of joy: Jessy is Netstar 2019

During this year's "Venus" fair there was a small "sensation": The Netstar Award 2019 went to an outsider: Jessy Thomas from Bavaria got as many votes from her fans as the girls in places two to five put together.

23rd Venus: Eroticism, Lifestyle and a World Record

From 17 to 20 October 2019, Berlin was dominated for the 23rd time by passion, lifestyle, lust and eroticism. In the exhibition halls under the radio tower there were already many surprises for the visitors at the start on Thursday.

The Netstars.tv Party 2019 takes place in the fashionable Maxxim Club

We'll be back soon. On October 19th the Netstars.tv Party 2019 will take place at the famous nightclub Maxxim in Berlin. Star guests are the nude model Micaela Schäfer and the presenter, musician and porn actor Conny Dachs.

MBM Exchange – Majorca Business Meeting in July 2020

The summer is - at least in Germany - already as good as over. But that doesn't stop the initiators of the MBM Exchange from launching a new event. Why is there a new event? Isn't there already enough for the online entertainment industry?

23rd Venus: Berlin once again under the spell of eroticism

At the 23rd VENUS, the Berlin erotic fair, there will be numerous innovations this year, a firework of eroticism in the capital. What's new and why a visit to the lifestyle fair is really worthwhile, our readers can find out here again!

Self-propelled cars ensure more sex in the car

As soon as there are larger autonomous cars, it is not unlikely that whores will discover this new possibility and offer a rolling whorehouse, so to speak. Or couples have fun while driving and have sex in the car while they are being driven from A to B.

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Erotic story: The wet panties of my sister

My head cinema regularly exploded as soon as I heard the subtle sound from the room next door. My pulse was racing and I felt like a child who had observed something forbidden, always in danger of being punished. What had I heard pretty clearly from my sister's room?

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The classic gift for women is flowers. Especially red roses are considered a symbol of love next to pictures of flaming hearts. If you understand your partner and respond to her, you can definitely get sex in exchange for flowers.

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