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The porn business is often viewed critically by the media landscape. How do the press and TV report on the erotic scene in Germany and Austria?

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Sweet Mia XXX: My first outdoor blowjob at night in the...

I know exactly, dear men, how you want to be blown. And so I lured my sex partner at night into the woods, unbuttoned his pants and gave him an outdoor blowjob, that he lost his hearing and sight on the spot with this experience.

A sex story

Sex slave of a strange taxi driver

The erotic story: Klara was my sex slave. I loved women from Eastern Europe and still wanted to pick up my premium. The taxi driver came right on cue. His trousers were well filled and Klara had to appreciate that. My diabolical plan was forged.

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Inside Eronite: How erotic journalism works

Erotic journalists inform people about the world of eroticism. But how does erotic journalism actually work so that a well-founded and interesting erotic magazine or a daily erotic blog is created that is fun to read?

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