Stock market news: Eronite’s share price goes through the roof!

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Börsennews: Aktienkurs der Eronite geht durch die Decke!

Fierce bull market spoils Eronite share price

Basically, the world has known for a long time that the porn industry is one of the most crisis-proof business sectors of all. Corona or not, world wars or not, people always fuck. This also explains why Eronite’s share price is going through the proverbial roof. Naked women never go out of fashion.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

And just as stiff as most men’s cocks go up at the sight of this, so does the share price of the flagship erotic sites. Straight up and full of pulsating vitality!

A big step for us, but an even bigger step for the industry

What discussions there were in the editorial team back then. The discussions about whether Eronite should really dare to go public lasted several days and many a night. An erotic magazine on the stock market? Eronite between Microsoft, Apple and Telekom? Would we shoot through the roof with our concept or make a fool of ourselves in front of the whole world?

Stock market news: Eronite's share price goes through the roof!
Stock market news: Eronite’s share price goes through the roof!

Today we know that it was the right decision. Since the IPO, the share price has always been in positive territory. After a very short time, the figures were already in double figures and proved all our skeptics wrong. But not only that. The Eronite share price has now been consistently above forty percent for two years. Even the really big players in the stock market world can only nod approvingly. And we’re not ashamed to admit that we’re all damn proud of it.

Insider knowledge from Wall Street

Only absolute connoisseurs of the stock market world know that the abbreviation ETF actually stands for Exchange Traded Fund. This insider knowledge puts the entire industry in a different light. Namely the bright glow of sparkling dollar bills, as regularly seen in the eyes of money-hungry stock market players. In the glow of this share price, the erotic industry is finally being put in the right light. Eronite as a beacon. The ingenious share price makes it possible. Since then, even the largest companies have followed our example.

Das ERONITE Dating

It’s no coincidence that the pretty girls in the commercials for these companies are wearing less and less. Eronite as an erotic magazine has clearly done pioneering work here. In the end, these global companies are just free riders trying to build on our success. True to the motto “Better badly stolen than well made”, Eronite is relentlessly copied and imitated.

Many companies scream about plagiarism in such cases, run to the lawyer and then go to court. These are all proceedings that only unnecessarily overburden our courts and distract us from truly meaningful activities. The aim of these meetings in court is to find out who can more credibly claim to have had an idea first. Sometimes one loses such negotiations and other times the other wins. Just like in real life. That’s why we at Eronite are always above such things.

Who cares who had which idea first? Exactly, nobody. The main thing is that the erotic industry is once again experiencing a real upswing. Whether this is due to the hot girls in the Eronite interviews or the advertising girl in some TV commercial is of secondary importance. The fact that our share price is going through the roof is a nice side effect.

Next step: your own cryptocurrency?

If the share price stays like this, no vision is too big. So why not break the next taboo right away? A cryptocurrency of its own, issued by Eronite, could crack a few skulls. Literally, of course. This digital currency, let’s call it Wichscoin for simplicity’s sake, could be distributed among our shareholders and regular users. The most pressing question, of course, is which of the thousands of girls we have already reported on will be allowed to adorn the face of the Wichscoin. A simple, capital E for Eronite is out of the question. This could too easily be confused with the euro.

Deutsche Erotikstars

And nobody wants to be associated with this negative image. So it must be a Miss Eronite. Only who? A female personality who has already upset the share price and hormonal balance of many men. A broad-based vote by all Eronite fans would be conceivable here. Many a girl has already earned a table dance dollar bill. But an Eronite Wichscoin is a one-off affair.

Party people watch out!

But enough talk now. The barrels are toasted and the corks are popped. Eronite has achieved a ground-breaking success and it is now time to celebrate. Whether with friends, an Eronite regulars’ table in the local pub or alone at home with a webcam girl of your choice. Have a drink for us!

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