Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel

By Valérie Francès-Pecker
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Maria wants to take the lead again in the hot bet

The Swedish big cats are back. Disguised as simple cleaning ladies at a luxury hotel in Hamburg, the cunning Lindberg twins live out their submissive side. The two of them fuck their way through the entire establishment, right up to an absolute five-star fuck on the executive floor. Eroticism made in Sweden.

Eronite empfiehlt dir
Das Dating 3.0 – Die Zukunft des Dating

Goddagens Eronite, this is Maria Lindberg, the younger of the two Swedish big cats. In the previous round of our horny bet, my sister had managed to tie the score. I wouldn’t be the kinky pick-me-girl of the Swedish big cats if I didn’t take my lead back today.

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I also already have a plan: I’m going to seduce the manager of a luxury hotel and let him fuck me through and through. How did I come up with the idea? Well, like all girls my age, I like luxury. I also have a soft spot for the uniforms of cleaning ladies. It always reminds me of the role of a maid in an S&M game.

On the Reeperbahn at half past twelve at night – A fuck in a luxury hotel

Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel
Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel

A friend organized the job as cleaners in the hotel for us. Yes, you read that right: Plural. Of course, my sister didn’t miss the opportunity to check into this hotel as a cleaner. She probably wants to monitor me and maybe even sleep her way to the top herself. So we need to hurry. After the last round, Eva will use all her seductive skills. And that’s quite a lot.

The first thing I need is a sexy costume. There is no better place for this in Hamburg than the Reeperbahn. The Swedish cats of prey roam every sex store on this horny mile and pick out by far the hottest fetish cleaning ladies costume this hotel has ever seen.

To match the outfit, I decided to play the blonde dummy. I’ve also strengthened my Swedish accent because men just love it. So prepared, you’re ready to go. The first working day can come.

The Swedish big cats strike again

This is what the first working day of a cleaning lady in Germany looks like. It took less than five minutes to learn the ropes. The guy had spent four of them staring at my ass. Finally, he put me in an untidy room. For a moment I thought he was going to throw me onto the big bed, but he just left and closed the door behind him.

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A submissive role is all well and good. But cleaning services when no one is watching? No thanks. I have better ideas. I drop the feather duster, leave the room and make my way directly to the HR department.

“Hey boss, I need more money”

Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel
Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel

I quickly push the Mini up a little and enter the HR clerk’s office without being asked, who looks rather confused. The guy asks rather rudely what I want here. So, without being asked, I sit down on the chair opposite him and slowly cross my legs. We Swedish big cats know how to make prey clear.

First I explain to him that I need a better salary. After all, with my appearance, I don’t need to go to work at all. Of course I will show my appreciation in an appropriate form.

This is the moment when I replay Basic Instinct. I shift my legs and give him a quick peek under my skirt. The poor guy’s eyes almost bulge out of their sockets and sweat forms on his forehead. There’s no question that the Swedish big cats have won again.

Sex with Swedish big cats

I wait until he has locked the office door. Then I get up from my seat and lift my skirt up to my hips at his behest. I’m supposed to lie down on the desk and confess that I’m a bad girl. I am only too happy to comply with his request. The fetish clothes have been tickling my submissive vein all day anyway. I feel the first slap on my butt. The sound of clapping echoes throughout the room.

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As he carries on, we seem to be undisturbed. He hits me ten times on each ass cheek and I have to count along nicely. After all, he’s so horny that he wants me to take care of his cock. Finally, I hadn’t blown properly for days. I spit on the erect penis and enclose it with my lips. He closes his eyes in delight and gets a silly grin on his face. Judging by the sounds he makes, I’m doing a good job. But that’s how quickly I want to make him squirt. Let him fidget a little longer.

I let go of his cock, get down to eye level and tear my top apart at the neckline. With the best view of my plump tits, he brings about the first drops of pleasure. I quickly lie down on the table again, this time on my back.

I spread my legs and pull him towards me until he’s finally inside me. An office fuck like this is simply something nice. Less than ten thrusts later, he withdraws with a satisfied look on his face. When I ask about the pay rise, he starts to press around. He could not decide that, only the boss himself could. At least he calls them straight away and makes an appointment for me. Today 11:00, so in half an hour. That’s enough preparation for real Swedish big cats.

The five-star fuck

Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel
Lindberg twins part 4: Five-star fuck in a luxury hotel

Right on time for the appointment, I stand in front of the boss’s door and knock. My costume now has a few wrinkles and various white patches, but I still feel comfortable. The cum stains that make Swedish big cats feel ashamed do not exist. I am invited in, enter the room and find myself in the middle of a muster. The guy is at least fifty years old and stares at me like a piece of meat. Okay, my nipples actually stand up during the indecent examination. Sometimes it’s just fun to be seen as a sex object by men.

That’s why the two of us don’t bother with any preliminaries and don’t hesitate for long. He wants me to climb onto his desk on all fours, shake my ass and call myself a Swedish bitch. Great start, I can work with something like this. I’ve been practicing the rhythmic twerking for years, so he can’t resist for long and I get my first slap.

A few strokes later, his hands are tugging at my cleaning lady’s uniform. The fabric tears. The sound makes me horny myself. He quickly frees me from the remaining scraps of fabric until I am lolling naked on the table in front of him.

He now takes off his clothes in record time. His stiff cock pulsates with lust and points directly at me. I open my mouth and look at him questioningly, but he shakes his head. Then he makes it clear to me that I should turn around.

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My ass cheeks are pulled apart and wet spit hits my asshole. He is already ramming his cock up my ass uncompromisingly and regardless of losses. With this fat thing, I’m lucky that this isn’t my first anal sex. Otherwise the pain would have been greater than the pleasure.

But that’s exactly right. He thrusts again and again, as hard as he can. He doesn’t seem to be bothered by the fact that I’m now moaning the whole floor together. On the contrary. He seems to really enjoy the purring of Swedish big cats being fucked in the ass.

At some point, he withdraws from me. His member is now relaxed and dripping with pleasure. I quickly shoot my head forward so that the sweet nectar lands on my face. I wait with relish until it trickles down to my lips and lick it up with my tongue.

One look at his face shows me that he is happy with his staff. I wonder whether I should now ask for a pay rise or for our games to continue.


There is one point per fuck and another for the manager. My sister awards me another point each for the submissive S&M games and the anal sex, so I have earned a total of five points. However, Eva was anything but idle. She has enjoyed herself in the hotel four times, which also earns her four points. So I’m still in the lead after this day, but nowhere near as clearly as I would have liked. So things remain exciting for the Swedish big cats.

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