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What else is free in life? On our Eronite Blog you can find out, we present the best bargains of the erotic industry.

Raffle: 4 x 1 free ticket for the fetish fair obscene...

The obscene 2020 is clearly a trade fair in the first place. As a visitor you will therefore be able to see a lot of products that belong to the areas of BDSM and fetish. The range extends from lingerie and clothing to various toys and sophisticated "torture tools". Novelties are presented as well as well-known classics.

Texas Patti in interview about sex with a transsexual woman

Sex with a transsexual is undoubtedly a man's dream. No wonder: The best of two worlds united. Porn star Texas Patti also appreciates this. In a video that she shows in an interview with Hera Delgado, she talks about this very special charm.

Thanks for 1,000 comments under the posts

Thank you for 1,000 comments from our loyal readers. We have been writing about the world of eroticism for thirteen years. And we are especially happy about the great response we receive from our readers. That's why we want to thank you today.

Awesome: 20 Euro as a gift on eronite.live

What man doesn't dream of meeting hot girls who are taboo and willing? Such a thing is promised on many dating sites, but often not kept. Not so on www.eronite.live.. There men can not only make their dreams come true, but also get 20 Euro for free.

I gave my boss a head and I’m still not at...

I quickly became aware of my cause My name is Lena, I am 19 years old and am currently completing an apprenticeship as a media...

Online flirt: from digital crackling to blazing love fires

If it fits online and first phone calls fuel curiosity, there is no reason to postpone a real date. Only a genuine meeting answers open questions and ensures that the flirt partners are in the truest sense of the word about each other in the picture.

Fucked a stewardess in the plane to Bangkok

Free sex story: For almost three months now I am single and enjoy my new, free life very much... Now I was in Bangkok, Thailand. What happened to me here on the plane was that I fucked a stewardess, probably nobody believes me anyway.

Win one of five free tickets for the Passion 2019 Fetish...

If you are interested in BDSM and fetish, Passion 2019 in Hamburg is a must for you. The tickets are in great demand and therefore the event is quickly sold out. Here at Eronite you can win one of five free tickets for the Passion.

We want to have you and your news with us!

Tell us your news about sex dates, erotic shows, side leaps, projects, trends, toys, your individual tendencies and dirty experiments! So we publish interesting, amusing and exciting things.

4 tips for the perfect dating profile

First impressions count. This saying applies not only to the first personal meeting, but also to online dating. We'll give you the best four tips for creating a dating profile so you can get off to a successful start!

Satisfaction on detours – The erotic story of young Mia

I just wanted my sexual satisfaction and my friend Adrian came just in time for that. As a single I was tired of doing it myself all the time. And so I experienced one of the hottest evenings of my life.

Eronite’s erotic news now available in three languages

Nothing changes for the reader himself. All issues of the erotic news are identical, but are published in three additional languages. What's the matter with you? We just want to reach more people. Also in the Spanish and English speaking world.

How I became my roommate’s sex slave

I hadn't expected this surprise at all. But I could never have imagined becoming the sex slave of my roommate. But then I had a pretty tingly experience with two young men and the older Martin.

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Sexy import from the Czech Republic: Little Caprice wins AVN Awards

What is the Oscar for feature films is the AVN Awards for erotic films. These awards have been presented annually in Las Vegas in January since 1984. The AVN Awards are the most important film awards in the erotic industry. Little Caprice won the award for "best actress internationally" in 2020.

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Naked across the soccer field: Little Caprice

A guy runs naked across the soccer field. A few seconds later, Little Caprice, a porn actress naked as splinters, appears and also runs across the pitch. Slowly it becomes clear that the guy basically wants nothing more than to give the lady a bottle of lemonade.

A sex story

Sex story: My wife and the big dog

My wife and the big dog played a decisive role in an experience in my life that could hardly have been more blatant. When I couldn't find the money, I was supposed to experience my blue - and exciting - miracle. A sex story.

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