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Tips and tricks for a better sex and love life from our Datingcoach, the flirt experts and Dipl.-Psych. Dr. Dorothea Flogger.

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Work Naked Day – today is naked work day!

How many of those who work from home will celebrate Naked Work Day on Feb. 5? Working Naked Day was created by Lisa Kanarek and since then many naked people celebrate this day naked in the office.

A sex story

Erotic story: Horny sex with trainee in high rack

How I had sex with trainee Anja in the high rack, I would like to tell in this erotic sex story. Believe me, it was mega horny what I did with our trainee in the camp. Hopefully the colleagues have not observed anything, but you can never be sure!

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The Herd: A cow having sex is trouble

He's watching a cow have sex. The ox is going wild with her, he thinks. He wonders if a calf will be conceived in the process? They probably put the animal on testosterone. Daniel never thought he'd become a bull himself...

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