Sex Horoscope for the Zodiac sign Aquarius

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Your sex horoscope for the star sign Virgo
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20 January – 18 February

The zodiac sign Aquarius is considered to be extremely tolerant and reasonable, but it also has its dark sides. In the Love Horoscope for Aquarius these are expressed above all by his cool nature, which often makes life difficult for his partner. The sex horoscope for Aquarius also has its ups and downs, but with the right partner he is a pleasant contemporary with whom you can have a lot of fun.

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The star sign Aquarius as single

DSexhoroskop für das Sternzeichen Wassermann - Dein Liebeshoroskop und Sex-Horoskop bei Eronite für WassermännerTo call Aquarius “Prince Charming” would be a big mistake, because the bold head prefers to be rational. He gets along with the single life very well, because he mixes among people and gets into conversation quickly. The love horoscope for Aquarius shows that this is an online flirt. Mr. Objective can express himself far better on a factual level than on an emotional level, but feelings can develop from good conversations or chats.

Those who have chosen an Aquarius as their worshipper must be willing to invest time in conquest. Whether in the sex horoscope for Aquarius or in terms of flirting, the signs clearly point to effort. The sign of the zodiac is constantly surrounded by people, often his friends even accompany him on his first date. This is not because he is marked by fear, but because he wants to keep a loophole open for escape. In order to get the Aquarius permanently hooked, you need perseverance, patience and the willingness to defy its appendix.

The sex horoscope for Aquarius is cool and calculated

Sex is not one of the favourite activities of an Aquarius, although he loves to talk shop about it. He can indulge in hours of theories about sex practices, but without becoming active himself. A very tiring experience for a potential partner. But of course Aquarius also becomes active now and then! But once it is released, it becomes turbulent.

The sex horoscope for Aquarius clearly shows its volatility and unconventional behaviour. Bored in bed? An absolute taboo for this sign of the zodiac. Romantic love in the missionary position? That won’t put Aquarius on the chain either. He wants variety, is always willing to experiment and will never say no to a visit to an erotic shop. With the right partner, the sex horoscope for Aquarius does hold some excitement.

In terms of loyalty, however, there are enormous differences from one Aquarius to another. Since they are honesty fanatical zodiac signs, they communicate very clearly what they want. When an Aquarius promises loyalty, he keeps it. But whether he ever makes this promise is written on another piece of paper. He is a big fan of noncommittal sex, he does not need to know the name of his partner for this. Affairs with the same sex practice over and over again bores the Aquarius and drives him very quickly to flee.

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The Love Horoscope for Aquarius

To have an Aquarius as a partner requires patience, but at the bottom of his heart he is a reliable companion. If he manages to overcome his volatility, long-term relationships with this sign of the zodiac are possible. Aquarius is attracted to intelligent and imaginative people, but usually he only warms up on the basis of friendship. Basically, that’s the secret to a relationship with Mr. Jumpy! Once you have conquered the deep, friendly feelings of Aquarius, you are only a few jumps away from a relationship with him.

A major negative point in the love horoscope for Aquarius is its addiction to recognition. He would do anything to look good to as many people as possible. For this he is also prepared to neglect his own partnership and private life. What do your colleagues think? What can I help you with right now? How do I make myself invaluable? Such and other questions drive the restless sign of the zodiac around.

Romance and excessive cuddling evenings are not to be expected from an Aquarius. He remains rational, even if he develops feelings for a person. But boredom is not on his agenda either. The adventurous journeyman can certainly be warmed up for a wedding in a clown costume, but less so for a romantic fairytale wedding on the beach.

Sex horoscope for Aquarius – who fits him?

Aries and Aquarius

The star sign sex for Aquarius and Aries promises swinging nights. The robust ram manages to pull the bold aquarius along and crack its brittle nature. Sometimes even a deep friendship develops, which can ultimately lead to love.

Bull and Aquarius

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and Bull clearly warns of a symbiosis. The Bull likes it body-hugging, sensitive and intense, the Aquarius prefers to remain objective and neutral. The Aquarius’ joy of experimentation and curiosity, on the other hand, discourage the bull and cause differences in the connection.

twins and Aquarius

The star sign sex for Aquarius and twins promises promising encounters. The inventive twin impresses the bold Aquarius, both like to talk and have fun experimenting. The love horoscope for Aquarius and Gemini is also promising, and the stars look good.

cancer and Aquarius

Too much sensitivity and attachment make the cancer seem rather unsuitable for an Aquarius. Also the sex horoscope for Aquarius and cancer is not very impressive. While the crayfish prefers to keep its feet on the ground, Aquarius loves anything out of the ordinary.

Leoon and Aquarius

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and lion shows good cards. Even if the sometimes selfish Leo may seem a bit too dominant, Aquarius often feels attracted to it. Whether it is his dazzling personality or his lust for life, nobody knows for sure.

Virgin and Aquarius

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and Virgo falls into the realm of uncertainty. The sensual virgin is very orderly, which can get on the nerves of spontaneous Aquarius. There is too much contradiction in the two characters for a long-term relationship, but a sexual experience can be an enrichment.

balance and Aquarius

The star sign sex for Aquarius and balance speaks for the constellation. The balance is fickle, but is quickly carried away by the impressive actions of an Aquarius. This connection will only work in the long term if Aquarius accepts and understands the sense of the balance for aesthetics.

scorpion and Aquarius

The love horoscope for Aquarius and scorpion is a catastrophe to say the least. The drifty, passionate scorpion is an unsuitable partner for the aggressive and loud Aquarius. Also the zodiac sign sex for Aquarius and scorpion is not very tingling. In bed it is only enough for a one-night stand at most, after that the interest has already gone.

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contactors and Aquarius

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and Sagittarius promises a good experience, sensual pleasures and an intensive bond. The fiery shooter sometimes even manages to lure the cool water sprite out of his reserve. Since both love their freedoms, neither will restrict the other too much and thus endanger the relationship.

capricorn and Aquarius

The active Aquarius can do little with the calm, almost depressive capricorn. The sex horoscope for Aquarius and Capricorn predicts little positive. Although an affair might be possible in the short term, Aquarius does not like such connections and will probably block them.

mermen among themselves

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and Aquarius is strongly character dependent. Basically it can work between the two same signs of the zodiac, but both must work together. However, due to the lack of capacity for deep feelings, in most cases it will amount to a friendship with sex.

Aquarius and Fish

The sex horoscope for Aquarius and fish is a sad spectacle. These two signs do not match at all, especially because the zodiac sign Aquarius is too hard for the sensitive fish. While the latter is extremely emotional, the Aquarius prefers to retreat.

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