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What else is free in life? On our Eronite Blog you can find out, we present the best bargains of the erotic industry.

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My confession: My brother made me a sissy

I rummaged a bit through our sister's underwear collection and realized how horny it made me. I then decided to put on a black satin thong and bra. I remember today how it felt when my brother made me his sissy, which I am to this day.

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Erotic story: My first time BDSM

She watched me horny. Her wet brown hair made her look even cuter than normal and she bit her lower lip. Then she sat down on the edge of the bathtub and erotically spread her legs.

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7 Funny Sex Positions – Who Does That!

Who says sex always has to be boring or hardcore? Man can and should have fun doing it. At least that's what some fun sex positions suggest, at least in name.

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