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We remember: This is how Sexy Cora was († 2011)

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Wir erinnern uns: So war Sexy Cora († 2011)

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Turnover generator Cora: 2.7 million euros within two years

Sexy Cora, whose real name was Carolin Wosnitza after her marriage, was one of the best-known porn actresses in Germany. Sexy Cora was not only seen in porn videos, but also appeared in other movies and with Big Brother. This article deals with her career in film and television and her tragic death in January 2011.

Wir erinnern uns: So war Sexy Cora († 2011)Her partner introduced Sexy Cora to the business

Sexy Cora was born before the fall of the Berlin Wall on 2 May 1987 in East Berlin. Her career began as a prostitute. At some point a suitor wanted to record a video of her. Her husband Tim had a better idea: He recorded a video of her while stripteasing and put it online in an erotic portal. After six weeks they had collected 130 Euro. Their first self-earned money in the porn industry. Sexy Cora now started making porn movies. Sometimes she was seen alone, often together with her husband.

Later men could apply for a shoot with the porn beauty for a fee. But they had to give her the rights to the finished movie. This soon turned out to be a very lucrative business.

So far Sexy Cora published her videos on erotic portals. This had the disadvantage that Sexy Cora had to cede a part of her income to the website. That’s why she uploaded her videos on her own portal. Soon she not only put films online, but also sent CDs with her films.

Sexy Cora also became famous for her spectacular film shoots. Once she filmed in a nature reserve. No less than twelve men were involved. Not counting the policemen. These shots led to a police operation. She wanted to set the world record for oral sex in Hamburg’s St. Pauli entertainment district.

In the meantime, her website had become the market leader. From 130 euros in six weeks, her turnover increased to a reported 2.7 million euros in 2009 and 2010.

Sexy Cora at Big Brother

Who is so well-known, must play sometime also with Big Brother. At the beginning of 2010 Sex Cora appeared in the 10th season. She moved in on January 11th. Although married, she immediately began to flirt fiercely. Since the whole nation was allowed to experience it, it was not hidden from her husband. He didn’t like it at all and he wanted Cora to leave the house again. Of course, RTL didn’t want to let the high-profile star go.

Only after her husband called in a lawyer to sue for deprivation of liberty and coercion did Sexy Cora leave the house. The discussion with her spouse lasted only two days, because soon she returned to the Big Brother house. Before that, there had been a public voting, which the porn star could not escape. On March 9, Sex Cora finally left the TV show and dedicated herself to her other projects.

Sexy Cora as singer and actress

Sexy Cora did not only appear in porn movies, but was to be seen in a video of the rapper D-Bo. Just being part of the performance of other singers was soon not enough for her. Her first single Sexy Cora released in February 2010. For the single “My Love” the beauty earned rather restrained critic praise, but her fans loved the song. At first it was available on the internet and a short time later it was also available in stores. When the song was released, she said that the music was her real goal. With it she could give her fans back some of the love she had received.

After the release of the song, Sexy Cora appeared again and again as a singer on the holiday island of Mallorca. Especially in the restaurant “Oberbayern” and in the “Bierkönig” they could admire the vacationers.

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Apart from her porn movies, Sexy Cora was also seen in serious film and television productions. In the movie “Gegengerade” she appeared in a supporting role as a prostitute. In the episode “Der Tote an der Elbe” from the series “Einsatz in Hamburg” she played herself. In the movie she had a porn studio directly opposite a crime scene. The investigating commissioner could hardly concentrate on his case because of the charms of Cora.

Men with belly are more attractive for women?

Sexy Cora and Beauty

Her body was her greatest asset. She had been earning money with him since she was of age. It is understandable that this body should be cared for and cared for and that it should be attractive for as long as possible. Sexy Cora was rather small and dainty. She was only 1.57 meters tall and weighed 47 kilograms. Many men like big breasts, but if you are a lightweight you sometimes don’t have much to offer in this respect. Sexy Cora had her first breast enlargement at the age of 18. Later she went under the knife again and again.

Until January 2011, she had had four breast enlargements performed in a Polish clinic. In January 2011, the fifth was scheduled. This time the risk was too great for the clinic. For Sexy Cora, her body was more important than her health. She was looking for a new clinic and found it in Hamburg. A fatal decision.

What happened in the fifth operation

After several breast enlargements Sexy Cora had cup size 70 F. She wanted to have 70 G. During the operation Cora did not get enough oxygen. Normally every patient is intensively monitored during surgery. This was blatantly neglected in Cora. Two years later, according to a court decision, the anaesthetist switched off the alarm. This would have indicated a lack of oxygen supply. Cora did not get enough oxygen, which damaged her brain. She was immediately transferred to another hospital and cared for in the intensive care unit. The doctors’ efforts were in vain. Sexy Cora died nine days later.

The tragic death of the 23-year-old woman was not only shared by the tabloids. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, Der Spiegel, Der Stern and Focus reported in partly extensive articles about the life and death of Sexy Cora.

Wir erinnern uns: So war Sexy Cora († 2011)

The death of Cora was discussed several times in court. The accused were the surgeon and the anaesthesiologist. The judges could not prove that the surgeon had received any wrong treatment. However, the court is convinced that decisive mistakes were made in the anaesthesia. The anaesthetist was sentenced to 14 months probation.

The District Court awarded Tim Wosnitza, a widower, a monthly compensation payment of up to 5,733 euros from 2013 to 2022. Tim Wosnitza actually wanted alimony up to the age of 60. However, the court was of the opinion that Sexy Cora had only worked as a porn actress up to the age of 35. The husband’s income is deducted from the above compensation.

What’s left of Sexy Cora?

The life and death of Sexy Cora has moved many people. It is not only her youthful age, but also the circumstances of her death. Many people wonder whether it is necessary to put oneself under the knife several times for beauty. None of these procedures were medically necessary. Many people found Sexy Cora beautiful even before the operation. Every surgical intervention involves a risk. Even harmless operations can end in disaster. Without this fateful fifth operation, Sexy Cora could continue to make her films and delight men and women with her body.

What remains are the memories and countless videos on YouTube and other portals. If you look at the flawless body, you might want to pause for a moment and think about your own relationship to your body. Nobody is perfect and almost everyone has a little blemish. But that is not what constitutes a human being. The world of the Internet is to a large extent a world of images. But that leads to superficiality. Sexy Cora should remind us that beauty can also lie in a radiant smile or in a good conversation. Then external appearances are no longer important.

Now it’s almost nine years without you. Rest in peace, Cora. 

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