Women from these countries are best at giving head

By Benno von Sandhayn
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Frauen aus diesen Ländern können am besten blasen

Who gives the best blowjob? Women from these countries!

Voluminous lips, absolute devotion during sex and the deepest possible throat – these are just some of the essential qualities when it comes to giving a really good fellatio. It is said that women from African countries in particular are known for giving the best blowjobs. The following report shows why this is the case and which compatriots also deliver the best blowjobs.

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Who is best at blowing – and why?

In the world of intimacy and sexual pleasure, there are probably few things that fire a man’s imagination as much as the idea of a passionate blowjob. But what exactly do men want when it comes to this artful practice with the lips, tongue and, to a certain extent, teeth?

International porn girls

Well, it’s definitely much more than just the “nasty” technique or the way a woman approaches the most beautiful job in the world. It’s also about passion, willingness and, last but not least, a woman’s ability to fulfill the wishes of her (sexual) partner.

It’s not just the lips that are relevant for the best blowjob

Women from these countries are best at giving head
Women from these countries are best at giving head

One aspect that is often overlooked is the texture of a woman’s lips. Gently curved and full of sensuality, a woman’s lips can convey an incredible range of sensations. From tender stroking to passionate sucking, they can intensify and refine the experience of fellatio. The shape, but also the volume of the lips can play an important role, because the fuller and smoother they are, the more sensual and fulfilling the blowjob usually is.

Lips alone do not make a perfect blowjob. It is the perseverance and dedication of a woman that can make all the difference. The ability to fully adapt to your partner’s needs, to feel his reactions and to respond to them individually usually helps to make fellatio an unforgettable experience. It’s the magic of the moment when a woman takes control and sends her partner into ecstasy that makes the blowjob so special.

No matter how good the technique or how skillful the playmate’s approach may be, the best blowjob is only given by the lady who knows how to understand the man’s most secret desires and respond to them in a targeted manner.

International porn girls

As “Mann” knows, in many cases it is ladies from Africa who have a very special talent in this respect: On the one hand, they are considered to be extremely passionate and man-oriented. They want to please their masters and do everything they can to fulfill their wishes and needs. On the other hand, they are characterized by extreme endurance. In terms of which women from which countries give the best blowjobs, these are already extremely important characteristics.

African and Asian women are far ahead in the rankings

Women from these countries are best at giving head
Women from these countries are best at giving head

Of course, communication also plays an important role. At least that’s what many English, Dutch and Thai women believe. Most African and Asian women agree that sex can work without big words. Why use big words when a “woman” can give the best blowjob when she only makes moaning, gasping or stimulatingly lustful sounds?

Men have different preferences and needs, and open and honest communication can certainly go a long way to helping both partners live out their desires and fantasies. In this respect too, African and Asian women “think” and act differently. Instead of focusing on themselves during sex or a blowjob, they would much rather fulfill the men’s every wish. When it comes to their own satisfaction, they usually know themselves which hand movements or toys they can use to achieve absolute satisfaction.

Who can blow the best? Several factors are decisive!

However, an open discussion about preferences, techniques and limits can nevertheless help to make cocksucking a fulfilling and enriching experience for both of you. Provided the communicative exchange takes place before oral intercourse.

International porn girls

The good thing about a blowjob is that at least the masters of creation can speak freely and therefore also give certain “instructions” or express their wishes. Experience has shown that the often submissive African or Asian ladies will go to great lengths to give their playmate the best oral sex of his life.

Overall, a blowjob is not just about the physical act, but also about the emotional connection between the two (or more) sex partners. Who can blow best can usually only be answered individually. Experience has shown that German women – although this depends on their age – are often more reserved or uptight than exotic women.

Women from Asia or Africa usually take what they want from German men. In the event that they don’t get it straight away, they are extremely good at behaving in such a way that the masters will ultimately respond. Which German man doesn’t secretly wish to have really hot sex with a black woman one day?

Just the thought of those voluminous, full, tender and devoted lips makes many a man’s “best friend” stir in his pants. In addition, the idea of willing ladies from exotic countries who are known to be submissive makes you want more. Although many men would not openly admit it, they believe that women from Africa or Asia are actually the best at giving head. And if you don’t believe it, you are welcome to give it a try. There are now enough willing African women in this country…

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