Sexy pics: How do I persuade her to take intimate photos?

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Every woman loves to be photographed

“I wanna take some dirty pictures of you.” The Toten Hosen already sang this in the nineties, describing an age-old male dream. Intimate photos of your partner, exclusively for yourself. This intimate token of love is something very special for every man. But how do you ask the woman of your dreams for hot photos? Is it a case of throwing the door ajar, or is it a question of tactics?

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Every woman wants to feel beautiful and desirable. The dream of becoming a model is widespread among girls. Emancipation or not. Otherwise shows like “Germany’s next Topmodel” would have been canceled long ago. Every woman dreams more or less openly of being discovered as a beauty and being desired by many men. Intimate photos are of course a great tool here. If a man, or rather many men, want to see her photos, it confirms her in her female role. It is precisely this knowledge that men who want to ask women for erotic photos should make use of.

You are the most beautiful for me

That is the message behind the question of images. When it comes to intimate photos, you could also translate it as “you’re the hottest for me”. Every woman takes both as a compliment and will feel flattered. In this state, the woman will be only too happy to pull out all the stops and throw herself into the most erotic poses. The thought of her partner hanging these pictures up at home or carrying them around in her purse spurs the woman on even more.

Sexy pics: How do I persuade her to take intimate photos?
Sexy pics: How do I persuade her to take intimate photos?

The idea that the man is using the photos to get horny in her absence is also perfectly okay. From the woman’s point of view, this is a thousand times better than her Freud secretly thinking about other women.

Does it always have to be nude pictures?

The answer to this question is a very clear no. Women who ask these questions clearly have a problem with showing their bodies naked (at least at this point in time).

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This must be respected in any case. Sexy photos are like everything else in the erotic world. Everything can, nothing has to and whatever both of you like is allowed. In many cases, a certain amount of concealment can be more exciting than blatant nudity anyway. After all, you want to unwrap your present before you play with it. Which brings us to the next point.

Intimate photos are the right moment to buy sexy lingerie

This is another thing that a man sometimes has to persuade his partner to do: Sexy lingerie from the sex store, vinyl, leather and the like. For some women, this is a no-go. Normally. But women also enjoy acting, slipping into other roles and dressing up. For a hot session that is all about intimate photos, the use of sexy underwear can be the theme.

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The use of toys is also conceivable. Hot making out with a dildo or handcuffs? Why not? All for the camera, of course. But many a woman gets a taste for it on this occasion and asks for more. In this way, the camera can tease out more and more of the filth from an otherwise decent and staid woman.

Intimate photos as a sign of a well-functioning relationship

If you have intimate photos, you can get up to a lot of mischief with them. That’s why it takes a good deal of trust to have such pictures taken of yourself. That’s why intimate photos are always a sign of trust and love. That’s why intimate photos don’t belong on the Internet, but in the photo pocket of your cell phone case or as a poster above your bed.

Hot photos can often be a great gift to spice up a long-term relationship. An ideal wedding gift, in other words. If the man then teaches the photos the appropriate appreciation, the woman feels confirmed in this. Further recordings could follow.

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