Self-test: Are you the type for a sex party?

By Marco Dorada
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Learning by doing – the self-test

The dream of wild fuck orgies, as seen in porn movies, is widespread among men. But are you really the type for a sex party? Simply dreaming about it and indulging in your fantasies is not enough to answer the question. So what could be more useful here than a self-test to find out whether you really are the type for a sex party.

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The best way to find out if you’re the type for a sex party is also the most obvious. You look for a sex party and go there. Sounds banal, but it is the most effective.

Once you have dared to try it out and get a taste of the atmosphere on site, you will quickly realize whether you are the type for a sex party. Perhaps this is the starting signal for an erotic party career. At worst, you are one experience richer and know of another fantasy that is better left in the realm of dreams. In any case, after the first visit you’ll know whether you’re the type for a sex party. Basically, you don’t have to wait for the evening to unfold, as you’ll know after an hour at the latest.

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The big sticking point is right at the beginning: you first have to have the courage to go there. This is much easier said than done. Men usually find this easier than women. The mixture of curiosity and lust is usually greater than the concerns. The potential new female guests find this a little more difficult. Which is a shame, because they could just as easily be the type for a sex party.

The second important point is also still in its infancy. The question of accompaniment. After all, a party like this is about sex and the ratio of the sexes should be reasonably correct. Now the women have an advantage. Because a solo gentleman is more likely to be refused entry than a lady arriving alone.

Sex games as a test of who is the type for a sex party

Not everyone wants to leave the house right away and mingle with a bunch of strangers. If you want, you can also bring the fun into your own home. Erotic board games can be bought in any sex store or ordered online. If you invite a few of your friends over, you can playfully find out whether you’re the type for a sex party. One of the advantages of being at home is that there is no need to travel to and from work. So you can indulge in an alcoholic drink or two, even if you shouldn’t overdo it on such an occasion.

Self-test: Are you the type for a sex party?
Self-test: Are you the type for a sex party?

Important note: The games advertised in the sex store are usually overpriced and do not deliver what the packaging promises. It is therefore a good idea to actually visit such a store. Here you can usually look inside the games and read through any order cards in advance. If you don’t like the game, you can put it back on the shelf. This is not so easy with orders from the Internet.

Come on Barbie, let’s go party

Many men want to find out whether their current girlfriend is the type for a sex party. Visions of shared fuck orgies, swinger parties and wife swapping are not uncommon. But how do you convince your partner?

The sex games mentioned above could be an introduction. Even if the game itself may not deliver what it promises. Because you can study your partner’s reactions before and during the game with relish. Is she full of anticipation and even disappointed in the end because the game wasn’t hot enough? These are good signs that you will have fun as a couple at a sex party.

Self-test: Are you the type for a sex party?
Self-test: Are you the type for a sex party?

Another good incentive for a woman is to give her erotic clothing as a gift. Women usually see this as proof that the man finds them attractive and desirable. And if the clothes are already there anyway, they naturally want to be worn. A sex party is a good opportunity for this.

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The decision for a joint visit reduces the concerns described above that could prevent a visit. It also strengthens the basis of trust within a relationship. Shared experiences are always good for harmony in a relationship. And if it’s something as sizzlingly erotic as a sex party, it also increases the shared sense of pleasure. A win-win situation of the particularly awesome kind.


Sex parties are no different to anything else in life. Trial makes perfect. Just try it out, go there and, ideally, take your partner with you. Then it will either be a one-off occasion that the two of them will often talk about. Or it’s the start of a really hot series of sex parties. Including a corresponding expansion of the circle of friends.

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