The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame

By Faizel Ahman
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Thoughts of a Swedish big cat

The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame. For the course of their bet, they dig out the absolute classic. As street hookers, they stroll through Hamburg’s finest district. On each hunt for new points, horny sex and some pocket money, they experience their next horny adventure. The excursion, initially planned as a sexy walk, quickly degenerates into a walk of shame for the Swedish big cats.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Goddagens Eronite, this is Marie speaking. After the course of our last action, my sister was in the lead by two points. Of course, I couldn’t leave it at that. So, inspired by the classic movie Pretty Woman, I decided to move the next venue for our bet to the street.

Deutsche Erotikstars

The Swedish cats of prey also cut a sexy figure as curbside swallows from Hamburg. We set off with the rock classic Walk of Life by Dire Straits on our lips. But even we didn’t realize at the beginning of the erotic walk that this title would soon turn into a walk of shame.

Pretty Woman walking down the street

The job of a kerbside swallow is virtually predestined for a pick-me-girl like me. My sister and I have plenty of slutty clothes. So I put on the tightest top, the shortest mini and slipped into the highest boots. So I hit the road with my sister. The Swedish big cats, the Lindberg twins, are ready for their next outrageous deed. We set off on foot in the direction of the Marienthal district. We can charge different prices there than in other parts of Hamburg.

The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame
The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame

As always, it doesn’t take long for us to attract the first glances. In the beginning, this is still rather harmless. It’s mostly men who look curiously and pursue their five-second daydreams while their wives are looking in a different direction. Quite nice as self-affirmation, but nowhere near what the Swedish big cats set out to do. So we continue walking at a leisurely pace and let our asses sway back and forth with relish. We laugh a lot and conspicuously and often fiddle with our clothes so that we can stroke each other’s tits again and again by chance.

It’s a bit like fishing

Finally, the first of the Swedish big cats has bitten. One guy spontaneously changed direction, wherever he was originally going, and decided to follow us. The guy is wearing a suit and tie, so hopefully he has money. After all, I want to be well paid for my efforts today. Okay, I would also fuck without coal. But part of my role as a hooker is that I demand a price and I demand it.

Deutsche Erotikstars

The guy has shoulder-length hair, which somehow doesn’t match his outfit at all. They are also unwashed and greasy, which makes the guy look kind of slimy. The typical suitor is simply not an attractive sex bomb.
It’s time to find out which one of us he’s after. The Swedish big cats are therefore going their separate ways. I enter a park that is fortunately not very busy, while my sister walks in the other direction. Without hesitation, the guy runs straight after me, his eyes fixed on my ass. At least it has taste.

Something’s up

The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame
The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame

I slow down and finally stop at a tree. With one arm leaning lasciviously against the trunk, I wait for him. The guy stops not far from me, stares at me from top to bottom and gets visibly hornier. I smile at him. I already have the money in the bag.

He gets straight to the point. He wants to fuck me. Not just somehow, but exactly according to his ideas and I should just say my price. I reply that I need to know his fantasies first, and straight away it bubbles out of him. He is not only into outdoor sex, but also into humiliation and rape games. He wanted to overpower me here in the park, fuck me and use me. He also likes golden showers and wants to piss all over me.

It takes me several breaths to process it all. Then I name a price of a thousand euros. The guy reaches into his trouser pocket and throws me a wad of banknotes. I do a quick count, awakening the Swedish big cat in me. The money is right and the prospect of unusual sex makes me purr with joy.

Let the games begin

It’s still the middle of the day, but at least the trees here are thick and block out the sun. This gives us a dim light, which suits our game better.

The first thing I do is walk away from him and keep turning to look at him, as if I wanted to measure the distance between us. He speeds up his steps. I do the same, leave the paved path and walk across the meadow deeper into the park. My goal is a dense collection of trees and shrubs. Here we will be protected from most of the prying eyes of passers-by.

Deutsche Erotikstars

A hand grabs me by the shoulder and turns me around. Before I can react, both hands grab me by the arms and pull me close to him. He has bad breath and smells of sweat. But the situation also has a strong erotic effect. I wouldn’t be one of the Swedish big cats if the circumstances didn’t make me horny. His hand snaps to my tied-up hair, grabs me there and pulls my head down.

In this way, he drags me the last few meters to the wooded area. Once there, he throws me to the ground and immediately jumps after me. One hand holds my neck, the other grabs my tits. I can feel his hard cock on my hip. The grip on my throat tightens.

The Swedish big cats as prey today

The top is ripped off my body and my skirt is pushed up. Grinning, he opens his pants and pulls them down. He gruffly orders me to open my mouth and stands over me. At first I thought I should blow him, but that was wrong. The guy starts to piss and directs the stream right into my mouth. I can’t swallow that quickly. My mouth quickly overflows and the pee spreads all over my face. I’m literally fed up.

The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame
The Swedish big cats walk the Walk of Shame

My tormentor probably thinks so too, because he directs the never-ending stream deeper. My tits are flooded with the yellow liquid, which immediately makes my nipples rock hard. Finally, he also pisses all over my pussy. I’m lying in front of him, completely soaked. After what feels like an eternity, the stream dries up and no new piss follows. My whole body is sticky.

He orders me to turn onto my stomach and stretch my ass upwards. I do and shortly afterwards I get my face pressed into the ground. My ass cheeks are pulled apart and he penetrates me anally. A moan sticks in my throat as my mouth is filled with a mixture of piss and dirt.

Deutsche Erotikstars

He fucks me in the ass faster and faster while his hands knead my tits. I am pulled around and am now supposed to lick his cock. I dutifully take the piss-tasting testicles into my mouth and suck as if there were no tomorrow. His cock points to my forehead and squirts a good portion of cum right into my face.

A real cum walk: My face is covered in cum, piss and dirt. I feel like I’ve never been so dirty in my life. Grinning, he demands that I thank him politely and submissively for the loving fuck. I do and he laughs, pushes me to the ground and goes his way. I stay lying in his piss until he is no longer visible.


Apart from the hard-earned thousand euros, this day was really worthwhile. My sister had also observed everything from a safe distance and gives me a whopping ten points at once. As a special reward, so to speak, for everything I had put up with. So now I have a 24 to 16 lead. But more than deserved, in my opinion. Eva is of the same opinion, because the Swedish big cats stick together. Even after a walk of shame. Or precisely because of this.

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