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What else is free in life? On our Eronite Blog you can find out, we present the best bargains of the erotic industry.

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Texas Patti represents XBIZ Awards 2021 Europe

She has managed to amass more than three million followers on social media! Now German porn export Texas Patti has been given the honor of representing the XBIZ Awards 2021 Europe in Berlin on the "Red Carpet".

A sex story

Sex Story: The Office Alarm System

The erotic fuck: It was an experience like I will never forget. We were sharper than the alarm system could ever be and the three of us did it secretly in the office. Double penetrations, pussy juice and cum swallowing included.

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We remember: This is how Sexy Cora was († 2011)

Already dead for ten years: Sexy Cora was not only seen in porn videos, but also appeared in other movies and on TV on Big Brother. We remember the Hamburg beauty and take a look back at the life of the petite German erotic actress.

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